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Large-Part Honing Machine for Job Shops, Repair Facilities

The SV-20 honing system from Sunnen Products is the first competitively priced large-part machine for job-shop part production with a true linear, vertical, servo-stroking system to produce precision bore geometries on compressors, oilfield components, automotive/truck blocks and similar parts.

Honing Machines

Honing machine tools remove stock to produce the final size and desired finish pattern on the interior of tubing or cylinder bores of almost any material by expanding, rotating and reciprocating abrasive stones of a specified grit and grade with…

Over a Barrel

The hydraulic shop of this Cat dealer salvages cylinders up to 21 ft long by re-surfacing them with an HTA tube hone, saving their customers 80 percent or more over cost of new barrel.

Smarter Tool Feed Enhances Production Honing

This new tool feed technology from Sunnen servo-controls the force in the honing tool feed system to maintain the optimum cutting load on the honing abrasive throughout a cycle, irrespective of the incoming part’s hardness, geometry or size variation.

Diamonds are a Block’s Best Friend for Honing

Engine remanufacturer Jasper Engines & Transmissions and engine builder White Performance & Machine are two shops with different needs that illustrate how new diamond honing abrasives technology from Sunnen simplifies the boring process, cuts cycle times as much as half, and improves dyno results.

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September 12 - 17, 2022
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September 28 - 29, 2022
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