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12,000-Joule Capacitive Discharge Welder

Weld Systems Integrators captive discharge (CD) welders

Weld Systems Integrators’ next generation of capacitive discharge (CD) welders monitors force in real time to ensure consistent-quality results. Throat depth provides room for automation options such as end effectors and fastener feeders.

Heavy-Duty Rocker Arm Seam Welders

Standard Resistance Welder Models RS1 and RS2.

Georgia-based Standard Resistance Welder products include Models RS1 and RS2. Offering a wide range of standard and optional features, the heavy-duty rocker arm seam welders are built around welded steel bases.

Resistance Welders for Any Lot and Part Size

Seedorff ACME resistance welders

Financing, lease, rental, and recondition-to-new programs are available for all Seedorff ACME rocker arm, pedestal, bench, press-type, seam, butt-and-tee and multispot resistance welders. Automation options available.

A Different Type of Bond – Hold the Filler Metal, Please

Amada Weld Tech’s CD-A1000A

Solid state and resistance welding use pressure and/or electric current to fuse dissimilar metals, nonferrous metals, and composites without generating defects, like gas porosity and hot cracking, seen in fusion welding. Think things like bus bars and switches in automotive electric systems and appliances and nuts and fittings on various parts.

PC Software Maximizes Weld Flaw Detector’s Capabilities

Flexible and customizable WeldSight software for Olympus’ OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector saves time and effort. In addition to advanced screening capabilities, the program enables inspectors to quickly optimize multiple tools for analyzing complex geometries.

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