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ESAB Launches Demo Box Program for Its Heavy Industrial Welding Systems

Demo Box contains everything needed to start welding: power source, feeder, wire, cables, guns, PPE and extra contact tips.

Posted: March 22, 2022

Try before you buy: the ESAB Demo Box program delivers a customized, optimized and fully weld-tested heavy industrial welding system. The heavy-duty steel cabinet contains every single component needed to start welding.

(Annapolis Junction, MD) – To simplify the complex process of product evaluation, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched a Demo Box program for its heavy industrial welding systems. Demo Box, a heavy-duty steel cabinet with secure internal storage, is a complete package delivered to an end-user. It contains everything needed to start welding, including the power source, feeder, wire, cables, guns, PPE and extra contact tips. ESAB Demo Box: 

Core products in the Demo Box program include Aristo® power sources (multiprocess performance with advanced functions, including pulsed MIG), Warrior™ power sources (heavy-duty multiprocess systems), RobustFeed wire feeders (a complete family for factory and field applications), Tweco® MIG guns, ARCAIR® gouging torches and Renegade™ (compact industrial Stick and TIG systems) with ESAB TIG torches. 

“Think of Demo Box as a personal shopping cart for a customized and optimized welding system,” says Jeff Chittim, North America Senior Product Manager – Heavy Industrial Equipment, ESAB. “All you need to do is use our online form or explain your applications and goals to an account manager. An ESAB application engineer will work with you to recommend the best products, then hand-select and pack components in Demo Box.” 

Before Demo Box is shipped, the engineer will assemble the system and weld test it, ensuring all components work perfectly. When Demo Box is delivered by an ESAB account manager, all that is required is to wire a plug, connect the cables and start welding.  

If an Aristo system is selected, users also have the option to evaluate ESAB’s WeldCloud suite of online data management applications. WeldCloud Productivity and WeldCloud Fleet enables users to improve overall operational efficiency by monitoring, capturing and analyzing data (such as arc-on time) to make intelligent decisions. The Aristo 4004i Pulse and 5000i automatically ship as a WeldCloud enabled system, while it is optional with the Aristo 500ix. Users can use the WeldCloud Universal Connector to capture data from Warrior, Renegade or virtually any power source with a positive and negative terminal. 

At ESAB, we exist to shape the future of welding and cutting. We connect fabricators with the widest range of products under our industry-leading brand portfolio with the latest technologies to solve virtually any industry challenge — then we back it up with our knowledge, experience and passion to help them be more productive than ever before.

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