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Sandvik Coromant launches new grooving tools; Precise machining for smaller diameters

Sandvik Coromant, a leader in metal cutting, has launched CoroCut® QI, a range of internal and face grooving inserts designed for smaller diameters. Optimized to enable a lighter cutting action and reduced cutting forces, CoroCut® QI ensures high process security, reliable grooving operations and precise chip evacuation, resulting in high surface quality grooves.

Posted: January 7, 2022

CoroCut QI, optimal internal grooving and face grooving in small diameters
CoroCut QI, optimal internal grooving and face grooving in small diameters

The addition of CoroCut® QI completes the CoroCut® Q platform, which already consists of CoroCut® QD for parting off and CoroCut® QF for secure face grooving. CoroCut® QI provides a comprehensive selection of optimized tools for numerous parting and grooving applications, designed specifically for smaller diameters. All inserts fit both internal and face grooving tool holders, making it easier for users to select the right tool.

CoroCut® QI is divided into internal grooving and face grooving application areas and is an upgrade of the T-max Q-Cut® 151.3 program. The improved design allows for greater chip control, a 10% productivity increase, 20% improved tool life aided by tighter edge-rounding tolerances and internal coolant for both internal and face grooving tools.

Key features of the CoroCut® QI include an optimized tip seat angle for lighter cutting action and cutting forces that aid vibration-free machining, a rail insert seat for a stable and precise insert position ensuring minimal insert movement. In addition, screw-clamped tool holders ensure stability and high process security and inserts with high edge line quality increase tool life and surface quality.

“Grooving can be a difficult technique to master,” said Angélica González, Product Manager of the CoroCut® Q platform at Sandvik Coromant. “Long overhangs, difficult chip evacuation and stuck chips are frequent problems when machining internal and face grooves. CoroCut® QI has been developed to tackle these challenges to help achieve optimal results. Besides this, most CoroCut® QI tools have internal coolant channels that deliver coolant directly to the cutting zone to enable efficient chip evacuation with minimum damage to the surface.

“The smaller the groove, the harder it is to machine. To combat this issue, CoroCut® QI inserts are specifically designed for small diameters that require great precision. For example, the minimum hole diameter for internal grooving is between 12 and 60 millimeters (mm) with a cutting depth of two and eleven millimeters. Face grooving inserts can be used in a first cut diameter between 16 and 102 mm, with a cutting depth of 5.5 to 20 mm.”

The insert geometries include -GF, a ground sharp insert for internal grooving, -TF with direct pressed geometry for face grooving and internal grooving and turning, and -RM, ideal for non-linear turning such as internal and face profiling.

“CoroCut® QI is the upgrade to our previous grooving system,” continued González. “In fact, performance tests compared with competing tools have demonstrated better process security and chip evacuation for a higher quality surface finish.”

To learn more about CoroCut® QI, visit the Sandvik Coromant website here.

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