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What’s new in Tool Presetting?

Streamline the tool setup process and gain highly accurate measurements with minimal operator intervention.

Posted: June 11, 2024

Caron Engineering’s ToolConnect works alongside a tool presetter.
HAIMER’s Microset tool presetting machines reduce set up times by as much as 70%.
The new TD 110 tool breakage sensor from HEIDENHAIN.
The E346V+ presetter helps optimize spindle uptime as it allows for the measurement of tools for both mills and lathes to be done offline.
The SPERONI STP MAGIS CNC tool presetter.

Address key challenges in the tool setup process by automating the data transfer between the tool presetter and the CNC machine for more reliability and to significantly reduce human error and setup time.

Reduce Machine Tool Setup Time with ToolConnect

Caron Engineering’s (Wells, ME) ToolConnect software is a retrofit tool identification and data management system designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce machine tool setup time. ToolConnect works alongside a tool pre-setter to effectively transfer the preset tool data directly to the CNC control via RFID tags embedded in tool holders.

Loading tools and tooling data into the machine has historically been one of the largest sources of manufacturing error and adds significant length to the machine tool setup time. ToolConnect software combats these manufacturing challenges by making this process happen automatically without requiring operator data entry or interaction with the control needed to transfer the data. The tool is measured at the pre-setter where the data is written to the RFID tag in the tool holder. The tool is read at the RFID read station at or inside the machine. ToolConnect can display, prompt, and/or verify any unique steps in the process, before automatically writing the tool data to the CNC. Plus, this can all happen offline while the machine is cutting to significantly improve machine tool setup time.

Maintain Accuracy and Reliability from One Operator to the Next
Microset tool presettin, Haimer
HAIMER’s Microset tool presetting machines reduce set up times by as much as 70%.

HAIMER USA, LLC’s (Villa Park, IL) Microset tool presetting machines reduce set up times by as much as 70% while also allowing you to increase your machine utilization at the same time by streamlining your tool setting processes. Designed for absolute ease of use with uncomplicated software and a thermally stable cast iron base, HAIMER Microset gives you the highest degree accuracy and process reliability from one operator to the next. From entry-level machines that are very cost-effective for low volume users all the way to fully automated presetting, HAIMER Microset offers a wide range of tool presetting equipment that will fit every application.

Break Detection Without Breaking the Bank

Specially designed for quickly sensing tool breakage during use within a machine tool,

Heidenhain, tool breakage detector
The new TD 110 tool breakage sensor from HEIDENHAIN.

HEIDENHAIN CORP. (Schaumburg, IL) introduces the new TD 110 tool breakage detector. Providing contact-free inspection of drill bits and end mills, it can determine whether a tool is broken off by more than 2 mm as it passes within a machine tool, yielding significant time and money savings. The TD 110 tool breakage sensor can be placed in the work envelope so that it is fast and easy to reach during the tool change. The inductive sensor can detect tools as they pass by while they are spinning at their operational speed. Thanks to its rapid scanning technology, even very small tools made of HSS steel and carbide are detected. The breakage sensor can then generate either a floating or an HTL switching signal, and the machine control can evaluate it via standard instruction sets. These signals/outputs can be used to connect to a HEIDENHAIN TNC control, PLC or to any other IOs of nearly every CNC control manufacturer. In addition, an LED signals whether a tool has been flagged.

Presetter Offers Advanced Productivity in a Smaller Footprint
Lyndex-Nikken, presetter
The E346V+ presetter helps optimize spindle uptime as it allows for the measurement of tools for both mills and lathes to be done offline.

Lyndex-Nikken (Mundelein, IL), a manufacturer and provider of high-performance machine tool accessories, announced the E346V+ presetter, by Elbo Controlli Nikken, which delivers the productivity of larger, more sophisticated presetters but in a smaller footprint.

The overarching productivity gain with the E346V+ presetter is that it helps to optimize spindle uptime as it allows for the measurement of tools for both mills and lathes to be done offline. The E346V+ presetter also helps machine shops be more productive as monitoring tool runout helps optimize cutter life and cutting capability. Finally, E346V+ presetter inspection tools can see insert and cutter edge wear helping to prevent scrap parts or poor finishes.

The E346V+ presetter features rigidity and accurate performance due to a ground granite base and column, as well as an electro-welded and de-tensioned steel construction with an ergonomic design. This rugged design helps assure the same perpendicularity accuracy for tools of all sizes. Further enhancing accuracy, the precision spindle system is fully interchangeable – the one-piece cartridge eliminates the need for adapters and the errors associated with their use. With 1-micron resolution, length and diameter dimensions transferred to machines are very accurate. All of this accuracy on the E346V+ presetter is critical as preset tools allow for tooling consistency that results in machining performance consistency.

The E346V+ optional Tool Identification System (TID) is a two-way communication between the presetter and the CNC allowing measurements taken from the presetter to be sent directly to the CNC via QR Code without downtime. So, insertion errors by the operator are eliminated as well as the additional costs associated with the purchase of RFID devices and the application of read/write hardware interfaced with the machine tool.

Full Measuring Functionality Results in Longer Tool Life
CNC tool presetter, Big Daishowa
The SPERONI STP MAGIS CNC tool presetter.

The SPERONI STP MAGIS CNC tool presetter carried by BIG DAISHOWA (Hoffman Estates, IL) is revolutionizing the value of tool measurement — helping operators get better parts, less scrap, longer tool life and less spindle downtime. Next-generation electronics and motors enable fast movement and repeatable positioning of the X and Z axes and spindle for precise CNC measuring. Other key features and benefits include:

  • MAGIS SIMPLE VISION control delivers full measuring functionality in a user-friendly, single-screen interface with unmatched ergonomics.
  • Enables automatic measuring cycles, adding speed and precision to an already intuitive experience.
  • Thermally stable pearlitic cast-iron construction.
  • Tool management database with unlimited tool assembly data storage.
  • 270° access to the tools while in the spindle.
  • Sub-pixel and sub-micron resolution.
  • Only bench-top presetter available with optional built-in retention knob clamping.
  • Progressive scan CCD camera with high accuracy telecentric optics and virtual magnification and zoom function up to 120x.
  • Episcopy Front Ring Light system provides a light source for manual inspection of the tool tip/insert on the vision screen.
  • Standard X axis range of -2.0” (-50 mm) to +14.0” (+350 mm).
  • Available with 16” (400 mm) or 24” (600 mm) column travel in the Z axis
  • Speroni Edge 2.0 software allows CAM interfacing and RFID system integration
  • Speroni workbench provides an enclosed, lockable and ventilated storage area to prevent tampering.

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