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New Machine Tutorial Video Series from GROB Systems

“Machine Minutes with GROB” videos provide step-by-step instructions for effective use of machines.

Posted: August 10, 2022

Adam Schroeder, GROB Systems Universal Machines Service Manager provides step-by-step instructions for inspecting spindle clamp force.
Michael Hough, GROB Systems Marketing, Technical Content Creator explains how to achieve maximum machine rigidity.
Russel Cooper, GROB Systems Application Engineer shows how load sensitive tuning will maximize your machining process.

GROB Systems, a global leader in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools, has announced a new YouTube Video Series called “Machine Minutes with GROB”. New technical tutorial and informational videos will be released regularly and will focus on three primary topics including Machine Design/ Building, Machine Applications, and Machine Maintenance and Inspection. The videos will generally range from two to eight minutes in length.

“We are very pleased to offer educational videos on important machine topics that provide key technical tips and straight-forward how-to steps, designed to make our customers more productive and successful with their applications,” said Michael Hough, Marketing, Technical Content Creator, GROB Systems. “The videos are short, demonstrating important points in an engaging, conversational format that include step-by-step instructions for effective use and care of the machine. It is also a chance for our customers to get better acquainted with our engineering and service teams at GROB.”

An example of each type of video is found below:

  • Machine Design/ Building: Learn how GROB’s 5-axis cross slide design provides unmatched rigidity when the spindle is extended to the workpiece, resulting in high quality part production.
  • Machine Applications: See how applying load sensitive tuning will optimize the tuning of the drives to match the part weight and location on the table, ensuring your machine is operating at its full potential.
  • Machine Maintenance and Inspection: Watch a demonstration on how inspecting spindle clamp force regularly is important to guarantee reliability and high performance during the machining process.

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