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Mobile Welding Fume Extraction with 2X the Filter Surface

KEMPER SmartFil mobile welding fune extraction

Designed with a unique round storage filter, KEMPER’s SmartFil offers long service life and a winning combo of price and performance. Featuring a 360-degree rotating exhaust hood, the compact system filters more than 99.5 percent of alveolar dust particles.

RoboVent Revamps Spire Weld Fume Extraction Systems

RoboVent’s Spire filtration units are still 3 ft by 3 ft, but have been completely re-engineered. The Spire for robotic weld cells and the Spire360 for ambient filtration come with more-absorbent filters that last longer and 7-in touchscreen controls for easier operation.

Space-Saving Compact Air Filtration System

Lincoln Electric’s Prism Compact fume-extraction system for welding and cutting applications incorporates the Prism line’s vertical filter technology. Available in indoor and outdoor configurations, the short unit fits efficiently into smaller spaces.

Heavy-Duty MIG Guns Perform at 100% Duty Cycle

Four Magnum PRO Curve HDE semiautomatic welding guns from Lincoln Electric provide the best of both worlds: They deliver the highest duty cycle in their class and maximize operator comfort with a new ergonomic design.

Engine-Driven Welder Enables Simultaneous Welds

Lincoln Electric’s Dual Maverick 200/200X is two welders powered by one diesel engine with two outputs, allowing two or more welders to work at the same time. Output remains steady even during arc stops and starts in dual mode.

Wet Scrubber Dust Collector Minimizes Explosions

The Venturi wet scrubber from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) improves workplace safety by collecting and removing potentially combustible airborne metal dust. It’s also suitable for processes that emit aerosols, fumes, gas, and vapors.

Next Steps in Weld Fume Source Capture

The highly effective, efficient and versatile FV-500-20 weld fume source capture system with Ergomax fume guns from FumeVac meets stringent ACGIH guidelines and OSHA standards for mitigating harmful welding fumes, including manganese and hexavalent chromium.

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