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The Ergonomic Manual Lifting Device Specialists

Sky Hook is a small, ergonomic lifting device for lifting hard to reach loads up to 500 pounds, and weighing less than 26 pounds. Made in the USA.

Posted: August 9, 2022

Sky Hook lifting device designed for easy single operator lifting of up to 500 lbs. Customized Model #A9770 Premium Cable Sky Hook with Mobile Cart & Articulating Arm.

Manufactured by Syclone ATTCO Service, the Sky Hook is a small, portable, ergonomic lifting device designed to provide SAFE, high quality lifting solutions which can prevent lifting injuries and assist in applications involving hard to reach loads.  They have a wide range of fixed and mobile base lifting device models to fit most any application.  By specializing in lifting device solutions for applications requiring to lift a maximum of 500 lbs., the Sky Hook product line is able to boast conservative sized lifting products, easy to maneuver, place and operate. All of the Sky Hook lifting products are manually operated, providing the user careful control of the load.  With a 23:1 lifting advantage the Sky Hook makes the work of what would require 4 people, easy and ergonomic for a single operator to complete.

For lifting applications requiring alternative dimensions or features, the Sales & Design Teams at Syclone ATTCO Service can modify the Sky Hook industrial lifting device to best fit the application. Custom modifications involving increased or decreased height and reach along with moving the hand wheel location or orientation are all available.  In addition, the Sky Hook can be modified to best suit specialized environmental requirements such as cleanroom, anti-static, or outdoor applications. Every Sky Hook, including standard models and the fully customized, are designed to meet OSHA and ASME standards. CE marking is available for select Sky Hook models upon request. With premier customer service and a powerful Design Team, they can create results that not only have the ability to prevent lifting injuries, but also improve operational efficiency.

The Sky Hook industrial lifting devices are USA made, small, ergonomic and can be customized to create the very best lifting solution for unique lifting applications.

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