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Seamless Rough and Finish Boring


BIG KAISER introduces its first BIG CAPTO rough boring tool, the Series 319 SW. Repeatability is high because its polygon taper is flush with the spindle.

Rugged Welder Helmet with Proprietary Lens Technology

Airgas, 3M, Radnor welding helmet

New line of RADNOR welding helmets from Airgas combines the brand’s rugged reliability and value with the performance technology of the 3M Speedglas brand. The result is a professional grade helmet that keeps welders comfortable all day.

Robot Ready for Harsh and Cleanroom Applications

ABB IRN 1300

The IRB 1300 industrial robot from ABB features IP67, Foundry Plus 2 and cleanroom ISO 4 versions. It performs a range of tasks that includes material handling, machine tending, polishing, assembly and testing.

Hexagon and Authentise Partner On End-To-End AM Software Solution

Hexagon and Authentise AM partnership

The first-of-its-kind solution will integrate shop floor data with data intelligence to orchestrate consistent quality from concept to part. Statistical process control combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence methods will mitigate waste and quality issues during design while improving AM repeatability.

Spirit Levels with Adjustment and Cross-Measurement

JW Winco spirit levels GN 2276,GN 2282

The GN 2276 cross spirit levels and GN 2283 screw-on spirit levels from JW Winco are essential for achieving perfectly horizontal alignment of machines, mechanisms or instruments. A company conversion table helps customers identify which sensitivity is best for various applications.

‘Drill Everything’ Insert with High-Speed Steel Geometry

Allied Machine T-A Pro

Allied Machine’s T-A Pro is the machine shop’s and manufacturer’s spade drill that performs in tough conditions for about 25% less than the marketplace alternatives. Heavy equipment and aerospace part manufacturers get the hole quality, tool life and process security they demand.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Named Tecnicrafts Distributor

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Tecnicrafts

Used for Swiss Turning applications, Tecnicrafts collets, guide bushings, and bar feeder collets are available in standard and ultra-precision grades. Platinum Tooling carries and supports the full line with representatives throughout North America.

Tool Holder’s Coolant Holes Maximize Coolant Flow

Accutek’s AccuGrip Shrink Fit

The secret to better tool life is great coolant flow, and AccuKool is the secret behind Accutek’s AccuGrip Shrink Fit tool holder. Its specially designed holes keep coolant flowing to and through cutting flutes.

Updated 3D CAD/CAM Suite with Easy Toolpath Editing

OPEN MIND hyperMILL 2021.1

Machining programmers using OPEN MIND’s hyperMILL 2021.1 can trim and remove sequences as needed after creating their initial toolpath. It also features a new 5-axis radial machining tool that helps users rapidly apply the most productive machining strategies.

Plug-and-Play IIoT Platform Enables Digital Transformation

FactoryEye from Magic Software, SANHA

Attention mid-sized manufacturers: FactoryEye from Magic Software brings the digital world to you – with real-time intelligence – in an easy, affordable and flexible solution. No need to replace existing equipment or infrastructure.

Sandvik’s Super-Austenitic Grade, Sanicro 35, Wins Prestigious Award

“Materials Performance” magazine recognized the new Sanicro 35 alloy in its MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Awards 2021. Designed for extremely corrosive environments and seawater applications, the alloy is ideal for heat exchangers and hydraulic and instrumentation tubing.

Rotary Encoders Made for Robots

HEIDENHAIN KCI 1319 / KBI 1335 encoder

Compact and lightweight, the KCI/KBI 1300 series of inductive rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN offer contamination-resistant inductive circumferential scanning. The high-speed EnDat 2.2 interface enables more information to be communicated such as temperature or diagnostics.

Material Handling Company Gives Local Soccer Team A Lift


Ireland-based Combilift kicks off its new sponsorship of the local Monaghan Ladies Gaelic football team – watch players having fun with machines and a giant soccer ball in a fun video the company launched on social media to promote the team.

AGV/AMRs Make Moving Loads a No-Brainer

Kivnon AMR

Material-handling solutions developer Kivnon expands its mobile vehicles portfolio with two autonomous mobile robot (AMR) forklifts and an automated guided vehicle (AGV) lifting platform that rotates.

Backlog of Orders Index Grows To All-Time High

The manufacturing economy continued its recovery in March, according to Institute for Supply Management’s March 2021 ‘Manufacturing ISM Report On Business.’ Backlogs are growing, as are raw materials inventories and exports and imports.

Award-Winning Design in High-Speed, 4-Axis Robots

Staubli TS2-40 robot

Stäubli has set new benchmarks in dynamics, precision and cleanroom with its 4-axis line of Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA) for highly sensitive environments. Judges of the 2021 Red Dot Design competition recognized its unique cylindrical working area when they gave it the “Product Design” award.

Tooling Manufacturer Adds Third Lucifer Furnace

Lucifer Furnace 7GT-H18

A Connecticut-based manufacturer has installed a Lucifer 7GT-H19 for heat treating in a nitrogen-based atmosphere. The energy-efficient unit heats to 2100 F and is regulated by a Honeywell digital controller.

How to Multiply Machine Tool Efficiency with Production Automation

Fastems automation guide

 A new Fastems automation guide and webinar demonstrate how to overcome the six main production bottlenecks and eliminate underutilization in any shop. Fastems reveals how to make production planning and execution intelligent, automate hardware to work stably 24/7, and make processes reproducible.

Guide Helps Level the Playing Field for U.S. Job Shops

“The Job Shop’s Guide to Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms” is a free e-book from Paperless Parts created to make U.S. manufacturers aware of TAAF benefits that help them compete better in a market saturated with foreign imports … and walks you through the funding process.

Robot Boosts Electronics Production

KR 6 robot by KUKA

KUKA’s KR 6 SCARA robot offers reach/radius options of 500 mm and 700 mm, and Z-axis stroke of 200 mm. Faster and lighter than smaller 6-axis models, it offers manufacturers ease of use while expediting production speed.

Submicron Surface Roughness Measurement

The LEXT OLS5100 laser microscope from Olympus guarantees measurement accuracy that simplify experiment workflows. The software’s several smart features minimize error with push-button scanning and analysis.

Laser Measures Wide Range of Hard-to-Reach Surfaces

Optical Gauging Products TeleStar Plus laser

Optical Gauging Products’ multisensor TeleStar Plus laser measures a wide range of materials and surface textures with extremely high accuracy. Its through-the-lens (TTL) design eliminates offset between the optical and laser sensors.

Surface Measurement for Non-Metrologists

Digital Metrology’s OmniSurf3D

OmniSurf3D from Digital Metrology Solutions helps users understand and communicate about surface texture without requiring a great deal of mathematical interpretation or metrology knowledge. The software provides the ability to interact with data from virtually any surface measurement instrument.

Next-Generation Square Shoulder Cutter

Seco Tools Turbo 16 square shoulder cutter

Seco Tools’ Turbo 16 square shoulder cutter inserts are the company’s first products with data matrix tags. The scannable codes store product and batch information, and can be read by the Seco Assistant smartphone app.

Inserts with Two CBN Tips Double Efficiency

Lach Diamond, CBN-Duo-power ISO-Type DCGW

Two tips on Lach Diamond’s CBN-Duo-power inserts are finished with type B610 or type B600 cubic boron nitride (CBN) to increase productivity when turning  automotive components out of materials such as case-hardened steels and powder-metal alloys.

Increase Profitability in Square Shoulder and Face Milling

Iscar Neodo 90-degree indexable milling cutters

Featuring square double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges, Iscar’s Neodo family of 90-degree indexable milling cutters enables face and shoulder milling in steel and cast iron as well as milling close to shoulders where there are workpiece or workholding fixture constraints.

Best of Both Worlds: Carbide’s Strength and Ceramic’s Speed

Greenleaf XSYTIN-360 end mills

The phase-hardened ceramic substrate on Greenleaf’s XSYTIN-360 end mills provides ultra-high strength and wear resistance at twice the feed rate of carbide end mills when slotting, pocketing, and profiling high-temperature alloys and other difficult-to-machine materials.

Economical Face Milling Of Stainless Steel

Dormer Pramet’s S450E double-positive 45-degree milling

Featuring the greatest number of cutting edges available for positive inserts, Dormer Pramet’s S450E double-positive 45-degree milling cutter allows the same cutter body to be used with octagonal inserts for face milling and round inserts for face/copy milling.

Cylindrical Grinders For Precise Packaging Components

United Grinding’s Studer S41 cylindrical grinder

United Grinding’s Studer S41 (universal) and S131R (radius internal) are designed to produce large, heavy canning and die-forming components from the extremely hard metals commonly used in the packaging industry.

Updated 5-Axis Tool Grinder

Star Cutter NXT 5-axis tool

Star Cutter’s NXT runs the latest NUM tool-grinding software, provides automated marking, accommodates denser pallet arrays, and produces multiple profiles for tools up to 10 inches in diameter in a single run.

Heavy-Duty Bench Grinders

Palmgren #9682121 heavy-duty bench grinder

Palmgren claims its line of heavy-duty bench grinders provides four to seven times longer duty cycle under load and eight times less speed degradation than competing products. Wheel diameters: 6 to 12 inches.

High-Speed, High-Precision Surface Grinder

Kaast F-Grind AH surface grinders

Featuring a longitudinal feed rate of 975 inches/minute and vertical feed of 17 inches/minute, Kaast’s F-Grind AH Series is equally capable of achieving a high-quality surface finish or critical dimensions on cutting and threading tools, punches and gauges.

Grinding Method Eliminates Need for Multiple Machine Tools

Coventry Associates Eccentric Positioning System (EPS) MultiTool

Almost any operation that requires a combination of high accuracy and high force can be improved with the Eccentric Positioning System (EPS) from Coventry Associates. The grinder uses three circular rotary tables on top of each other instead of linear slide systems. 

30th Anniversary Pricing on AAG Brands

AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions – AXYZ, WARDJet and CNCShop – is celebrating 30 years in business, and customers get the gifts. It all began in 1991 when two friends started doing router repair work.

Mount This Robot Controller Your Way

KUKA KR_C5_micro

Designed to mount in four different ways, KUKA’s KR C5 micro is about 200% smaller than full-sized controllers, but storage capacity isn’t sacrificed. It’s equipped with the latest KUKA System Software – users can easily migrate in their programs from the previous version.

Simulation Software Optimizes Press Productivity

Tooling Tech Group’s die design services

Tooling Tech Group can analyze incoming part files, fix clash and clearance violations, identify tool design changes, and make adjustments to achieve the highest strokes per minute (SPM) without going through trial and error on the stamping floor. This applies to servo, mechanical and hydraulic presses regardless of manufacturer.

Device Protects Ball Bearing Retainer Cages

Superior Die Set’s Cage Saver

Throw out your rubber bands and twist-wire! Superior Die Set’s Cage Saver retracts ball bearing retainer cages during die-handling and maintenance and protects the assembly from water and detergent during pressure washing.

Efficiency-Driven Turret Punch Press

Murata Machinery’s Motorum M2044TS turret punch press

Murata Machinery’s Motorum M2044TS turret punch press uses a servo-electric punch drive system that incorporates the latest ram drive design. Large turret provides more stations for greater flexibility and increased productivity, and its smaller table is sized to accommodate limited floor space.

