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BLM GROUP USA: Our Experience Improves Your Experience

BLM GROUP has a heritage of providing leading edge solutions for tube and pipe processing that began over 60 years ago in Italy. In 2001, we formed BLM GROUP USA in Novi, Michigan. Our 75,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility enables North American customers to experience live demonstrations and hands-on training of our equipment.

Posted: March 30, 2022

BLM GROUP offers a variety of solutions for cutting, bending or end forming tube stock.
Our 35,000 sq. ft. Technology Center in Novi, Mich. for live machine demonstrations.

Although BLM GROUP is typically associated with laser tube cutting and forming, we have also been manufacturing sheet laser cutting systems for the past 30 years. The present sheet metal laser cutting machines manufactured by BLM GROUP are as advanced as our tube laser cutting systems in terms of technology, versatility, automation, and ease of use. 

We continue to develop offerings to meet the needs of all fabricators, and recently launched our ProBend press brake in the United States and Canada as a perfect partner for our sheet lasers. Working together, these machines can deliver the highest quality and productivity into your fabricating operations. Additionally, we offer comprehensive and competitive financing solutions through BLM GROUP Financial Services, making it easier than ever to invest in new BLM equipment.

BLM GROUP is focused on providing the most technologically advanced fabricating machines available with a portfolio that now includes 2D, tube, and 5-axis laser cutters; tube benders; press brakes; and tube end forming, cutting, sawing and turning solutions.

Our years in the fabricating arena have provided us in-depth knowledge of advanced mechatronics and the ever-increasing importance of software, which is key to all of our machine functionality. 

Whether you’re processing flat sheet or tube stock, you can rely upon our BLM GROUP’s experience to improve your daily fabrication operations.

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