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Corporate Profile: Formdrill USA

Formdrill helps you Form your Own Inserts

Posted: March 30, 2022


Thermal drilling saves on labor and material costs and avoids the headaches inherent with welding, misaligned connections and turning inserts. Formdrill changes the labor-intensive way of joining thin material parts in:

  • Agricultural irrigation systems – replacement of welded spray nozzles
  • Appliances – door hinges,leg levelers, gas burners
  • Automotive – fuel rails, chassis frames, steering columns, seat frames, general fastening
  • Air tank manufacturers – replacement of welded couplings
  • ATV/cart/motorcycle manufacturers – general fasteners
  • Furniture – fasteners, leg levelers
  • Heating-and-cooling systems and pipe networks – replacement of welded couplings
  • Heavy equipment – replacement of welded fasteners
  • Hospital beds and wheelchairs – replacement of welded bushings and fasteners
  • Manifold manufacturers – replacement of welded nipples
  • Store fixtures – general fasteners
  • Structural frameworks – replacement of welded fasteners.

Cost savings are significant: The typical cost to drill and tap a hole using this process is about one penny! Compare this to buying an insert, nut or nipple, plus the cost of labor to install or weld. And consider that these formed inserts are as strong as their equivalent welded nuts. Formdrills make 8,000 to 10,000 holes in mild steel, a little less in stainless, and double in aluminum and copper. They run on most drill presses, milling machines or CNC units. These joints have been tested by independent laboratories and certified to equal or surpass the torque and pull-out resistance values compared to equivalent welded nuts.

Use the Application Wizard at Enter the material type and thickness, thread type and diameter to get a complete listing of tools and accessories, equipment parameters (horsepower, RPM, feed rates, cycle times, etc.), and prices for each item.

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