Combination Machine Provides a One-Two Punch. Literally

LVD’s Strippit PL

LVD’s  Strippit PL provides a fiber laser cutter and punch press in one machine. The combination enhances efficiency by reducing production time and material handling, and lowers cost per part in both small lot sizes and high-volume runs.

Redesigned Punching Machine is Quieter Than Ever

Boschert’s Compact EVO CNC punching machine

Fabricators can easily integrate Boschert’s Compact EVO CNC punching machine into their networks via the machine’s interface. Operators can program complex CAD parts with the company’s BG Cut software.

12,000-Joule Capacitive Discharge Welder

Weld Systems Integrators captive discharge (CD) welders

Weld Systems Integrators’ next generation of capacitive discharge (CD) welders monitors force in real time to ensure consistent-quality results. Throat depth provides room for automation options such as end effectors and fastener feeders.

Heavy-Duty Rocker Arm Seam Welders

Standard Resistance Welder Models RS1 and RS2.

Georgia-based Standard Resistance Welder products include Models RS1 and RS2. Offering a wide range of standard and optional features, the heavy-duty rocker arm seam welders are built around welded steel bases.

Resistance Welders for Any Lot and Part Size

Seedorff ACME resistance welders

Financing, lease, rental, and recondition-to-new programs are available for all Seedorff ACME rocker arm, pedestal, bench, press-type, seam, butt-and-tee and multispot resistance welders. Automation options available.

A Different Type of Bond – Hold the Filler Metal, Please

Amada Weld Tech’s CD-A1000A

Solid state and resistance welding use pressure and/or electric current to fuse dissimilar metals, nonferrous metals, and composites without generating defects, like gas porosity and hot cracking, seen in fusion welding. Think things like bus bars and switches in automotive electric systems and appliances and nuts and fittings on various parts.

48-Inch-Diameter Table Blaster

Viking Blast & Wash Systems 48T shot blaster

Viking Blast & Wash Systems adds the model 48T shot blaster to its industrial line of table blasters. Airless blast cleaning is accomplished via one 15-horsepower VMax center-fed blast wheel. 

Multimetal-Safe Formula Cleans and Protects

Kyzen’s Metalnox M6314CP

Kyzen’s Metalnox M6314CP cleaner and corrosion inhibitor can be used in virtually any industrial cleaning system and process to remove manufacturing oils from machined and fabricated parts.

Four Spray Systems for Parts Cleaning

MAFAC JAVA, Jayco Cleaning Technologies

MAFAC machines from Jayco Cleaning Technologies can be programmed to rotate the basket with or against the spraying frame. Built-in oil separators and demisters eliminate the need for an external device and exhaust ducting.

Energy-Efficient Wash-Rinse-and-Dry Parts Cleaner

Ransohoff LeanDrum CF

By providing full immersion as well as spray cleaning, Ransohoff’s LeanDrum CF for high-volume cleaning and cold forming applications eliminates the heat loss common in traditional spray systems and lowers chemical consumption.

One Solution Cleans Multiple Metals

BHC’s AquaVantage 3800 GD

BHC’s one-product AquaVantage 3800 GD doesn’t contain any regulated ingredients. The mild formulation is safe and effective for cleaning steel, aluminum, and titanium parts for a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

Safe All-in-One Solvent-Based Parts Cleaners

Alliance Manufacturing IK

Solvent-based vacuum degreasing is good for the environment, employees, and the bottom line. One machine cleans and dries parts by “sucking out” any remaining vapors before an operator touches them. Many systems also filter lubricant for reuse.

Organic, Biobased Rust Remover

Cortec EcoAir 422

Orange peel – who knew? Nontoxic and nonflammable, EcoAir 422 from Cortec sprays on and rinses off with water. Technology that’s friendly to the environment, even the packaging is designed to protect nature while EcoAir protects metals from corrosion.

High-Volume Parts Washer Works Fast in a Small Space

Ransohoff Cell-U-Clean RTL washer

The Cell-U-Clean RTL washer is a stainless steel, energy-efficient blowoff unit with optional liquid stage for rinse or rust protection applications, as well as optional robotic loading. Cleaning parts up to 40 pounds, the RTL really hustles at 120 parts per hour.

Same-Day Rental on Pipe Welding End Preparation Tools

Esco’s Rental Tools

Esco’s Rental Tools Program puts the full line of MILLHOG I.D., COHOG O.D., and Universal Air Powered Saw and track systems into users’ hands anywhere in the U.S. The tools bevel any degree on all types of alloys  in diameters up to 36 inches.

‘One-Button’ Advanced Rockwell Hardness Tester

Buehler’s Wilson RH2150

Buehler’s Wilson RH2150 is easy to program and offers an intuitive software interface with Buehler’s DiaMet hardness testing software. Use the external footswitch with the actuator-mounted clamping device to clamp and activate either manual or automatic start, as well as to release manually or automatically after test.

Walter Extends Advance Tap Line with Larger Sizes

Universal TC117 blind-hole and TC217 thru-hole taps from Walter just got more versatile with oversized extensions. Able to handle material ranging from steel and stainless to cast iron and non-ferrous materials, both taps use HSS-E substrate with cobalt enrichment, which enhances durability.

New GARR TOOL Tool Library Available for Mastercam

GARR TOOL Tool Library Available for Mastercam

CNC Software’s user base of 280,000 can import the full line of GARR cutting tools directly into toolpath operations. The native, Mastercam 3D tool database is fully compatible with Mastercam 2019, 2020, 2021 versions.

Maximum 3D Milling Metal Removal

Kennametal HARVI I TE ball nose end mill

Designed for high productivity and tool life, Kennametal’s versatile HARVI I TE ball nose end mill features a proprietary, rippled relief on the ball nose section that enables high feeds and speed. It also provides exceptional edge strength, geometric accuracy, and lower cutting forces.

Dynabrade Inc. Names New President

The company’s CFO, Michael Buffamonti, steps into his new role on April 1. He’s been a valuable financial leader at Dynabrade who also worked closely with the company’s founder.

Next Generation High-Performance Drill for Cast Iron Applications

Kennametal HPR solid carbide drill

Thanks to its low-thrust drill point design, Kennametal’s HPR solid carbide drill can be used in imperfect clamping conditions or on thin-walled applications. It also features a patented corner radius that improves tool life and provides excellent hole quality.

Digital-Ready Boring Tools Simplify Precision Adjustment

Kennametal Digital Boring System

Frustrated by losing count of how far the adjustment screw was turned when dialing in a tight bore? Kennametal’s eBore Fine Boring System keeps track of boring bar movement for you. End result: less scrap, less downtime, and faster setups.

Shredder Economics in Recycling and Size Reduction

Amos shredder

Not only do shredders reduce labor and the safety risks of manually cutting scrap products in metal recycling – they also cut energy expense and maintenance costs. But how do you match the right shredder to the application? Amos Mfg. offers help.

Compact Horizontal Machining Center with New Controls

The KIWA KH-4100kai from Methods Machine Tools Inc.

The crisp new paint scheme on Methods Machine Tools’ KIWA KH-4100kai is just the beginning of design features its predecessor lacked. New componentry inside, including 0i-MF Plus FANUC controls, improve the planning, machining, and chip flow on this four-axis HMC.

New Data Definitions Added to Industry Terminology Standard

Additive manufacturing, robotics, and machine tools are among the updates to MTConnect Institute’s 1.6.0 version released last fall.  One unexpected but highly relevant term – humidity – is significant to AM processes and therefore included in the new version.

Two New PPE Headphone Designs


ISOtunes’ satisfies individual user preferences for hearing protection with its new LINK Bluetooth earmuff headphones and the EXTRA 2.0 earbuds that are water-, dust- and sweat-proof. Affordable and built with long-lasting battery life, both products are OSHA and NIOSH compliant.

CNC and Robotics Integration Simplifies Operations


The Quick and Simple Startup of Robotization (QSSR) from FANUC America enables FANUC CNCs to directly program robots through the G-code – special operator training in robotic programming language not required.

Cost-Efficient Material Storage and Retrieval Systems

Eurostorage U.S. licensee Athena Manufacturing manufactures custom storage-and-retrieval systems

Eurostorage U.S. licensee Athena Manufacturing manufactures customized storage-and-retrieval systems that enable one employee to pull out a heavy drawer of sheet metal and profiles. The elegant and ergonomic designs are low maintenance as well.

Digital Manufacturing Platform Adds Quality Services

Fictiv Digital Manufacturing Platform

Hardware product teams need not choose between speed and quality because Fictiv delivers both with the integration of new quality services into its digital thread. Customers who depend on precision parts in such industries as robotics, healthcare, aerospace, and automotive have the assurance of consistent manufacturing results at an unprecedented pace.

Scanning Kit for Ultrasound Examinations of Pipe Elbows

Zetec ElbowFlex

When used with any instrument in Zetec’s Topaz family, the ElbowFlex provides high-resolution C-scan images of corrosion and other damage. It saves significant inspection time compared to conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) and grid systems.

Gear-Cutting Shop Hops Hurdles With Tool-Holding Investments

HAIMER, Boulevard Machine & Gear

A woman-owned Massachusetts company solved its feed and speed struggles with conventional side-lock and collet holders by turning to HAIMER shrink fit products. Short projection length with the Ultra Short Power Shrink creates more rigidity, and the Power Mini helps operators handle hard-to-reach areas.

Easy-to-Operate Measuring Tables Virtually Eliminate Variability

Exact Metrology, Raytech Measuring Systems 3-axis measuring table

Exact Metrology is representing Raytech Measuring Systems, an Iowa designer and manufacturer of shop floor metrology solutions for measuring sheet metal, fabricated and machined parts, and cut-to-length bar stock. SPC software for quality tracking and reporting reduces operator-to-operator variation.

Optical Measuring Systems Anyone Can Configure

Optoquick or Optoflash optical testing systems from Marposs build efficiency into the measuring process and archive all measurements so they’re easily retrievable. Both technologies feature software updates in five and four models, respectively.

Single-Acting 5-Axis Vise for 6-Sided Machining

Schunk Kontec KSX-C2 5-axis vise

An active jaw pull-down function enables Schunk’s Kontec KSX-C2 vise for 5-axis machining centers to securely hold the smallest of parts for machining of a sixth side. Quick-change system enables exchange of a large number of system jaws within seconds without tools.

Excellent-Value Dual-Force Precision Vises

Palmgren #9625937 premium machine vise

Palmgren’s dual-force precision vises combine quality, high precision and a wide range of clamping capacities at an affordable price. They’re suitable for everything from high-volume production to prototyping.

An Electromagnetic Chuck for Virtually Any Application

Walker Magnetics rotary electromagnetic and electro-permanent chucks available from Industrial Magnetics Inc

An increasingly popular alternative to standard mechanical workholders, magnetic chucks lower setup time and provide access to all sides of a workpiece. They’re particularly helpful for holding circular workpieces during hard turning and free state grinding.

Jaws Firmly Grip but Don’t Damage Fragile Components

Dillon Manufacturing’s full-grip pin location jaws

Designed for MicroCentric, Northfield, and other precision workholding manufacturers’ air chucks, Dillon Manufacturing’s full-grip pin location jaws hold fragile components securely in place without marring their surface.

