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AIDA-America’s 300-Ton Servo Press Increases Productivity at Graham Stamping

AIDA-America Corp. (Dayton, OH) provided Graham Stamping Co. (Hermitage, PA) with a 300-ton unitized frame servo press, the DSF-N2-3000 press.

Posted: October 21, 2021

Graham Stamping was at least 30 percent more productive at every job moved to the new press.

President David MacHarg III said that the press is intelligent at protecting itself, that “it can stop itself if it feels like something isn’t safe or set up correctly”—even beyond die sensors. This ability is an advantage because presses that can’t stop themselves can result in substantial die crashes and substantial maintenance bills.

In additon, Graham Stamping increased its productivity on a job by 49 percent by moving that job to the new press. The job was automotive, anti-rotation brackets. The bracket is a progressive die part, which includes a coining process at both ends and is stamped from minimum 0.108” thick SAE J2340 grade 340X HSLA material. Graham Stamping moved the job to the new, direct-drive servo press in part because it offered greater precision than the job’s other press.

AIDA-America makes metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment.

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