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ESAB Introduces Lightweight EM 210 and EMP 210 Welders

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products (Annapolis Junction, MD) has introduced its EM 210 MIG/flux cored welder and EMP 210 MIG/stick/TIG welder. ESAB said these inverter-based power sources can be used for most auto/truck repair and restoration, light fabrication and construction, and HVAC work.

Posted: October 27, 2021

The ESAB EM 210 and EMP 210 offer up to 200 amps of welding power and come with many accessories.

ESAB said the units feature state-of-the-art digital controls typically found on industrial machines and use power management technology that delivers positive arc starts and a smooth, steady welding arc.

“EM 210 and EMP 210 welders have the power to weld up to 3/8-in. metal and the finesse for precision welds on thin sections,” said Jay Misas, a product development manager with ESAB. “Their lightweight portability and dual-voltage input power flexibility makes them easy to move around the shop, job site, or home garage.”

Each welders weighs 29 lbs. and delivers up to 200 amps of MIG welding power. ESAB said that wiith the EMP 210, a user also gets excellent lift TIG and stick welding performance. Both welders use 115/230V primary power and can run off a generator with a 10 kVA output. ESAB added that the technology built into both welders allow users to gain more control over the weld puddle to produce higher-quality work for welding steel, stainless, or MIG aluminum.

EM 210 accepts 4- and 8-in. diameter wire spools. The EMP 210 multi-process MIG/flux cored/stick/lift TIG welding system has a stable lift TIG arc at low amperage for finesse welds and the power to run stick electrodes up to 5/32-in., including 7018.

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