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Bluco Offers Engineering Design Services for Modular Systems

Bluco® Corp. (Naperville, IL) launched its Engineering Design Services (EDS) in June to provide users of Bluco Modular systems with the ability to contract for customized fixture designs.

Posted: August 12, 2021

Booth B31050: Bluco’s Engineering Design Services offers a way to generate additional fixture designs out of an existing modular kit.

The service will help manufacturers to solve new or unexpected challenges by allowing them to tap into the company’s 30 plus years of modular problem-solving expertise. Bluco will be in Booth B31050.

The designs created by Bluco engineers will help customers to maximize the inherent benefits of modular systems including faster setup times, improved productivity and better final part quality. “Bluco’s design process has always started with the customer providing us with CAD models for several of their parts,” said Brian Dodsworth, sales director. “The fixture design for those parts is included in the initial purchase. That part of the process remains the same. What Engineering Design Services offers is a way to generate additional fixture designs out of an existing modular kit.”

The fee-based service is an ideal value-add for companies without an internal engineering department, or for those that have exceeded their internal design capacity. “Before, you had access to our CAD library of modular components, and you could go in and grab what you needed to design fixtures yourself,” Dodsworth said. “That’s still an option. But now you can also have our application engineers design additional fixtures for you. They’ve got insight that comes from working with modular solutions in the field, and they use that insight to our customers’ advantage.”

One customer took production time on an 18-foot oil pan from one month to two days. “That’s what our design services do, because we’re addressing fixturing, which then impacts the process,” said senior engineer Josh Hill. “You multiply those two factors together, and we’ve seen improvements that are exponential.”

Bluco helps manufacturers to Make it Better by designing custom modular fixturing solutions that do more than hold work for welding, inspection or assembly. Our solutions also improve efficiency, reduce downtime and deliver lightning-fast ROI. And while we have countless innovations to share at FABTECH, one of our most important innovations isn’t a product. It’s our approach to problem solving.

We don’t just hand you a catalog and expect you to tell us what you need. Instead, we bring the solutions to you. Our application engineers have the manufacturing experience to understand your challenge, and the modular fixturing know-how to design a versatile, scalable solution that helps you to overcome today’s challenge and to get ahead of tomorrow’s.

Whether you’ve got parts out of square, shrinkage that leads to rework, finicky mitered corners, heavy parts balanced on sawhorses, limited floor space, robots with too much downtime, weld sequences with too many steps, or welders performing acrobatics to reach their work — we’ve got a modular solution.

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