Allied Tool Academy Open for Registration

Allied Machine's Allied Tool Academy

With modules featuring the same in-depth tooling training as Allied Machine’s three-day, in-person training events, the company’s new online platform enables distributors and product end users to learn on their own schedules. Ten courses are available now, comprising product overviews, demos and short quizzes, with more content to follow.

Control System Upgrade Makes Faster Tube Manipulation A ‘Breeze’

Unison upgraded Unibend

Unison’s upgraded Unibend software creates speed improvements, reduced pause time between process movements, and other time-saving features for its Breeze tube bending machines. Customers bending significant quantities of tube ­– such as those in the automotive sector ­– stand to benefit the most.

Cleanroom-Ready Gripper for Demanding Applications

OnRobot's IP67-certified, collaborative 2FG7 parallel gripper

OnRobot’s IP67-certified, collaborative 2FG7 parallel gripper is the latest addition to OnRobot’s range of no-fuss, all-electric gripper products. Deployed within minutes, it’s designed to handle demanding payloads, even where space is tight.

Machine Cuts Through Titanium Like Butter

Installed at Aerodyn Engineering, Mitsui Seiki’s HW63TD BA

That’s what General Electric Global Research said about Blue Arc, an EDM-like process it developed to rough aircraft engine components out of huge blocks of difficult-to-cut alloys. Mitsui Seiki has sold the first commercially available CNC machine that incorporates the technology.

PC Software Maximizes Weld Flaw Detector’s Capabilities

Flexible and customizable WeldSight software for Olympus’ OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector saves time and effort. In addition to advanced screening capabilities, the program enables inspectors to quickly optimize multiple tools for analyzing complex geometries.

Compact Cladding Cell Accommodates Diameters Up To 3.25 Feet

Fronius Compact Cladding Cell

Fronius has taken a simple, compact solution for cladding applications on smaller parts and developed it for larger tasks. The all-in-one cell’s controls support two processes: TIG hot wire and a two-wire SpeedClad Twin process that’s three times faster.

Two Versatile Bandsaws

Wellsaw’s Model 1316S-EXT miter-head bandsaw

The EXT at the end of these two Wellsaw model numbers stands for “extra.” The  1316S-EXT swivel-head miter bandsaw provides extra-wide capacity, and the V20F-24 EXT vertical bandsaw provides extra-tall capacity.

48-Inch-Diameter Table Blast System

Viking Blast & Wash System

Although Viking Blast & Wash System is primarily a custom manufacturer, the company gets enough requests for a 48-inch table blaster that the one-wheel machine’s a standard offering. Add a second wheel to completely blast an intricate part or lower cycle time.

Hamann To Retire From Dynabrade

Hardy Hamann, Dynabrade Inc.

The maker of portable abrasive power tools for grinding, deburring, filing and sanding bids its president and CEO farewell on March 31.

Wider, Taller Crane System Adapts Where It’s Needed

Engineered Material Handling’s NOMAD XW, the latest in its modular, freestanding line of bridge cranes, assembles easily with bolts and most can be installed without footers, thanks to practical design details. Choose from options to suit 1- to 4-cell manufacturing systems, as well as optional travel speeds, and battery or rechargeable radio controller.

Lucifer Builds Custom Dual-Chamber Furnace

Lucifer Furnace, Red Devil

A Midwest company has put a new Red Devil unit into service to heat treat steel parts in-house. Cost effective and customized with safety features, the RD8-KHE18 furnace offers space-saving working dimensions of 12 x 14 x 18 inches in both chambers.

Fast, Powerful 5-Axis VMC Simplifies Program Simulations  

The VARIAXIS i-800 NEO from Mazak

The VARIAXIS i-800 NEO from Mazak features optional proprietary technology that optimizes processing and facilitates more accurate configuration of machine programs. Easy automation helps less experienced operators quickly build confidence to run complex parts.

Smart Visual Inspection Technology Meets Metrology Products

A new Mitutoyo-Kitov agreement will lead to the integration of Kitov technologies in Mituoyo’s metrology solutions. Look for future development of more solutions to come from the new partners as they combine Mitutoyo’s measurement technologies with Kitov’s planning and inspection technologies.

New AM Alloy Swings Open 3D Options for Turbines and More

EOS NickelAlloy IN939

EOS NickelAlloy IN939 from German 3D metals printer company, EOS, combines high-temperature strength – at over 1500 degrees F – with crack and corrosion resistance. Its potential ranges from industrial gas turbine and microturbine parts to turbochargers, power industry parts and other extreme-conditions applications.

Specialty Purging Prevents Oxidation in CMV Steel Welds

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT HotPurge

Available in many pipe sizes, HotPurge from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT is an inflatable, specialty system designed to address the inherent challenges of keeping mechanical properties intact. Through continuous purging, it can maintain oxygen levels below 100 ppm.

Bending Under Pressure – To Process Enormous Tubes

Schwarze-Robitec CNC 60 DB Twin booster bending machine

Schwarze-Robitec’s CNC 60 DB Twin booster bending machine steps up to the uncompromising specifications of a major Russian boiler manufacturer. Boilers need maximum surface area to ensure highest heat transfer – the machine handles the required narrow bending and tight tolerances.

The Ultimate CNC Tube Bending for Subcontractors

Unison 130 tube bender

Unison’s 130-mm diameter tube bender is a robust, multiradius and multistack machine with the benefit of additional component length to give buyers an edge in the subcontractor marketplace. Users are able to achieve right-first-time manufacturing for repeat subcontract work.

Change 3D Metal Printer’s Deposition Head While Printing, Coating

Chiron AM Cube

Chiron Group’s flexible additive manufacturing machine – the Chiron AM Cube ­– is designed with laser metal deposition technology to work efficiently in the mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, energy production, and aerospace sectors. Its three deposition heads can perform different functions on a single workpiece.

Report: Lead Times A Growing Concern, Metalformers Say

While a majority of manufacturers predict no change in economic activity in the coming three months, according to PMA’s February report, a shortage of metal supply is alarming, according to association’s president. Lead times for steel have more than tripled in five months.

Acquisition Expands AIMS Metrology’s Service Footprint

AIMS acquires Measurement Specialties Inc.

Now under AIMS ownership, Measurement Specialties Inc. has supported CMM brands including Sheffield – as retrofitting and upgrading business has increased over the last year, AIMS is now poised to broaden its customer service offerings.

Industrial Magnetics Inc. Acquires Walker Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics acquires Walker Magnetics

The acquisition marks expansion of Industrial Magnetics’ permanent, electromagnetic and electro-permanent magnetic technology and systems for industrial applications, the company says. Walker’s 125-year legacy carries considerable strength in the workholding segment.  

OPC Connectivity Solution Collects, Distributes Factory-Wide Data

GF Machining Solutions OPC UA

GF Machining Solutions has launched Version 1.0 of the Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) interface as a single connectivity solution for North American manufacturers. It will help reduce machine downtime, monitor performance across entire facilities, automate operations, and ensure manufacturing process compliance.

Tower System Provides Lights-Out CNC Machine Tending

Kasto’s Unitower CNC

Designed to automatically feed CNC machines, Kasto’s Unitower CNC is a smart material-handling system controlled by software that monitors production to optimize order handling and ensure necessary NC programs and tools are available.

Handheld Analyzer For Metal Alloy Analysis

, Rigaku Analytical Devices’ KT-100S

Smaller and lighter than other laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzers, Rigaku Analytical Devices’ KT-100S identifies difficult materials including low-alloy steels, stainless steels, high-temperature alloys and lithium.

Updated Software Expands Force Gage Versatility

Ametek’s Chatillon DF II Series digital force gage

Ametek’s Chatillon DFS II Series digital force gage with ForceTest 2.0 software gives the operator a highly flexible testing system while additional functionality. The operator also benefits from live test graphs and data analysis.

Multiconfiguration Welding Workholder

WAS100 single vise and WAV200 duo universal welding vises from Strong Hand Tools

Strong Hand Tools’ universal vises quickly and securely clamp stock of different thicknesses at multiple angles into place. They can be removed from the base and used separately.

Vise Kit Makes Automating Much Easier

Schunk’s Tandem PGS3-LH 100 vise

Schunk’s Tandem PGS3-LH 100 clamping force block for basic aluminum and plastics machining has an integrated flange and comes with a console plate for easy mounting to machining tables, dividing heads, and clamping stations.

Workholders Enhance Productivity for More Than CNC Machining

Mate Precision Technologies 52/96 zero-point product line

Comprising self-centering vises, quick-change bases and mounting accessories, Mate Precision Technologies’ 52/96 zero-point product line can be used for inspection, CMM, cleaning, washing, assembly, and additive manufacturing as well as on 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers.

Three Robot-Ready 5-Axis Vises

Kurt Workholding Precision Force (PF) MaxLock vises

Kurt Workholding replaces HP-model vises with Precision Force (PF) MaxLock vises featuring a patented locking mechanism that holds parts securely, keeps them square with excellent repeatability, and are affordable.

Redesigned Insert Clamp Improves Rigidity

Horn USA’s Supermini

The toolholder for Horn USA’s Supermini grooving and boring tools applies a tensioning wedge to the insert’s face rather than circumference, increasing rigidity and repeatability.

Manual Swing Clamps Provide the Best of Both Worlds

Destaco’s manually actuated swing clamp

Destaco combined the best features of pneumatic swing clamps and straight line action clamps to create a low-cost workholding option for fixture builders. The manually actuated swing clamps eliminate the need for air.

VERY Heavy-Duty Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)

Niigata’s 5-axis HN80E-5X horizontal machining center

Ideal for the demanding aircraft, automobile, power generator, mold-and-die, and semiconductor industries, Niigata’s 5-axis HN80E-5X horizontal machining center (HMC) produces 1.65-ton parts almost 50 inches in diameter and 40 inches high.

Machine and Turn 2-Ton Workpieces in A Single Setup

Doosan’s DHF 8000ST horizontal machining center

Doosan’s DHF 8000ST is a single-table version of the company’s DHF 8000 5-axis horizontal machining center (HMC) that incorporates a turning function so manufacturers can save time by moving from roughing to finishing with one setup.

CAMBRIO Appoints New Vice President

Nick Spurrett GibbsCAM

Nick Spurrett joins the senior leadership team as vice president of GibbsCAM. He’s a sales veteran with 25 years of manufacturing software and CAD/CAM experience.

End Formers for Aerospace, Tank, and HVAC Components

Kaast Machine Tools

Two models – the 2.5 and 4.0 – from Kaast Machine Tools ensure consistently accurate strength-promoting beads in materials up to 0.15-inch (4mm) thick. Available with mechanically (ZSM) or hydraulically (ZSH) driven upper rolls.

Two Electric Upcut Tube Saws

Innovative Engineered Solutions eRB80 TS and eRB150 TS electric upcut tube saws

Two standard models – the eRB80 TS and eRB150 TS – electric upcut tube saws from Innovative Engineered Solutions (iES) cut diameters up to 3.5 inches (90mm) and 5.9 inches (150mm), respectively.  

Automated Centerless Tube Grinder

Glebar’s TF-9DHD infeed/thrufeed centerless grinder

An automated version of Glebar’s TF-9BHD infeed/thrufeed centerless grinder, the TF-9D features the widest work wheel on the market. Customizable interface designed for automation and 8-5/8-inch-wide work wheel combine to increase throughput.

