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Discover the latest product advances to apply in your machine shop’s finishing processes. Find out what’s new with abrasives, belts, brushes and grinding wheels.

Posted: October 9, 2021

Achieve professional finishes on handrails and pipes from 3/4" to 5" dia. KING-BOA™ has a wide variety of quick-change abrasive belts for 360˚ all-around blending, finishing and polishing.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has upgraded the Norton BlueFire Abrasives including belts, cloth quick-change and flap discs, and mini flap discs.
FINISHLINE processes part thicknesses up to 6.30 inches and automatically measures parts for optimal results.
FINISHLINE machines are available in a variety of belt widths from 25.5-to-51 inches and come with 2, 3 or 4 working units for an all-in-one deburring, graining, edge-rounding, oxide and slag removal and surface polishing solution.
Osborn has expanded its popular line of ATB™ Novoflex Honing Tools with additional abrasive grain sizes, abrasive types and diameters.
The Dynafile II features a 20,000 rpm direct-drive air motor that powers abrasive belts 1/4" to 3/4" × 18" long.


Continued enhancements and improvements to finishing product lines by industry leaders creates numerous advantages for job shops. The innovations allow shops to tackle the most complex and challenging projects.

All-Around Polishing Solution for Handrails and Small-Diameter Pipe
The KING-BOA™ Pipe Sander from CS Unitec (Norwalk, CT) s an all-around blending, finishing and polishing solution for handrails, pipe and tubing in diameters from ¾” up to 5”. It has a 10-amp high-torque motor and variable speed control from 800-to-3,000 rpm. The sanding arm wraps up to 270˚ around the pipe and, with a simple rotation of the tool, a 360˚ finish is achieved. The top handle can be rotated 180˚ for better positioning in tight/narrow spaces, including finishing handrails close to walls.

The design of the KING-BOA requires less operator pressure on a workpiece to achieve the desired finish, increasing productivity and reducing fatigue. The tool is optimally weighted to apply the proper contact of abrasive to workpiece, creating more uniform finishes. Replacement of the sanding belt is quick and easy. No tools are necessary. Spring resistance between the deflection rollers ensures that the sanding arm and belt are always uniformly tensioned.

Newly Enhanced Norton BlueFire Abrasives Cut Faster, Last Longer
Saint-Gobain Abrasives (Worcester, MA), one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, has introduced newly upgraded Norton BlueFire Abrasives including belts, cloth quick-change and flap discs, and mini flap discs. Featuring a new, proprietary self-sharpening zirconia alumina grain shape and chemistry, and an upgraded resin bond for faster cut rates and durability, the new products provide exceptional performance on a wide range of materials in light to heavy-pressure applications, well suited for metal fabrication, welding and other industries.

Norton BlueFire R860 Line

  • The R860 Flap Discs are over graded, acting coarser for exceptionally faster, smooth metal removal. Easily trimmable, flexible plastic back discs are conformable and require less pressure at peak performance. They are especially well-suited for stock removal, weld blending, deburring/deflashing, blending/finishing and edge chamfering applications.
  • The R860 Cloth Quick-Change Discs have an improved base adhesion that reduces grain shedding and minimizes loading on soft metals such as aluminum, brass and bronze, as well as stainless and carbon steels. Moderate grinding, beveling, blending and finishing are key applications for these new discs.
  • Mini Flap Discs are a perfect complement to the Norton Mini Grinder that answers the demand for smaller, ergonomically friendly tools. Newly upgraded BlueFire Mini Flap Discs feature durable, Y-weight polyester flaps that improve life, grain retention and fray resistance. The new mini flap discs wear away evenly and produce an aggressive cutting action while providing blending capabilities. Key applications include stock removal, deburring/ deflashing, blending/finishing, edge chamfering and weld blending.

