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Zero Downtime, Zero Defects

Predictive maintenance provides meaningful outcomes and allows your shop to avoid costly and unplanned downtime.

Posted: June 16, 2022

Bosch Rexroth’s CytroForce combines optimized standard components to form an out-of-the-box solution.
The OMAX DynaMAX 575P
High-frequency data provides information not measured directly from the CNC.
Marposs’ new GEMVM system is a stand-alone monitoring module that aids in predictive maintenance.

Automated analysis tracks machine behavior and health, including spindles, bearings, linear drives, servo settings, lubrication and other components. Outlined below are products and software that helps track what’s happening with each machine, in real time, to ensure they function efficiently, produce quality parts and cut down on scrap.

Linear Power Made Easy; Lowers Costs from Engineering to Maintenance

Bosch Rexroth’s (Charlotte, NC) complete redesign of its hydraulic linear drives with the CytroForce concept is a smart compact axis for power, movement and positioning tasks. It consists of flow-optimized standard modules that set benchmarks in terms of power density, energy efficiency and quiet operations. In order to enable highly productive and economic presses, machine tools and industry-specific applications to be achieved, the CytroForce has been designed to ensure efficiency, availability and usability at every junction of its life cycle: suitable product documentation is available up to the 2D or 3D CAD model. The axes are already pre-configured in the factory and — after mechanical installation — only need to be electrically connected.

Condition monitoring and/or predictive analytics can also be conducted by combining the system with Rexroth’s ODiN service, helping to further increase the machine’s availability.

Pumps with Predictive Maintenance Tech Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Hypertherm’s (Hanover, NH) OMAX brand offers the industry’s only intensifier style waterjet pumps with predictive maintenance technology to substantially reduce maintenance costs and disruption caused by non-planned service.

The DynaMAX™ 5-series pumps are equipped with features such as Advanced Intensifier Technology and new patented technologies that adjust for pressure and temperature, oil viscosity, and hydraulic system wear parts; along with technology that enables customers to use seals up to 40 percent longer.

DynaMAX 5-series pumps are designed with ease of service in mind. Features such as a color-coded junction box, electrical cable harnesses, quick-disconnect fittings, and an easy access bleed-down valve all make maintenance faster and less expensive. Safety is also considered. A clear window cover lets the operator see the intensifier and attenuator. Optional electrical interlocks prevent unauthorized access and can automatically stop the pump when opened. Finally, Seal Maintenance Technology™ helps keep the top deck and shop floor free of oil and water.

Three models, the DynaMAX 550P, 560P, and 575P range from 50 to 75 horsepower.

Machine Monitoring Becomes Platform for Predictive Maintenance

MachineMetrics (Northhampton, MA) believes the primary goal of enriching CNC data feeds is not only to add a capability to the machine monitoring system, but it is to provide a platform to solve a variety of user-specific problems with a variety of user-specific analysis methods. The CNC data feed is “enriched” in the sense that it is high frequency; that is, the points are collected at a rate of one thousand points per second (1 kHz), compared to a typical rate of only one hundred (1 Hz). Flagging predictive events in near-real-time leaves no room for wide gaps between data points. Likewise for stopping a machine, correcting an offset or otherwise correcting any anomaly the monitoring might detect.

High-frequency data also provides information that cannot be measured directly from the CNC. For example, a manufacturer machining brake rotors set a feed-hold threshold for spindle RPM, which tended to shift after a tool fractured but before it broke. Now, when the threshold is reached, the machine stops automatically before the tool breaks. In most tool monitoring applications, manufacturers seek predictive signals in spindle power readings, which increase as cutting edges deteriorate. Depending on the application, a user might also wish to zero in on acceleration, friction, or any other value that might be derived from spindle power data.

Because condition monitoring is largely a localized endeavor the processing for high-frequency CNC data collection takes place with a box-like industrial computer (an Edge device) at each machine that is the system’s only hardware component. External sensors are still supported for applications that might benefit from data beyond the equipment’s native sensors (for example, analysis that involves tracking coolant consumption and costs).

New GEMVM System for Predictive Maintenance Monitoring

Marposs Corp.’s (Auburn Hills, MI) Artis GEMVM system is a new predictive maintenance tool that offers monitoring of machine and spindle health, temperature and machine crash, as well as simple tool and process monitoring. This helps to improve process reliability, increase productivity and workpiece quality, reduce scrap and improve both tool and machine life.

The GEMVM system provides real-time information on the following parameters:

  • Spindle bearing and other bearings
  • Ball screws and linear drives
  • Lubrication of the mechanical parts
  • Servo settings/measurement systems
  • Basic characteristic curve for quick diagnosis of the complete machine (machine characteristic)
  • Loose guides, shoes, foundation fixtured
  • Fractures in the structure / in the machine bed
  • Machine torsions in dynamic performance
  • External process influences from the environment
  • Expandable to process monitoring

The GEMVM has eight definable and selectable operating modes for assigning to tools, milling heads, process types, etc., with five freely activatable static alarms. Any events that violate the predefined hard stop limits are logged in the event memory with relevant information for later analysis. The system comes with the Artis VisuScope diagnostic tool, which is ideal for assuring the quality of new machines and those in operation. Process analyses based upon determined GEMVM data allow historical comparison of machine states, evaluation of damages and the control after repairs.

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