Cobot Simplifies and Improves Large-Pipe Welding

Novarc Technologies spool welding

Requiring just 4 square feet of shop floor space, Novarc Technologies’ spool welding robot (SWR) enables inexperienced welders working on pipe spools up to 30 feet long to monitor and adjust parameters to pipe variations in real time.

6-Axis Welding Cobots Provide Maximum Flexibility

Fanuc CR-7iA/L and CR-15iA arc welding

Fanuc adds 15- and 33-pound-payload welding cobots to the ARC Mate product line. The arc welding cobots’ easy-to-program interface supports both simple and complex applications using advanced features.

Bystronic Enters Automated Welding Market

Bystronic’s selling three Cloos Robotic Welding robotic welding cells

Bystronic is selling three robotic welding options – Micro Cell, Compact Cell and Compact System – in the U.S. They’re configured by the German manufacturer Cloos Robotic Welding, which handles installation, training, and service.

Three Cobots with Built-In Vision Systems

Accu Tech USA Techman Robot cobots

Delivering payloads ranging from 9 to 31 pounds and reach up to 4.25 feet, the TM5, TM12, and TM14 cobots from Techman Robot can “see” and automatically reposition objects using a smart user interface.

Three Updated Cobot Models Offer Greater Connectivity

Hanwha HCR Advanced cobots

The “A” in Hanwha’s HCR-3A, HCR-5A, and HCR-12A stands for “advanced.” Three cobot models improve on their predecessors by offering customizable solution packages that incorporate artificial intelligence and mobility technologies.

End-Effector Kits Increase Cobot Flexibility

ATI Industrial Automation end-effector kits

Do you own a Fanuc CRX cobot? Thinking of buying one? ATI Industrial Automation’s end-effector kits make the most of your investment by enabling applications including deburring, orbital sanding, tool changing, and force/torque sensing.

EXSYS Tool Becomes ‘EXSYS Automation’

EXSYS Automation PRECI-FLEX modular tooling

The company is moving to a wider focus on automation, as demonstrated by the introduction of Eppinger robotics, rotary tables and more. While continuing to offer the high-precision Eppinger tool holders and services it’s known for, EXSYS Automation says it will also roll out new Eppinger offerings designed to “revolutionize chip making.”

2020 Ends with Large Leap in U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders

According to the latest monthly report from AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, December orders increased nearly 40% over those in November. Pent up demand, depleted inventories, continued reshoring, several COVID vaccines, and a lot of cash on the sidelines are creating an environment for a good start to ’21.

Match Spindle Performance to Specific Machining Need

Mazak HCN-5000

Suitable for high-volume large, heavy part operations, Mazak’s HCN-5000 is a horizontal machining center that offers users the option of high-speed or high-torque integral motor spindle, so they can align proper speed and power for the job at hand.

Lincoln Expands Warranty

Lincoln Electric 5-year factory limited warranty for Advanced Welding Equipment

Lincoln Electric now offers a standard 5-year factory limited warranty for Advanced Welding Equipment. Covering Power Wave Advanced Process Welders, PIPEFAB Welding Systems, AutoDrive Robotic Wire Feeders and more, it’s the most extensive warranty in the industry, the company says.

Expedited Order Picking with Easy On-Off Access

Combilift's AME-OP order picker

Combilift’s Aisle Master Order Picker – the AME-OP – has all the functionality of the conventional model, but it’s designed with a low, single-step floor on both sides of the truck. Made for navigating narrow aisles, it’s available in weights from 3300 to 6000 lbs. and can reach as high as 39 feet.

Wayland Additive Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

Wayland Additive NeuBeam

The maker of NeuBeam says the certification objectively affirms the quality of their innovation in metal AM for production applications, as well as the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Videos Explain Welding Careers, In Digestible Segments

American Welding Society ARCademy

American Welding Society has introduced “AWS ARCademy,” a series designed to ‘make a positive impact on up-and-coming welders’ without overwhelming viewers with too much, too soon. New additions will continue to be added, giving students and other welding-wannabe’s a ‘crash course’ in welding basics.

Free Multimedia Kits Support Workforce Development

NIMS is partnering with e-learning platform developer Edge Factor to release ‘Experience’ toolkits to inspire students and equip those who influence them with videos and guide materials. In 2021, three themes will be released at no cost: “Women in Skilled Trades” (March through April), “Rock MFG DAY” (September through October) and “Apprenticeships” (November through December).

Dapra CEO Retiring March 1

Dapra Corp., Linda Pilvelis, Shawn Lawlor

Linda Pilvelis has served at Dapra Corp. for over 45 years, the last 17 as its CEO. Shawn Lawlor from Bartell Machinery Systems has been appointed as her successor.

FANUC America Launches Cobot E-Learning Website

FANUC CRX e-Learning

The site gives manufacturer employees a clear overview on setting up and programming a CRX collaborative robot. The online tutorials, as well as product and partner deep-dives, are available for free.     

Suhner Opens Tool Repair Center

Suhner service center in Georgia

The new North American service center has larger capacity, new equipment, better organization and more staff. It’s key focus is the repair of spindles, multiple spindle heads, slides and live tooling. 

100% Inspection on the Manufacturing Line

Olympus Vanta iX in-line X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer

Streamlining quality inspections just got easier with Olympus’ Vanta iX in-line XRF analyzer that automates material analysis and alloy ID. Metal fabricators get real-time process monitoring in their 24/7 operations.

ABB Launches Preventive Maintenance Service for Robots


For fleets or individual units, ABB’s condition-based service monitors functions like duty, speed, acceleration, and gearbox wear. Real-time data is used to predict potential failure, thereby reducing unplanned downtime.  

Compact Turning Center with Y-axis

Doosan Machine Tools’ Lynx 2600SY offers job shops a versatile solution for handling a wide range of projects. Its control is equipped with the Doosan EZ guide conversational programming feature but still retains the traditional G-code programming language.

Vacuum Cup for High Speed Applications 

Bilsing Automation’s PFG Series vacuum cups

Bilsing Automation’s PFG Series cups are suited for holding steel, aluminum or plastic parts. Their one-part body design parlay into less damage to metal sheets.

On-Demand Learning Center for CNC Programmers

ESPRIT Learning Center

ESPRIT debuts an online, self-paced, learn-anywhere series of e-courses that guide users through numerous machine models and part models to introduce users to different machining processes in ESPRIT.

James Kim Named CEO of Doosan Machine Tools America

Doosan Machine Tools America

With 18 years of director and vice president roles invested in the U.S. operations, Kim has served at Dooson for a total of 37 years. He’s known for establishing trust and building authentic relationships.

First Voice Assistant for Manufacturing Is Here

Athena by iTSpeeX

Athena, launched by iTSpeeX, LLC, interacts with machine tool operators and responds to over 500 human commands to help make them more independent and productive. A driving purpose behind building the technology: To help solve the skilled labor problem.

Universal Tool Balancing System

Zoller’s modular toolBalancer

Zoller’s modular toolBalancer optimizes high-speed cutting (HSC) by enabling individual adjustment of toolholders, grinding wheels, and rotors. Its measuring procedure is automatic.

Triple-Duty Monitoring System

Nordmann Tool Monitoring’s SEM-Modul-

Nordmann provides systems for tool monitoring and process control for all types of metal cutting operations. The SEM-Modul-e can be used to monitor tools, processes and machines.

Split-Second Response Enables Predictive Maintenance

The Artis GEMVM from Marposs

The Artis GEMVM from Marposs is a stand-alone spindle-monitoring module that aids in predictive maintenance. Runs on Windows machine control panels or Siemens Linux systems and integrates with Marposs’ Genior Modular monitoring system.

Easy-to-Use Tool Presetter With Large Measurement Range

Hoffmann Group’s Garant VG Basic

Capable of measuring 400 millimeters of travel on both axes, Hoffmann Group’s Garant VG Basic features an intuitive program that makes the cutting-tool presetter easy to set up and operate. Use it at the machine or a production island.

Compact Inverters Optimize Machining Performance

Heidenhain’s TNC 640 control

In addition to a wider screen that allows for a split view, Gen 3 drives for Heidenhain’s TNC 640 control system allow for jig grinding and trochoidal milling capabilities on smaller machine tools.

Broken-Tool Monitor Doesn’t React to Nuisance Faults

Allora International’s PCS-100

Allora International’s PCS-100 sensor kicks in only when a drill, tap, reamer, or end mill breaks, not when chips are accumulating; and ignores common tool-to-tool diameter differences. Speeds exceed 80 cycles/minute to keep up with the fastest machines.

Manufacturing Industry Invited to Take Reshoring Survey

AMT and the Reshoring Initiative will use the survey results to identify which processes, products and components face the most pressure from imports and which offer the biggest opportunities to reshore. Part of AMT’s “Rebuilding the Supply Chain” initiative, the survey is open to OEMs, job shops, technology suppliers and distributors through the end of February.

Shop Chair Eliminates Five Common Pain Points

Vyper Chair

The seat, backrest, and arms of the American-made Vyper Chair are adjustable. Additional features such as a footrest increase welder and fabricator comfort and productivity by correcting posture and reducing back strain.

Protect Workers When They Can’t Socially Distance

Interlocking Zoneworks EZ panels from Rite-Hite

Zoneworks EZ Employee Separation Barriers from Rite-Hite protect employees who can’t work more than 6 feet apart. Lightweight panels made of clear PVC are easily wiped down to further mitigate exposure to airborne viruses.

Dual-Purpose Device for Monitoring Skin Temperature

Palmer Wahl’s HSB50 Heat Spy calibrator

Palmer Wahl’s portable HSB50 Heat Spy can be used to verify the reading of hand-held infrared thermometers and thermal cameras and/or provide greater-accuracy measurements for thermal imaging temperature scanning systems.

Metal-Safe Sanitizer Aids Fight Against COVID-19

MicroCare Stereze surface cleaners

MicroCare’s Stereze products are formulated using a high-purity alcohol-based solution which is focused on high-performance cleaning. They’re safe to use on metal tools and machinery and stand up to rigorous scrubbing on rough surfaces.

Lighweight Exosuit Minimizes Risk of Back Injury

HeroWear Apex back-assist exosuit

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, back pain is the top work-related health problem. The Apex from HeroWear minimizes the potential for injury by making loads 50 pounds lighter when an employee lifts and bends.

Cheaters Make Deciphering Text Easier and Safer

Pyramex Safety’s Carhartt Braswell Readers

ANSI- and CSA-rated for high impact, Pyramex Safety’s Carhartt Braswell Readers are available in three magnification levels. Hard-wearing frame and lens are made from virtually shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

Gloves Protect Without Slowing Metalworkers Down

SmartCut BKCR2403 from Brass Knuckle Safety Products

The lightweight SmartCut BKCR2403 glove from Brass Knuckle Safety Products provides abrasion- and cut-resistance protection for employees performing metal assembly, fabrication, and manufacturing work requiring fine motor dexterity and tactile sensitivity.

Quick-Change Robotic Arm Gripper

Kurt Workholding RV36 Gripper

The RV36 Gripper from Kurt Workholding saves space and money while improving efficiency with quick-change, customizable jaws and custom accessories. Its double-acting piston allows for maximum clamping and un-clamping force.

