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Seco Launches High Feed Square Cut Size 14 Milling Systems

New Seco High Feed Square Cut Size 14 Milling Systems to tackle Difficult-to-Machine ISO P, M, and S Materials.

Posted: January 12, 2022

Seco High Feed Square Cut Size 14 Milling Systems

Seco Tools has launched a new High Feed cutter and insert series in size 14. Increase tool life and maximize the value of every edge with this new series in stainless steels, titanium, and superalloys milling applications. The High Feed Square Cut size 14 milling system is ideal for tough materials and comes in a full range of proven Seco Tools grades made to achieve fully secure, and optimized high feed milling.

The single-sided, straight edge insert geometries allow you to push your high feed milling speeds to new limits. Ensuring high feed per tooth whether ramping, pocketing, plunging, or performing face or copy milling, this new solution creates great chip evacuation and makes it easier than ever or handle difficult machining operations or milling in deep cavities.

Not only does this solution make it easier to machine sticky materials, but it is designed for easy, ergonomic indexing and the pocket and screw designs simplify positioning. The cutters themselves feature a new environmentally friendly coating and their outstanding high feed milling performance reduces the amount of power used in roughing. Yet another step in the right direction for Seco Tools to continue their journey to create more environmentally sustainable manufacturing and machining solutions.

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