Norton BlueFire R887D Line

  • The R887D Belts feature a supersized grinding aid for cooler cuts and minimized loading, resulting in longer life on stainless steel and other harder-to-grind materials. Improved base adhesion reduces grain shedding, and is ideal for stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, tool steel and brass/bronze materials.
  • The R887D Cloth Quick-Change Discs have the same features and benefits of the R860 Cloth Quick-Change Discs, plus offer a supersized grinding aid for cooler cuts and minimized loading, which results in longer life on stainless steel and other harder-to-grind materials. In addition to metal fabrication and welding, the discs are ideal for heavy grinding in challenging applications found in industries such as aerospace, wind turbines and oil/ gas.

All-In-One Metal Finishing Solution Turns Secondary Processing into a Value-Added Service
Flexibility, productivity, and precision inspired the design of the FINISHLINE metal finishing machines by Mid Atlantic Global (Harrisburgh, PA). With 2, 3 or 4 working units, FINISHLINE gives fabricators the ability to complete deburring, graining, edge rounding, oxide and slag removal, as well as surface polishing of parts originating from lasers, plasma systems, waterjets or punches, in one compact yet robust machine. By combining the ability to choose from different widths, working unit configurations, and an array of brushes, belts, and media, your business will increase operational efficiencies and achieve superior part quality for you and your customers.

In addition to standard and customizable options, FINISHLINE features automatic part measurement to ensure easy and accurate set ups for minimal rework, intuitive 7.5 inch touch screen swivel controls for operator ease of use and programming, as well as proven quality systems with name brands such as Schneider Electrics and Rollon Sliding System. FINISHLINE is equipped with a clear window for a view of all working units giving the operator the ability to watch each pass.

The FINISHLINE 4 head RDDR machine, as well as the 2 head RD machine integrated with a UR10e collaborative robot, will be on display at this year’s FABTECH in Booth A3187 in Chicago.

Osborn Adds 185 New Honing Tools to Novoflex Portfolio
(Richmond, IN), the world’s largest and most complete solution provider of high-quality surface treatment and finishing products, has expanded its popular line of ATB™ Novoflex Honing Tools with additional abrasive grain sizes, abrasive types and diameters. The expanded offering now includes 185 new items and a total standard offering of 271 items. All standard items are delivered in one week or less.

Osborn’s standard offering now includes 320-grit silicon carbide (SC) and 320-grit aluminum oxide (AO) tools, as well as additional diameters and lengths across 120-, 180- and 240- SC grit sizes. Osborn also offers special orders in two weeks for any grit size 60, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 or 800 across abrasive types SC, AO, boron carbide and zirconia alumina mixes.

Available for hole diameters ranging from 0.196″ to 8.000″, Osborn’s small diameter ATB Novoflex Tools are designed with round, abrasive silicon carbide beads fastened to the end of flexible nylon filaments providing an “edge break” not possible with conventional honing stones. These self-centering tools conform to the bore surface resulting in a consistent, even surface finish over the life of the tool. In addition, the long brush length is ideal for reaching into holes and crevices where other brushes cannot.

Typical applications of the Novoflex tools include honing, creating cross-hatched surface pattern for oil retention, cylinder port area deburring and eliminating inside flashing in smaller applications such as brake cylinders, hydraulics and valve guides.

Dynafile II Air Powered Abrasive Belt Machine Converts to a Die Grinder or Drill
Dynabrade’s (Clarence, NY) Dynafile II air powered abrasive belt machine features a grinding head that pivots 360°, making this tool excellent for getting into heard-to-reach areas. The Dynafile II features a 20,000 rpm direct-drive air motor that powers abrasive belts 1/4″ to 3/4″ × 18″ long. The ergonomically-designed motor handle has a 7° pitch to help prevent wrist and arm fatigue. The tool features quick and easy abrasive belt change, interchangeable contact arms and trouble-free belt tracking. The tool also has a thermal-insulated housing, which prevents cold air transmission to the operator’s hand while at the same time reducing tool vibration. Additionally, the air motor easily converts to a die grinder by adding a ¼”collet, or an air drill by adding a chuck. Made in the U.S.A.

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