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EB Industries Becomes Approved Supplier to Pratt & Whitney

EB Industries (Farmingdale, NY) has been named an approved supplier to aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Co. (East Hartford, CT).

Posted: September 28, 2021


A provider of fusion welding services, EB Industries is qualified to PWA16-33M, a specification covering electron beam welding of precipitation hardened nickel alloys, such as Inconel and Waspaloy.

Electron beam welding utilizes a stream of electrons that are accelerated to very high speeds using electrical fields and then are directed into the material to be welded. According to EB Industries, the resulting weld is the purest and strongest weld that can be made and is well-suited to demanding aerospace requirements.

Many of Pratt & Whitney’s products use Waspaloy, a super alloy that was developed by United Technologies, the parent company of Pratt & Whitney. Precipitation hardened nickel alloys have tremendous strength and corrosion resistance at very high temperatures and are commonly used in jet engine manufacturing.

Pratt & Whitney’s engines are almost always used in critical applications, powering military aircraft, commercial jetliners, and ships. According to EB Industries, the failure of a Pratt & Whitney engine is potentially catastrophic, so ithe company’s certification process is correspondingly thorough and arduous. EB Industries’ engineering staff had to develop an appropriate joining methodology and then prove its efficacy to Pratt & Whitney, as well as to third-party observers and inspectors.

“This approval is a tremendous achievement for our team and our technology,” said Steve DeLalio, president of EB Industries. “We’ve been working toward this for years, and it’s been a sustained effort by our engineering and quality control staff. Pratt & Whitney engines are the most reliable in the world, and it says a lot about what we do at EB Industries to be considered that trusted and valuable by Pratt & Whitney.”

In addition to electron beam welding, EB Industries also offers laser beam welding.

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