ESPRIT CAM and Alma CAM Create Robot Additive DED Programming  

The partnership has resulted in a validated workflow that provides end users with dedicated additive toolpath planning and programming, as well as robot programming, simulation, verification, collision detection, and code generation. Engineers can also use the technology to achieve the above functions for subtractive finishing.

Heavy-duty Helmet Shields Against Welding Fumes, Particulates


ESAB’s Savage A40 PAPR has a two-stage replaceable filtration cartridge that meets NIOSH certification and removes 99.9 percent of airborne particles.  Providing comfort, performance and value, this helmet will be available at the end of January 2021.

Cool Factor Outside, High-Tech Welding Helmet Inside

Miller Electric Metal Matrix

Miller Electric’s Metal Matrix and Gear Box helmets have the graphical identity that resonate with welders while giving them the protection they need. The Digital Elite and Classic Series helmets have built-in technology that automatically activates for optimal optical safety.

Bernard and Tregaskiss Launch Joint Website

Bernard Tragakiss

The companies invite the industry to visit to find helpful customer service, technical support and welding distributors for personal assistance, along with answers to frequently asked questions about product manuals, replacement parts and product maintenance.

Enhance Cut Quality by Matching Beam Shape to Part

Mazak Optonics’ Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber S7

Mazak Optonics’ Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber S7 is a 7kW 2D flying optics fiber laser-cutting system with beam-shaping capability that enables operators to select beam size and shape according to material thickness.

New COO at Kitagawa Northtech

awn Luschei Kitagawa NorthTech

Shawn Luschei will be responsible for daily operations at the North American headquarters near Chicago. He’s been a sales professional with the company for many years and has deep workholding and tooling product experience.

Seamless Finishing Wheels for Fine-Tolerance Work

Shur-Brite finishing wheels from Superior Abrasives

Shur-Brite finishing wheels from Superior Abrasives produce a satin finish without the visible transition lines often caused by traditional flap brushes. Their seamless design ensures conformability by providing superior cushioning at low speeds.

Burnishing Tools for Virtually Any Production Need

Sugino’s Superoll burnishing tools

Sugino’s Superoll burnishing tools provide 0.1-to-0.8-micron finishing in one pass. They integrate into machining centers to improve productivity by eliminating secondary processes, such as grinding and honing, without removing additional material.

Reformulated Grinding Wheel Lasts Almost 50% Longer

Rex-Cut Abrasives’ reformulated Aluminator cotton fiber wheel

The entire working section of Rex-Cut Abrasives’ Aluminator grinding wheel can be used without sacrificing productivity or finish. Its cotton fiber breaks down to continually expose new grit, providing consistent metal removal for the wheel’s entire life.

Robotic Kit for Precise, Affordable Finishing

OnRobot’s random orbital sander

OnRobot’s random orbital sander is an out-of-the-box automated sanding and polishing solution that works with virtually any collaborative robot (cobot) brand. Brushless electric motor costs less than traditional pneumatically powered sanding systems.

Reusable Grinding Wheel

Norton Winter Aeon grinding wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives

The core of Norton Winter Aeon electroplated grinding wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives can be re-plated with new diamond or cBN grain in a continuous re-plating cycle for increased efficiency and long life.

Flap Discs Grind and Finish Aluminum In One Step

Lawson Products Blue-Kote soft-material flap disc

Lawson Products’ nonloading Blue-Kote flap disc incorporates aluminum oxide grain for excellent grinding and smooth, scratch-free finishing. The long-lasting disc reduces costs by saving process time and eliminating the need for product changeover.

Belt Grinder with Easy-to-Reposition Head

Kalamazoo Industries’ BG448 4-by-48-inch abrasive belt grinder

All an operator needs to change the grinding head on the BG448 from Kalamazoo Industries from vertical to horizontal (or any position between) is an Allen wrench. Insert wrench in holes on the contact wheel, loosen the socket head cap screws slightly, tilt head, and re-secure.

Defined Chamfering Deburrs Gear Teeth In Seconds

Horn USA carbide milling tool and data

To enable high-volume gear production, Horn USA will develop a carbide milling tool and machining program to produce defined chamfers based on material and gear tooth geometry. The service quickly pays for itself and doesn’t require special workholding.

Single-Piece Hub Design Lengthens Sanding Tool Life

Dynabrade’s random orbital sander pads

Dynabrade’s replacement pads fit the company’s Dynorbital Extreme and Dynorbital-Spirit random orbital sanders as well as most competitive brands. Co-branding and private label opportunities are available.

Material-Removal Kit for Demanding Robotic Applications

ATI Industrial Automation’s electric RCE-710

ATI Industrial Automation’s electric RCE-710 has built-in radial compliance with single-axis lockout to facilitate robot programming. Available as a complete end-effector package, the robust tool handles a wide range of material-removal tasks.

Machine Complex Contoured Parts In A Single Setup

Tsugami’s SS327-III-5AX

In addition to Swiss-style speed and accuracy, Tsugami’s SS327-III-5AX cuts contoured shapes using a servo-driven B-axis that turns the CNC lathe into a multitasking turning center that can drill, tap, and end mill any angle.

Multifunctional Deep-Hole Drilling System

Sunnen SHDD Series deep-hole drills

Designed around the BTA deep-hole drilling process in cylindrical parts, Sunnen’s heavy-duty SHDD Series performs similar processes including counterboring, pull boring, trepanning, bottom forming, and skiving/roller burnishing.

Deluxe Vertical-Turret Milling Machine

Palmgren vertical-turret milling machine

Palmgren offers a deluxe model of its vibration-free vertical-turret mill that provides the same quality and durability but with digital features including a two-axis readout.

High-Rigidity ATC-Type Multitasking Machine

Methods Machine Tools offers the Nakamura-Tome JX-250

Featuring a large machining area envelope and short tool spindle, the highly efficient Nakamura-Tome JX-250 mill/turn machining center from Methods Machine Tools allows maximum part length and performs left and right simultaneous machining.

Dual-Spindle Milling Machine

Kent Industrial KTM-VH500EVS

Like the company’s other combination mills, Kent Industrial’s KTM-VH500EVS enhances efficiency by enabling operators to perform horizontal and vertical milling with the same machine. Operators can make heavier, deeper cuts without extra setup time.

Plug-N-Play Rack Holds Six Welding Machines

Trystar Welding Rack

Featuring an all-aluminum power distribution panel, lift eyes, fork pockets, and heavy-duty casters, Trystar’s 9 kVA weld rack provides an integrated and portable solution for welding applications.

Configure the Ultimate Welding Cell

PioneerIWS welding cell

Mix and match Flexturs welding tables, Gridlok mount systems, and fixture accessories as needed to increase efficiency by eliminating costly and time-consuming jigs. The wheeled workstations are quickly and easily reconfigured and relocated as needed.

Programmable Heavy-Duty Welding Positioner

Pemamek PEMA Skymaster PRO

Pemamek’s PEMA Skymaster PRO welding positioner enables the operator to preprogram work cycles and handling positions for workpieces weighing up to 39 tons. The control dashboard is managed via any Wi-Fi device.

High-Speed Fastener Welding System

CenterLine SoftMount

CenterLine introduces two SoftMount inverted-nut gun configurations for a high-speed fastener welding system that streamlines the process from operator load to finished part, providing higher throughput than standard welding solutions.

Combination Torch and Cutting System Keeps Operators Safe

ESAB’s Victor brand introduces the Medalist Classic Outfit for oxy-fuel cutting and welding. Its handle is time-tested for safety, and its G350 regulator lets operators use more gas in the cylinder without sacrificing cutting or welding performance.

Fully-Enclosed Automated Cutting System

ESAB AutoRex

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products offers maximum safety and high productivity with its AutoRex system – essentially a cutting system inside its own confined cabin. A shuttle table with dual pallets keeps a new plate always ready for exchange and cutting.

Plasma Table Starts at $14,000 to $17,000

Tormach 1300PL

The 1300PL has become the most-used machine at Tormach’s facility. The 65-amp plasma cutter cuts 4-foot-by-4-foot sheets of metal up to 1 inch thick and holds up to 750 pounds, and comes with or without a torch.

Waterjet Cutter Produces Virtually No Taper

Omax Maxiem 1530

With a cutting area of 10 feet by 5 feet, 2 inches and a multiaxis cutting head that automatically removes the taper, Omax’s Maxiem 1530 produces clean, precise cuts in common sheet metal plate sizes with room to spare. The waterjet system includes pump and software.

A Healthy Antidote to Fiber Laser Dust and Fumes

RoboVent Senturion

Fiber lasers provide excellent cutting power and speed, but also produce high volumes of very fine particulate that can quickly overwhelm traditional dust collectors. RoboVent’s plug-and-play Senturion is designed specifically for fiber laser cutting.

One Compact Fiber Laser Performs Four Processes

Prima Power Laserdyne, Laserdyne 811

Prima Power Laserdyne replaces the Laserdyne 780 with the Laserdyne 811, a high-speed fiber laser for cutting, drilling, DED additive manufacturing, and 2D and 3D welding. Extremely compact rotary and tilt axes laser head comes with two-year, unlimited-hour warranty.

Fiber Laser for Extra-Large-Format Beveling and Cutting

LVD Strippit Taurus FL fiber laser cutter

The bed on LVD Strippit’s gantry-style Taurus FL can be expanded in 6.5-foot increments from 39 feet to 131 feet for extra-large sheet metal cutting. Large parts can be cut without repositioning and higher volumes of smaller workpieces can be processed without interruption.

Small but Mighty (and Affordable) CNC Waterjet Cutter

Koike Aronson Ransome’s ShopJet

Available in three models featuring 4-by-4, 4-by-8, and 5-by-10-foot cutting areas, Koike Aronson Ransome’s ShopJet can be shipped on a standard 8-foot truck to fit into any size shop. Get 2,200 pounds of free abrasive with every machine order.

CNC Plasma Plate and Pipe Cutter

Kaast Plasmasonic

The semi-automatic control system on Kaast’s Plasmasonic switches quickly   between plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. Add a pipe cutter or bevel cutter for welding preparation to configure an all-in-one machine that cuts metal sheets and pipes, chamfers, marks, and perforates.

Extreme Bevel Consumables for Versatile Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 LongLife plasma cutter

Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 operates with air, oxygen, or nitrogen plasma gas, combining fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity. LongLife technology significantly increases consumable life to lower cost per part.

GMTA Offers Stiefelmayer Lasers In North America

Stiefelmayer laser cutters

German Machine Tools of America (GMTA) buttresses its line of machines for U.S. power train manufacturing by representing  Stiefelmayer GmbH fiber and diode laser machines for cutting and hardening. The machines are particularly well-suited for the thin components required for electric vehicles.

High-Speed, High-Power Fiber Laser Available in U.S.

Power-Tech Eagle, Fairmont Machinery

Seattle-based Fairmont Machinery is importing, distributing, and servicing Power-Tech’s Eagle laser cutting systems. The Polish machine tool builder’s products are available with 6, 12, 15, and 20kW of power.

Large-Gantry Dual-Technology Cutting System

ESAB’s Hydrocut HDX

ESAB’s Hydrocut HDX combines waterjet’s precision with plasma’s speed in a work area that’s 18 feet wide and 56 feet long. Combining technologies cuts per-part cost in half and enhances workplace safety by reducing handling needs.

