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AIDA-America to Introduce the Latest in Metal Stamping Press Technology

In Booth D46527, AIDA-America (Dayton, OH), a metal stamping press manufacturer, will demonstrate new and advanced industry-leading press technology with multiple presses and control systems.

Posted: August 15, 2021

Booth D46527: The New AIDA NSX-1100, 110-ton, high-volume, unitized frame press will be powered up at FABTECH.
Booth D46527: The new AIDA DSF-N2-3000A, 300-ton, straightside servo press with AIDA’s exclusive Allen-Bradley control, will be part of a full progressive die production line stamping near-net shape fine-blanked parts.
Booth D46527: The AIDA DSF-C1-1500A, 150-ton, gap frame servo press with AIDA’s exclusive Allen-Bradley control, will demonstrate AIDA’s optimized servo silent blanking stroke motion profile.
Booth D46527: AIDA’s exclusive Allen-Bradley based servo press control for 315-to-3,500-ton presses will demonstrate several servo press motion profiles in real time on a virtual press.

AIDA’s new high-volume, unitized frame NSX press will be on display, along with two Allen-Bradley controlled DSF Series direct-drive servo presses, all powered-up at this year’s show.

AIDA-America will introduce/demonstrate its new NSX 110-ton, unitized frame, mechanical stamping press, which runs at speeds of 120-to-300 SPM with a 62 mm stroke. Locally engineered at AIDA-America in Dayton, the NSX features a low deflection, one-piece frame and a low deflection cast iron slide. Accuracy and consistent high-volume production are assured using zero clearance roller type slide guides and counter rotating eccentric shafts. Press and die integrity are protected with the inclusion of hydraulic overloads. Ease of installation is provided by the choice of plug and play Wintriss, Link, or Rockwell Allen-Bradley controls, as well as the press’s floor mounted design, which utilizes leveling isolators. The automotive, appliance, hardware, consumer goods markets, and beyond, will benefit from the applications of this press system.

AIDA-America will also introduce/demonstrate its new DSF-N2-3000A 300-ton, two-point, straightside, direct-drive servo press, part of its new DSF-N2-A Series, showcasing AIDA’S exclusive Allen-Bradley control. It will be part of a full progressive die production line stamping near-net shape fine-blanked parts made from 4.5 mm thick steel. AIDA’s industry-leading servo technology will showcase how AIDA DSF Series servo press accuracy and programmability can be utilized to transition production from a high-cost, labor-intensive machining process to a much more efficient, economical stamping process, presenting the opportunity to dramatically reduce per piece cost, while also adding flexibility to any pressroom.  AIDA-America will be coordinating with Dallas Industries and Pax Products for this demonstration.

Standard DSF-N2-A Series, as well as DSF-C1-A Series, Allen-Bradley control features include an ergonomically designed 12” swing-arm mounted color touchscreen HMI with opti-touch run buttons, an Allen-Bradley servo motion controller, 125 job recipe storage, a step-feed (CNC handwheel) slide motion control for ease of die setup, 8 PLS cams, 8 channel die protection with PNP/NPN signals, and display of actual/virtual crank angles. Both models also feature a capacitor-based Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) system that reduces peak energy draw.

The second servo press on display, a DSF-C1-1500A, 150-ton, direct-drive gap frame servo press, will be blanking parts with AIDA’s optimized servo silent blanking stroke motion profile, which can only be achieved on a servo press. In addition to the above control features, other DSF-C1-A Series highlights include an integrated tonnage monitor (peak only), next generation servo motor with five-to-10 percent higher speeds than AIDA’s previous generation gap frame servo presses, and a state-of-the-art Electronic Overload Protection (EOLP) system that monitors applied torque through the complete stroke to prevent overloading.

AIDA will also be exhibiting its exclusive Allen-Bradley based servo press control, the latest in servo press control technology, for servo presses from 315–to-3,500 tons. This fully operational, interactive 19” PC touch screen Allen-Bradley control will demonstrate several servo press stroke motion profiles in real-time on a virtual press. Control features include direct access to a PDF of the press manual and display of actual/virtual crank angles.

Knowledgeable AIDA-America associates will be available to discuss AIDA’s full metal forming equipment lineup, including examples of production optimization driven by AIDA DSF Series servo presses used in the stamping industry and how AIDA presses can help maximize stampers’ productivity and profit in the press room. Please visit booth D46527 to experience first-hand why AIDA continues to be the stamping press technology industry leader.

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