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Laser Welding Made Even Easier

Laser welding allows your team to produce narrow deep welds, commonly used in high volume applications, at fast speeds.

Posted: October 24, 2021

The Jupiter modular system platform is a flexible system that comes in four sizes, making it adaptable to specific production requirements.
Coherent’s ExactWeld IP supplies everything needed for the welding process, including a high-power diode laser source, galvanometer scanning beam delivery system and high-precision part clamping mechanics, among other features.
The TruFiber P compact series lasers belong to the compact class of the CW lasers at TRUMPF


There are many forms of laser welding including fiber, gas, solid state and diode; each process will meet your demanding requirements in a wide variety of uses such as cutting, welding and so much more. Companies continue to develop cutting-edge laser welding product lines and work with your machine shop to implement the best systems to meet your specific needs.

AMADA WELD TECH Inc.’s (Puccheim, Germany) Jupiter series of modular systems for precision joining, are available for laser welding, laser marking, resistance welding, micro arc welding, and hot bar bonding applications in the battery industry. Jupiter modular systems can be equipped with all joining process modules available from AMADA WELD TECH. The company is a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for laser welding, laser marking and laser cutting.

The Jupiter modular system platform is a flexible system that comes in four sizes, so it is adaptable to specific production requirements. The stable platform enables connections of very high quality and accuracy. The modular design is configurable to fit all process components and modules. The Jupiter models feature an ergonomic system design with high quality components, designed for 24/7 continuous production. All models are equipped with a human-machine interface with touchscreen for easy programming and standard safety features.

Control systems, based upon a programmable logic controller or industrial PC, collect all available process parameters and process data into one control system. The data can be stored in local and remote storage areas, all engineered to seamlessly integrate with an Industry 4.0 factory concept.

Optional features for the Jupiter systems include a combustion suppression unit for battery pack welding; a transport system with two individual belts that can be configured for a wide range of product carriers, including transfer systems; an automatic cleaning station for electrodes and thermodes; a “Not OK” bin to separate products outside the control limits from those within control limits; and a range of water-cooling options. Also available are upgraded data collection and traceability functionalities, including a barcode reader or a label printer, and interfaces for a variety of robotic systems.

AMADA WELD TECH offers its expertise to all of its customers to correctly match any welding, soldering, bonding, brazing, laser micromachining and laser marking application inside the Jupiter series.

Coherent (Santa Clara, CA) introduces the ExactWeld IP polymer welding system, the easiest way to integrate polymer welding into your manufacturing line and then produce particle-free, distortion-free welds in high volume. ExactWeld IP is easy to integrate because it supplies everything you need for the welding process itself — a high-power diode laser source, galvanometer scanning beam delivery system, high-precision part clamping mechanics, and all the associated control electronics and interfaces software. The ExactWeld IP is available with adapters for conveyor belt, rotary table, or robot arm part supply.

The ExactWeld IP produces great welds all the time, partly due its clamping system, which offers a huge range of clamping forces (100 N – 4500 N), as well as automated part collapse height measurement and closed-loop clamping control. This means consistent, high-quality welds, even when there are part-to-part or other process variations.

Plus, there are options to ensure great welds, including a Thermal Vision Check to automatically detect welding defects, an integrated vision system for part detection or offset correction, and an automatic laser power calibration module for enhanced process stability and consistency.

With the ExactWeld IP your operators can change the tooling to process different parts by simply putting the new jig right into the part supply — like on the conveyor belt. The ExactWeld IP picks it up, installs it, reads the RFID tag on the tooling jig, and then automatically adjusts the process recipe, mechanical offsets, or other product-specific configurations immediately.

Bringing laser welding into your production requires more than just quality hardware. It usually involves process development, optimization of process recipes, and the design of custom fixtures to ensure controlled and homogenous clamping pressure over the entire welding area. Coherent is your partner in all of these areas. The company’s well-equipped applications labs and knowledgeable staff will take you from feasibility analysis, through process and tooling development, and all the way to installation and training. Coherent also offers a worldwide service and support team.

TRUMPF Inc.’s (Farmington, CT) TruFiber P Compact lasers are the ideal solution for a variety of applications, whether operating as an air-cooled precision tool with up to 500 W or as the water-cooled variant with up to 6 kW laser power. Applications include additive manufacturing, laser welding in the automotive or other industries or laser cutting.

The TruFiber P compact series lasers belong to the compact class of the CW lasers at TRUMPF and are available in a handy 19-inch format with laser power of up to 2 kW and cabinet format up to 6kW. These lasers do not require any maintenance intervals and very rarely require unscheduled service assignments due to their excellent product quality and long service life.

TruFiber P Compact lasers feature a patented technology that not only protects the laser from the damaging effects of back reflected light but also makes it possible to process materials such as copper, brass or gold productively and with no hassle. The integrated safety concept offers the highest safety level (PLe) for automatic shutdown if there is an interruption in the safety circuit.

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