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Suhner Offers ECONOmaster® Drilling Units for Value-Priced Production Use

Suhner Industrial Products Corp., Machining Division (Rome, GA) introduces the ECONOmaster® line of drilling units, affordably priced at under $3,000 for the basic unit.

Posted: August 12, 2021

Booth B23008: ECONOmaster® value-priced drilling units from Suhner are suitable for medium-duty production cutting of light metal, wood, composite, foam and plastic materials. Standard and custom models are available to suit all applications and mounting requirements.

The line is in stock for immediate delivery or customizable to suit the particular operation. Suhner will be at Booth B23008.

This economical solution is ideal for multiple materials such as light metal, wood, composite, plastic and foam. Because these units are entirely produced at the Suhner factory in Rome, Ga., response times for delivery and customized construction are minimal, noted Lee Coleman, division manager. “We recognized the need to bring our global technology to a local level, here in America, and the ECONOmaster® is a key step in that process.” Suhner is based in Brugg, Switzerland, with plants and distribution centers worldwide.

The ECONOmaster® drilling unit features low power and air consumption, adjustable motor housing, adjustable total stroke up to 4,” hydraulic feed control cylinder, J33 taper spindle end, 0-1/2” drill chuck, electric front and rear position limit switches, belt tensioner and chrome-plated quill. Basic unit weight is 45 pounds.

Other key features include adjustable feed stroke of ½-3,” 400 lb. thrust at 85 psi, operating pressures to 110 psi, TEFC/IP56 protection, standard 230V/460V, concentricity of .002” TIR, speed ranges to 9600 rpm and an air connection retract/advance of ¼” to 27 NPT.

ECONOmaster® drilling units can be supplied with an adjustable stand, inline vertical configuration and multiple spindle heads for medium-duty production drilling, with many other spindle options and toolholders available.

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