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Jeremy Edson

Jeremy Edson is a product manager for the stamping and tablet/compression divisions at Wilson Tool International, 12912 Farnham Avenue, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, 866-752-6531,, He has more than 20 years of experience in the sheet metal tooling industry and has worked in a variety of roles ranging from machinist to product sales, supervisor of design and sales, as well as sport tooling program manager. He works with R&D, customers, and industry consumers to develop product solutions for some of the most demanding applications.

Articles by Jeremy Edson

Stamping AHSS Got You Down? Reconsider Your Tool Design

To reduce wear and tool breakage when forming or blanking AHSS material, here are some tips on revisiting the type of tool steel used, the design of the tool itself, and whether or not adding a coating or surface finish will improve performance and provide longer tool life.

Increase Tool Life with Preventive Maintenance

Deliberately pull a die out of the stamping press for tool maintenance even though it is still producing perfect parts? That’s right. Don’t wait for that next emergency to shut everything down to put out fires. You can actually reduce downtime by regularly scheduling preventive tool maintenance that provides longer tool life, fewer scrapped parts and improved productivity.

Metal Stamping Industry Projections for 2019

The metal stamping business is still strong, the labor pool is depleted, pressrooms are busier today than yesterday, and growth should continue in the year ahead. But be prepared for the unexpected and the transition into the new economy of metalworking.

An Overlooked Way to Keep Up with Industry Change

Press operation requirements, inspection needs, improved die technology, tool room utilization and lean initiatives are all transforming the way shops compete. But what if you can’t keep the die in the press because of cheap tooling?

Strong Supplier Partnerships are About Much More Than Price

A healthy relationship goes beyond a vendor’s ability to consistently deliver performance, reliability, quality and customer service at a competitive price. The key is putting the right people in place to foster mutual trust and flexibility. As our industry continues to evolve, so too must our relationships with our customers and suppliers.

How the Stamping Industry Stays Strong

The stamping industry will be alive and strong in 2018, shifting to meet the changing needs of the marketplace and their customers. Here are some insights into how the industry is evolving to remain competitive and healthy.

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