GF Machining Solutions to Begin Sales Model Shift

The company is going to begin directly supporting manufacturers in 12 states that have been previously handled by Ellison Technologies. A phased approach will ensure seamless transition for customers.

Sigma Labs, DMG MORI Announce Worldwide Agreement

DMG MORI, Sigma Labs

The cooperation agreement featuring Sigma Lab’s PrintRite3D will provide DMG MORI customers with a quality assurance solution for LASERTEC SLM Machines. The companies’ first joint customer is IN4.OS.

Vortex Fab Rebrands As Spectrum Metalcraft

As the new sales manager, Vortex sales veteran Dan Jones will lead the sales efforts of the newly branded Spectrum Metal Craft, a full production metal fabrication shop in Kansas. 

MC Machinery Launches Website Redesign

New features enhance visitors’ ability to choose products, find a sales rep, and order parts and service. A new members-only area offers technical support, a parts library, equipment manuals, machine schematics, and more.

CERATIZIT Wins Innovation Award


Luxembourg company is recognized for the additive manufacturing of carbide parts, providing solution for small volumes and high component complexity.

SME Announces Robert Willig As New CEO

Bob Willig, SME

The 30-year manufacturing veteran takes the association’s helm Jan. 1. Willig has held multiple leadership positions for global divisions within major manufacturing companies, most recently at Stoneridge Inc. where he was president of the Control Devices Division.

FDA Awards Funds for Smart Medical Manufacturing Project

MxD receives funding through the FDA Office of Counterterrorism and Emerging Threats to identify benefits and barriers to adoption of smart manufacturing technology in medical product manufacturing. Participation from medical manufacturing industry is urged by Dec. 18.

3D Printer Processes Wider Range of Metal Materials

Wayland Additive’s NeuBeam powder bed fusion

Unlike electron beam and laser powder bed fusion (PBF), Wayland Additive’s Calibur 3 uses NeuBeam technology, which focuses heat on the part instead of the process bed. As a result, the machine is able to process refractory metals and highly reflective alloys.

Economical 3D Printer for Medical and Dental Devices

Trump’s TruPrint 2000

Featuring two 300-watt lasers, melt pool and process monitoring, and end-to-end documentation that corroborates quality, Trumpf’s TruPrint 2000 requires fewer add-ons, making the entry-level investment lower for companies that want to get into additive manufacturing.

Selective Laser Melting Systems for Any Size Shop

SLM Solutions’ SLM 280 2.

With a build envelope of 11 by 11 by 14 inches, SLM Solutions’ SLM 280 2.0 is ideal for medium-to-high-volume additive manufacturing. With its build envelope of almost 2 square feet, the 12-laser NXG XII is designed for peak production.

Quality Mass Production with Metal Binder Jetting IS Possible

Hexagon’s Simufact Additive

Hexagon’s Simufact Additive powerful and scalable process simulation environment for first-time-right optimization of metal binder jetting (MBJ) predicts and automatically corrects for final distortion and residual stresses of 3D-printed parts.

Software Add-On Saves Time and Improves Consistency

DP Technology Esprit

DP Technology’s Esprit Additive for Powder Bed is compatible with any file supported by SolidWorks. The add-on application streamlines production by eliminating the need to repeatedly define manufacturing information.

Simulation Software Takes Guesswork Out of 3D Metal Printing

Desktop Metal’s Live Sinter process simulation

Live Sinter enables inexperienced 3D-printer operators to consistently produce accurate parts using Desktop Metal’s Shop System and Production System machines. The software automatically overcorrects for the shrinkage and distortion inherent in sintering.

Multiaxis Calibrator With Unlimited Measurement Range

Renishaw Carto software

Long-range measurement functionality in Carto 4.2 operating software enables Renishaw’s XM-60 multiaxis calibrator to capture and analyze data from a linear axis regardless of how long it is. The program also facilitates Heidenhain linear compensation.

Versatile and Virtually Seamless Dual-Measurement System

All Mitutoyo America FormTracer Avant models can be retrofitted with detectors that convert a contour measuring unit or surface roughness tester to a high-precision system that measures both attributes without closing down the software or switching off the controller.

Take Metals Analysis on the Road

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science adds SpArcfire operating software to its mobile optical emission spectrometer (OES) analyzer product line. The intuitive interface makes metals analysis easy, eliminating the need for extensive training or highly experienced operators.

Software Offers More Opportunities to Automate Quality Assurance

High QA’s Inspection Manager (IM) Version 5.1

In addition to eliminating paperwork, High QA’s Inspection Manager (IM) Version 5.1 further streamlines collaboration and compliance on the shop floor. Upgrades speed the process of collecting and managing data, from planning through reporting, by five to 10 times.

Easy-to-Use Arm-Mounted Laser Scanner

Hexagon’s RS6 laser scanner

Exact Metrology offers the RS6 laser scanner, which collects data at full speed regardless of part geometry, for use with the Absolute Arm cobot. The scanner is easily removed from the arm while probing and can be remounted in seconds with no time-wasting recalibration.

Fully Automated Tool Presetting Slashes Machining Setup Times

Microset tool presetting machines from Haimer USA 

For shops that use shrink fit holders, duplicate assemblies or multispindle machines, Haimer’s VIO linear toolshrink provides fully automated presetting with incorporated shrink fit technology for precise length adjustment on the μm scale that can reduce setup times up to 70%.

Increase Productivity When Machining Heat-Resistant Super Alloys

Seco Tools Secomax CW100 ceramic inserts

Unpredictable tool life and slow rough-machining speeds hinder heat-resistant super alloy (HRSA) component productivity. New Secomax CW100 silicon carbide whisker-reinforced ceramic insert formats and geometries successfully tackle materials such as Inconel 718 and Hastelloy.

12,000 Round Solid Carbide Tools

Mastercam CAD/CAM Kyocera SGS Precision Tools libraries

CNC Software partners with Kyocera SGS Precision Tools to add 10 tool libraries to Mastercam CAD/CAM software. Products include ferrous and non-ferrous cutting tools ranging from end mills, routers, micro tools, and drills to reamers and countersinks. 

Face Mill for Multiple Cast Iron Applications

Kennametal’s KCFM 45 face mill

Kennametal’s KCFM 45 is a flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly face mill for gray cast iron, CGI applications, semi-finishing and fine-finishing operations on any type of CNC machining center. Produces surface finishes of 0.8µm Ra (32 µin.) or better, and waviness lower than 10µm Wt (400 µin.).

Deep Hole Drill Optimized for Machining Steel

Hoffmann Group’s Garant Master Steel Deep

Hoffmann Group’s Garant Master Steel Deep for deep hole drilling improves process reliability at higher cutting speeds. A design that reduces cutting forces and drill guidance that reduces vibration greatly improves hole quality in various machining applications.

All-in-One Tool Cuts Machining Time by 25%

Ceratizit’s FreeTurn

Ceratizit’s FreeTurn tools enhance milling machine productivity by combining multiple-propertied inserts with variable approach angles. The spindle rotates the cutting surface 360 degrees to perform roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing, and longitudinal turning with one tool.

Time-Saving Dual-Purpose Milling Cutter

Big Kaiser’s Noventa

Big Kaiser’s Noventa from Sphinx is ideal for 90-degree front and back chamfering, and deburring holes up to 4xD. The milling cutter’s design also delivers a surface that feels like a finished product that’s safe to handle.

Coupling Bolts For Live Tooling on Mazak Lathes

JMPP coupling bolts

Based in Ohio, JM Performance Products offers a Made-in-the-USA alternative to imported coupling bolts for Mazak lathes using live tooling. The bolts meet all Mazak specifications and are made from 9310H alloy steel.

Multispindle Automatic Lathe

Index Corp.’s MS32-6 automatic lathe

The latest iteration of Index Corp.’s 6-axis MS32-6 automatic lathe is even more flexible. Twelve tool slides and patented toolholder locating system speed setups for off-center drilling, threading, contouring, hobbing, and polygonal turning as well as grooving and drilling.

5-Axis Universal Machining Center

Haas Automation UMC-1600-H

Haas Automation’s UMC-1600-H provides the 50-taper cutting, heavy-duty rotary axes, and large work envelope required to machine large parts for customers in the oil-and-gas, alternative energy, and other heavy industries.

Artificial Intelligence Strengthens Software’s Impact

DP Technology’s Esprit CAM software

Patent-pending artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities enable DP Technology’s Esprit CAM program to create optimized, edit-free G-code for multiple machine types and setups. The result is highly efficient manufacturing that doesn’t sacrifice safety for speed.

Combilift and Author Join Forces on New Kids’ Book

Award-winning Combilift and award-winning author, Emer Conlon, have produced a children’s storybook that features forklift heroes and teaches important values. The ‘combi-nation’ has the added benefit of educating young kids and their parents about the company’s equipment and the material handling industry.

Handling Robot for Hazardous Environments

Yaskawa Motoman’s MHP45L handling robot

Yaskawa Motoman’s explosion-proof MHP45L handling robot easily moves 100-pound workpieces without interfering with peripheral equipment in a booth, streamlining automated paint line layouts by eliminating the need for dedicated part transfer.

Robot-Based Press-Automation Solution

B Robotics’ IRB 760PT

ABB Robotics’ IRB 760PT is the basis of two configurations – the FX and the TRX – that optimize speed and minimize die interference in press-tending applications. The robot provides a flexible automation solution that’s easily repurposed to handle changing requirements.

Electric Rolling Device on Tube End Forming Machine

The addition of a CNC electric rolling device on BLM Group’s E-Form machine offers repeatability in part production. With punches reaching up to 10 tons of force, E-FORM molds tubes of various materials up to 30 mm in diameter.

New Prototyping Abilities at Cass Precision Machining

The new Cass Rapid Proto-Machining (C-RPM) is a service aimed at quickly providing customers with all phases of the prototyping process. The wide range of materials handled includes includes alloys, carbon, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and bronze.

First Accredited Cobot Certifications for Schools, Industry

Universal Robots Accredited Collaborative Robot Certifications

Universal Robots becomes the first collaborative robot manufacturer accredited to issue Continuing Education Units. The accreditation enables the cobot maker to provide a comprehensive collaborative robot curriculum for students and industry professionals as part of the Universal Robots Education Program package.

App Helps Avoid Welding Failures in the Field

Lincoln Electric’s NEXTime app

Lincoln Electric’s NEXTime preventative maintenance app for Ranger welder/generators monitors critical functions to ensure field workers are working instead of troubleshooting productivity-sapping machine-operation issues.

Weld Purging with Preheat

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s HotPurge

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s HotPurge minimizes the potential for cracking when welding the high-strength steel pipes used in power generation projects. The inflatable purging system is reusable.

Four Tools for Even Better Robotic Welding

Fronius WireSense

Fronius increases seam quality without slowing cycle time with robotic assistance systems by making the wire electrode a sensor as well as filler metal. This eliminates the time and expense of maintaining sensor hardware and doesn’t restrict component accessibility.

Will These Two Materials Safely Join?

Coldwater Machine’s free “Will it Meld” calculator enables manufacturers to easily determine if two dissimilar materials can be joined using the company’s SpinMeld rotary friction welding systems.

