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Hougen Manufacturing Offers a New, Portable Magnetic Drill for Fabricating

Hougen Manufacturing Inc (Swartz Creek, Ml) has released a new, portable magnetic drill: the HMD900. Hougen described the model as “a powerful, lightweight, no-frills mag drill designed for general fabrication.”

Posted: November 12, 2021

Powering the drill is a proprietary Hougen motor with an aluminum casing to improve durability.

The HMD900 incorporates operator safety functions, has many standard Hougen features, and is an affordable cost point tool for the low-volume user. The drill includes a hidden motor cord design that incorporates the cord into the drill’s motor casing and housing. Hougen said this feature increases the safety of the drill and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

The drill’s arbor system utilizes a 5/8″ slot drive for more rigidity, hole accuracy, spring slug ejection and quicker use of accessories, such as drill chucks and countersinks. The HMD900 also boasts a more robust housing design with an ergonomic carrying handle and a spot to hold the hex wrench. A safety switch built into the base of the magnet, shuts the motor off if the magnet were to disengage from the work surface.

The HMD900 magnetic drill weighs 27.7 lbs. (12.6 kg). It measures 15-1/8″H × 6-3/4″W × 11-3/8″L (384 mm × 171 mm × 289 mm) and provides drilling capacities for diameters from 7 /16″ to 1-1/2″ (12 to 38 mm) for a maximum depth of cut of 2″ (50 mm). The drill has an electrical rating of 9A and a 450 RPM motor. The HMD900 is made in the USA.

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