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Karl Roll’s New System Offers Economical Deburring, Cleaning in One Process

Karl Roll GmbH & Co. KG (Mühlacker-Enzberg, Germany) has introduced a new flexible, high-pressure waterjet deburring system, the FlexJet HD.

Posted: September 19, 2021

A high-pressure waterjet deburring system, the FlexJet HD enables efficient deburring and cleaning in one work step. The system can remove burrs, jamming chips, welding beads, and layers of paint and scale.

The new system was developed as an efficient solution for deburring and cleaning in one work step. Also, the individually adapted nozzle systems provide a high degree of workpiece flexibility and provide high precision for reproducible results.

More stringent requirements for particulate cleanliness have resulted in higher demands on component cleaning and deburring. This applies in particular to machined components, such as components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, housings, nozzles, gear parts, motors, steering, and brakes. Workpieces for medical technology applications can also be affected.

In order to achieve the required cleanliness specifications in a stable manner, cleaning the workpieces alone is usually no longer sufficient. This is because burrs and chips not removed during cleaning can become detached in subsequent processes and can re-contaminate the component. Reliable deburring of the components is therefore a must in order to meet particulate cleanliness requirements in a stable and economical manner.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility, Precision
Karl Roll developed the FlexJet HD series for deburring machined components that have areas which are difficult to access, such as internal and intersecting holes, deep and small holes, undercuts and blind holes.

The system is designed for parts with a maximum diameter of 450 mm, a maximum height of 550 mm, and a maximum workpiece weight of 100 kg. That weight includes the workpiece’s clamping devices . Those dimensions make it possible to handle, for example, an engine block for a four-cylinder engine or to handle several small parts. The waterjet’s pressure can get up to 500 bar and is passed through a four-way nozzle system with automatic nozzle switch.

For a precise, reproducible result, the workpiece can be rotated during the process as required and moved along the X-axis. At the same time, the nozzles can be moved along the Y and Z axes. According to Karl Roll GmbH, the possibility of targeted processing not only reliably removes adhering chips from areas that are difficult to access, such as transverse and deep hole bores, but also detaches and removes clamping chips, welding beads, and layers of scale. The company added that targeted processing ensures optimal results even with geometries and contamination where classic processes reach their limits.

The waterjet can be directed flat for deburring and cleaning larger surfaces. The high kinetic energy also removes stubborn contamination, such as sweat residues and silicates.

Simple Programming Through Modern Control Technology
State-of-the-art control technology is used to position the CNC axes, which are also used in machine tools. The process sequence can be programmed offline using G-code and a teach-in solution via a 15″ control panel. There’s also the option of programming with a handheld terminal via teach-in. Those solutions enable simple and fast programming of the contours that are to be followed and of exact positioning in the areas to be deburred— without the need for special programming knowledge.

Effective Media Preparation Included
The burrs and chips removed during deburring and cleaning are reliably removed by a filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a fine filter. The process water can therefore be circulated without any problem. In addition, a safety filter is integrated in front of the high pressure pump.

According to Karl Roll, due to the high variability in workpieces and in possible applications, the FlexJet HD enables the increased demands on particulate cleanliness to be met efficiently and stably. The company added that low use of media and energy efficiency also contribute to the high profitability of the new high-pressure deburring-and-cleaning system.

Starting in October, tests can be carried out in Karl Roll’s technical center.

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