Revolutionary Handheld Laser Welding System for Fabricators


IPG Photonics launches simple, flexible LightWELD, which welding novices can use within a few hours. Experienced MIG and TIG welders benefit from rapid processing capabilities to weld thick, thin and reflective metals with minimal distortion.

UK Company Tests Autonomous Factory

CloudNC partners with DMG MORI to develop AI-driven manufacturing technology toward goal of ‘perfect parts delivered in any quantity in a matter of days, on-time and to-spec every time, at half of today’s price.’

Clamp Virtually Any Workpiece Geometry

SMW Autoblok’s Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck

SMW Autoblok’s versatile four-in-one Centco4 2+2 self-centering and compensating chuck minimizes downtime by reducing changeouts and minimizes waste by reducing part deformation.

Five Tools From Big Kaiser

BIG KAISER EWA automatic-adjustment fine boring system

The producer of high-precision tooling solutions introduces a drill for low cutting speeds, dual-purpose milling cutter, jet-through hydraulic chuck line for 5-axis machining, and new EWA fine boring heads and EWE digital boring heads.

Virtual Trade Show to Unveil Latest Mitutoyo Technologies

Titan Gilroy, Titans of CNC, Mitutoyo keynote

On Oct. 20-23, Mitutoyo America Corp., together with some of its U.S. Solution Centers, will combine live demos, education and interactive tools to engage customers and distributors. Titan Gilroy, CEO of the industrial and corporate education platform, Titans of CNC, kicks off the event.

U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders in August Dip 11.5% from July

AMT, U.S. Manufacturing Technology Orders

According to the latest reporting from the Association For Manufacturing Technology, U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $297.8 million in August 2020, a 21.7% decrease year over year. However, between spring and fall 2020, the average value of units increased about $30,000.

Online New-Product Source

Wintriss SmartPAC PRO

Wintriss Controls Group creates a new-product resource to share press automation and controller updates and OEE software demonstrations the company would have featured at this year’s FABTECH trade show.

Company Improves Line of Tube Processing Machines

transfluid’s K series

Transfluid’s K series machines are robust and easier to operate, thanks to control changes that require minimal operator input and different options for sharing bending data. Reliability and durability are the priority.

Free Data Exchange Format Facilitates Creating a Digital Thread

With ODB++Process, Siemens expands its ODB++ data exchange format to that include process engineering as well as design and manufacturing. The ability to create an end-to-end digital thread produces a comprehensive digital twin that accelerates new product introductions and first-time-right manufacturing.

High-Speed Robots for Small-Part Processing

Yaskawa Motoman’s SG400 SCARA robot

Available in two compact models, Yaskawa Motoman’s horizontally articulated SG-Series SCARA robots are highly repeatable and offer a wide variety of fieldbus connectivity options. They easily integrate with existing robotic automation and are easily redeployed.

Software Simplifies Part-Cutting Programming and Quality

NUM’s Flexium+ CNC platform

NUM’s NUMcut for CNC water jet, laser, and plasma beam cutting machines increases efficiency by incorporating CAD/CAM postprocessor computing resources. Real-time analytical functions for water jets improve quality by automating cutting speed and path.

Updated CAD/CAM, CNC/MTB Software Component Platform

ModuleWorks 2020.08

ModuleWorks’ 2020.08 CAD/CAM software includes performance- and quality- enhancing features for rotary machining, additive manufacturing, 3-axis machining, simulation, and the ModuleWorks multiaxis post processor (MultiXPost).

Software Automates CAD Import for Sheet Metal Nesting

Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) software

Jetcam’s Jetcam Orders Controller (JOC) PA simplifies order creation for single components or component assemblies stored in the company’s Expert CADCAM system. Version 3.57 brings further automation to nesting and NC code generation.  

Cutting Software Supports More File Types and Robots

Hypertherm’s Robotmaster

Hypertherm’s Robotmaster Version 7.3 software further streamlines offline programming by adding support for more CAD file types, additive manufacturing simulation, and post-processor enhancements for robot brands including ABB, Fanuc, and Kuka.

Compact Multitasking Machine Inexpensively Automates Processes

HGG’s UPC 450 universal profiler

HGG Profiling Equipment’s UPC 450 increases prefabrication productivity by eliminating the need to cut profiles and spools by hand. The universal profiler combines stiffener cutting and 3D profile cutting with optional tube cutting in the first affordably priced machine of its kind.

550-Degree Industrial Oven

Grieve’s 550-degree truck loading oven

Designed for drying, preheating, or any other application where a dependable source of heated air is required, Grieve’s 550-degree truck loading oven features temperature controllers with heat-sensing technology and built-in floor-level guide tracks that make truck loading easy.

A Hydraulic Press Solution for Virtually Any Need

Greenerd Press & Machine provides customized hydraulic presses that are flexible, productive, and reliable. As a Fanuc America system integrator, the company also configures turnkey robotic product-handling solutions.

Manual Cold Saw for Low-Volume Jobs

Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s C370 manual cold saw

Its rack-and-pinion design gives Kalamazoo Machine Tool’s C370 cold saw the ability to effortlessly saw through heavy pieces without vibration. Ideal for applications that don’t require semiautomatic or automatic operation.

Free Load Calculator App for Press Brakes

Cincinnati Inc. load calculator app

Compatible with all press brake makes and models, Cincinnati Inc.’s CI Load Calc enables operators to figure out the tonnage required to air-bend a piece of metal. The easy-to-use app provides results in both imperial or metric measurement units.

Laser Marking Machine Enlarged to Process Larger Parts

Amada Miyachi America WL-300A laser workstation

Amada Miyachi America’s WL-300A laser workstation is a larger version of the company’s LMWS laser marker workstation. Add an optional motorized rotary axis to configure a hybrid machine that marks and welds cylindrical parts.

HGG Keeps Growing

Undaunted by Covid, manufacturer of profile cutting machines adds a new Houston facility plus several new hires.

Mazak Optonics Expands North American Headquarters

Mazak Elgin

By next spring, the company will have more than 20,000 additional square feet from which to serve customers and further its research and development in advanced laser-cutting and automation system solutions.

Global Gundrilling OEM Celebrates 40 Years of Growth

Kays Engineering

Kays Engineering Inc., which makes the DeHoff, Eldorado, and TechniDrill brands of gundrilling machines, has grown from small welding and repair shop to a 60-employee leader serving customers in 30 countries across five continents.

Optimized Multimaterial Drill

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroDrill 860-GM

Sandvik Coromant’s CoroDrill 860 – with GM geometry – drills a greater range of materials and applications and lasts much longer than its predecessor, the R840. Suitable for the automotive, general machinery, and oil-and-gas industries, where hole quality is critical.

Compare Tooling Options With or Without the Internet

Seco Assistant app

The Seco Assistant app by Seco Tools features a machining calculator that provides turning, milling, and hole making data, including feeds, speeds, and material-removal rates, for any brand to help you identify the appropriate tooling option and cutting strategy for a job.

High-Speed Marking and Cleaning Tools

AMF marking tools from Platinum Tooling Technologies

Andreas Maier AMF marking and cleaning tools are available from Platinum Tooling Technologies. Both are mounted directly onto the machine’s spindle and can function with or without rotation.

Tool-Grinding Software With Form Compensation Feature

NUM’s NUMROTO tool grinding software

NUM launches form compensation option for Numroto tool grinding software. Compared to most competitive products on the market, the software provides a much more direct and efficient path between tool design, manufacture, and verification. NUM’s new form compensation option is compatible with Numroto version 4.1.2 or later.

Enhance Safety By Eliminating Workarounds 

Bluco modular component kits

Reaching tough weldments on a homemade fixture can force welders to climb ladders, crawl around on the floor, manually move heavy parts, or engineer other risky access solutions. Bluco’s modular fixturing provides the flexibility they need to safely solve difficult welding challenges.

Reverse Engineering for Dummies

Verisurf 2020 software

The only end-to-end inspection software dedicated to model-based definition (MBD) and built on a CAD/CAM platform, Verisurf 2020 enhances reverse engineering with a surface modeling option and other practical features.

Next-Generation Hand-Held Electronic Micrometers

L.S. Starrett’s new line of electronic digital micrometers

The 733.1 outside micrometer is one of more than 100 new hand-held measuring tools from L.S. Starrett. The products feature enhanced electronics, ergonomic design, larger readout display, and longer battery life thanks to auto-shutoff.

Designing Inspection Fixturing is Virtually Foolproof

The latest version of Renishaw’s 3D fixture-modelling software creates a metrology setup around a CAD model of an inspected part. With FixtureBuilder 8.0, users don’t need a coordinate measuring machine or other inspection device to confirm accuracy.

System Simplifies Robotic Mobile Quality Inspection

OnRobot Eyes vision system

OnRobot’s updated Eyes robot vision system sorts, inspects, and picks-and-places parts using color and contour – what the company calls one-shot detection – instead of workpiece teaching, greatly reducing cycle times and easing the programming process.

Hardness Tester Supports Two Measurement Protocols

Mitutoyo America’s HR-600 hardness tester

Mitutoyo America’s HR-600 does both Rockwell hardness testing and Light Force Brinell testing, expanding the range of available measurements. It’s the company’s first hardness tester with a moving head.  

One Display Serves as User Interface for Two Monitoring Tasks

Marposs IPC4 compact operator panel

The 4.3-inch IPC4 operator panel for Marposs’ Artis Genior monitoring systems is preconfigured with visualization software to serve as a user interface for the Artis GEMCMS02 for collision detection or the Gemtmuro for monitoring toolholder runout.

Pocket-Sized But Powerful Mobile Surface Measurement System

MarSurf M 310 from Mahr

Mahr’s portable MarSurf M 310 offers features that were previously available only in PC-based systems. Features including automatic creation of measuring reports in PDF format, integration of a barcode or data matrix scanner, and printing reports to letter size paper are all standard.

Advanced Tube Measurement at an Affordable Price

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s TubeShaper v2 software

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s TubeShaper v2 software is available via an offline license that enables engineers and designers to work on projects separately from operators measuring tubes on the shop floor. More tasks can run concurrently, saving time and averting bottlenecks.

Off-The-Shelf Solution for Noncircular Grinding

NUM Flexium+ CNC software

NUM enhances its Flexium+ CNC software by adding noncircular grinding functionality to NUMgrind. A graphical interface backed by a comprehensive library of predefined shapes simplifies production of camshafts, punches, cams, eccentric shafts, etc.

Platform Leverages High-Frequency Data to Avert Failures

MachineMetrics HF data adapter

MachineMetrics HF collects data at 1 kHz directly from a CNC machine’s controls without using sensors. The data can immediately be used as inputs to time-series or machine learning models to predict machine and tooling failures.

Multifunctional Machine Tool Platform

Bourn & Koch’s MT3 grinder

Bourn & Koch’s MT3 increases productivity and quality. The one-and-done machine can perform grinding, milling, turning, and drilling/tapping machining operations on a workpiece in one setup.

BobCAD-CAM Updates Software Program

BobCAD-CAM’s CAD/CAM software Version 33,

BobCAD-CAM V33 offers more functionality than ever before. This version has 36 upgrades and enhancements affecting general CAD; BobART; general, mill, and lathe CAM; and simulation.

How Does Your Company’s Compensation Package Stack Up?


FMA has released a report that details salaries and benefits for practically every position in a fabricating or manufacturing company, from CEO to janitor and everything in between. The survey results also provide insight into several HR policies and procedures.

Multipurpose Welding Machine

Weldcote’s MIG 200 Striker

Designed for MIG, TIG and stick welding, Weldcote’s MIG 200 Striker multipurpose unit increases efficiency via a power factor corrector and digital readouts that automatically adjust operation to the power grid’s voltage.

Endlessly Reconfigurable Welding Table

Strong Hand Tools’ PRO28 modular fixturing system

The 28-mm PRO28 modular fixturing system from Strong Hand Tools is the only heavy-duty metric table with individual, positionable plates for unlimited vertical and horizontal welding possibilities.

Simplified Longitudinal Seam Weld Inspection

AxSEAM from Olympus Corp.

Simple and efficient enough to be used by one operator, the AxSEAM semiautomated scanner for longitudinal seam weld inspection minimizes the number of adjustments required to change pipe diameters, probe separation, or scan orientation.

Wireless Interface Control for Engine Drives

Miller Electric Mfg Wireless Interface Control for Trailblazer and Big Blue welder/generators

Miller Electric’s Trailblazer and Big Blue welder/generators are available with Wireless Interface Control. The option gives operators the power to control the units remotely from the palm of their hands.

Welder/Generator Powers Multiple Tools

Lincoln Electric’s Ranger 260MPX

Delivering 9.5 kW of consistent current via its AC generator, Lincoln Electric’s Ranger 260MPX welder/generator reliably powers auxiliary tools and equipment including sensitive electronics like laptops.

Portable Cutting and Welding Machine

Koike Aronson IK-12 NEXT

Koike Aronson’s multifunctional IK-12 NEXT is capable of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting as well as general welding and pendulum weave welding. Even inexperienced operators can achieve consistent high-quality results.

Manage Welding Operations From Your Home Office

Fronius WeldCube Premium

Multiple workers and Fronius equipment can be monitored singly and in the aggregate when networked with the company’s WeldCube Premium software. The program provides easily accessible data documentation and analysis via a central database.

Weldable Corrosion Inhibitor

Daubert Cromwell's Nox-Rust 5400 volatile corrosion inhibitor 

According to testing by a heavy equipment manufacturer, Daubert Cromwell’s ready-to-use Nox-Rust 5400 rust-prevention coating doesn’t compromise weld quality or contribute to hydrogen-induced cracking.

Two AC Inverter Welding Power Supplies

Amada Weld Tech’s MIB-300A and MIB-600A power sources

Inverter technology with pulse-width modulation (PWM) enables Amada Weld Tech’s MIB-300A and MIB-600A power sources to provide better control than  standard AC welders.

Contactless Handling of Small Parts in Clean Rooms

ZS-Handling MicroLevi gripper

Conventional handling systems often cause contamination or surface damage. ZS-Handling’s system featuring the MicroLevi gripper avoids both problems by using negative pressure and a patented ultrasound bearing.

4-Axis Palletizing Robot Moves Half a Ton

Yaskawa Motoman’s PL500

Gotta move heavy stuff fast? Yaskawa Motoman’s powerful PL500 robot efficiently enables a variety of palletizing applications, order picking and other logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution automation. Payload: 1,102 pounds (500 kg).

Scrap Metal Solutions for Small Spaces

Wisconsin Metal Parts’ customizable Mini-Hopper

Save time and simplify scrap separation with Wisconsin Metal Parts’ customizable Mini-Hopper. Developed in-house for its own use, the company’s product is safer and more convenient than using the industry-standard garbage can.

Safe, Ergonomic Unpacking Of Sheet Metal Stacks

Kasto’s plate handler

KASTO’s plate handler significantly reduces the amount of manual labor involved in unpacking and storing heavy plates. The machine also provides processors of sheet metal an attractive way to automate storage of heavy sheet metal stacks.

High-Speed Robotic Machine Loading Cell

Acieta’s FastLOAD DR2000 robotic cell

Now is a challenging time for companies to recover fast and get production back up to speed to stay competitive. Pre-engineered for delivery in just eight weeks, Acieta’s FastLOAD DR2000 pays for itself in 24 or fewer months.

Factory Robots Hit Record 2.7 Million Globally

New installations have been down in the U.S., Europe, and China, due to slowdowns in automotive and electrical/electronic sectors, and Covid isn’t helping –– nevertheless, the number of industrial robots operating today has never been higher.

Boron- and Amine-Free Cooling Lubricant

Zeller + Gmelin’s Zubora 30FD emulsion

Zeller + Gmelin’s Zubora 30 FD provides excellent drainage with minimal copper release, making the cooling lubricant ideal for machining sensitive copper and aluminum alloys.

Anti-Slip Coating for Oily Manufacturing Floors

Wooster Products’ anti-slip Heavyduty 20 epoxy

Water-, solvent-, and chemical-resistant Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Heavyduty 20 from Wooster Products contains polymer grit that adds long-lasting traction to concrete and other floor surfaces in machining and other liquid-prone areas.

No-Drip Lubricant Stays Where Applied

WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube no-drip formula

WD-40’s Specialist line of more than 20 rust-management solutions includes Gel Lube. The no-drip formula is designed to stick to moving metal surfaces such as gears, bearings, cables, chains, and rollers.

One Micron Filtration (OMF) for EDM Application

Transor Filter’s standard V-18 Series modular filters

Transor Filter USA shipped a specially designed V-18 Series modular filter to a prominent aerospace contractor. The V-18 unit will furnish multiple EDMs with a continuous supply of chilled, temperature-controlled oil required for intricate and precision applications.

Social Distancing for “Next Normal” Manufacturing

Siemens’ Simatic real-time locating systems

Siemens’ Simatic real-time locating systems (RTLS) combine wireless communications with digital twinning software to simulate and manage employee exposure risks while promoting productivity. Most manufacturers see results in one to two weeks.

Advanced Wheel Chock System

Rite-Hite’s GWC-1000

Rite-Hite’s global wheel chock (GWC) combines ultrasonic sensors with a safe and dependable communication system to keep employees safe. Manually positioned extra-long footbed maintains continuous downward force on tires to reduce the potential for movement during loading and unloading.

Stationary Welding Fume Extraction System

WallMaster from Kemper GmbH

At 452 square feet, Kemper’s WallMaster offers the largest filter surface in entry-level wall-mounted units. The fume extraction unit is easy to combine with collection devices from various manufacturers, and can be retrofit in existing extraction technology.

App Keeps Non-Desk Employees in the Loop


More than 1.7 billion people – 80% of the world’s workforce – have jobs that don’t involve sitting at a desk. The Beekeeper platform ensures companies effectively communicate with employees who aren’t otherwise connected on email or company devices.

Remote-Control Permanent Lifting Magnet

Now available from IMI, the FXE uses almost no energy and performs in rapid cycles with the push of a button. Operators have clear visibility and need never touch the load.

Reshoring is Rewarding: 2020 Winners Announced

Bill Berry, Owner of Die-Tech & Engineering,

The National Metalworking Reshoring Award is given to two outstanding U.S. companies that brought manufacturing back to America, overcoming obstacles of high wages and complex processes to effectively compete in the global contest for business.

EPA-Approved Sanitizer Kills Human Coronavirus

Madison Chemical’s EPA-registered Madisan 75

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a list of disinfectants that kill SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Madison Chemical’s Madisan 75 kills a wide range of pathogens in addition to SARS-CoV-2.

Wayfinding Products Aid Social Distancing

PathFinder line from Graphic Products

Graphic Products’ PathFinder floor-marking tape is an easy and inexpensive way to reinforce best practices for minimizing the spread of infection on the shop floor and common areas. Unlike paint or permanent barriers, tape is applied within minutes and removed when needed.

All-in-One Temperature Scanner

ANT-FR-Q9 Antlia Systems

The ANT-FR-Q9 from Antlia Systems combines facial recognition technology with no-contact temperature detection to provide a complete access-control health security system. It’s just one in the company’s suite of out-of-the-box screening systems.

Pre-Engineered Workstation Crane Systems

Spanmaster pre-engineered workstation cranes from TC/American Crane Co.

TC/American Crane’s enclosed-track Spanmaster has articulating and pivoting end trucks that provide a range of motion not possible with the rigid end trucks found on many workstation cranes.

Your Maintenance Team Will Love This Gadget

RUD Tool Mover

RUD’s Tool Mover safely turns over tools and machine components weighing up to 64 tons in less than a minute. The most recent version provides a much larger working surface at the lowest possible working height for maximum technician comfort.

Lifting Solution for Social Distancing Requirements

Attco Skyhook

Syclone ATTCO Service’s lightweight, infinitely configurable Sky Hook fills the gap between a chain hoist and an overhead or portable gantry crane. The company has waived expedite charges; cleanroom modifications meet wide variety of work environment needs.

Turnkey Deep Hole Drilling Solutions

Somex Deep hole drilling

Why buy a new machine when you can convert an existing piece of equipment for much less money? Somex MAX spindles and accessories can be added to transfer machines, special-purpose machines, and turning machines to perform deep hole drilling.

CNC Vertical Turret Milling Machines

Palmgren CNC vertical turret milling machines, #9680179, Fagor Automation control

A line of machines from 101-year-old tool builder and workholding manufacturer Palmgren features Fagor Automation controls that make programming easy for any level of operator producing any size batch.

Portable Magnetic Drill Adds Multiple Features

Hougen Manufacturing’s HMD904 magnetic drill

With its powerful performance, lightweight size, small footprint, and hole capacity, the HMD904 is the most popular model in Hougen Manufacturing’s line of magnetic drills. Upgrade improve safety and lower maintenance requirements.

User-Friendly Dual Programming of Lathes

Acu-Rite’s TURNPWR lathe

Designed for turning machine tools with up to two axes, TURNPWR control by Heidenhain’s Acu-Rite brand of digital readouts, linear scales, and controls gives machinists the option to program via a conversational format or use G-code.

Double Turbo Square Shoulder Mills and Inserts

Seco Tools’ Double Turbo square shoulder cutters

Improve roughing operations and achieve superior surface finishes without high machine power consumption with Seco Tools’ Double Turbo line of cutters. Double-sided inserts and superior milling grades significantly lower finishing cycle times.

Rough and Finish with One Tool

Sandvik Coromant’s M5C90 aluminium cutter

Sandvik Coromant’s M5C90 milling cutter resolves the challenges of machining lightweight aluminium by roughing and finishing in one pass cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, and other automotive components formerly made from heavier cast iron alloys.

High-Temperature Applications Don’t Faze This Insert

Kennametal_DOC notching

Armed with a special coating and proprietary sputtering technology, Kennametal’s KCS10B overcomes the most common challenges of machining superalloys — cratering and depth-of-cut notching — that often cause unexpected and even catastrophic tool failure.

Full Speed Ahead For Every Milling Job

Hoffmann Group’s Garant Power Q Double all-round system

Hoffmann Group expands its family of high-feed-rate milling tools with the Garant Power Q Double all-round system. Three-part cutting edge increases reliability and productivity by reducing cutting forces and optimizing chip evacuation.

Easy-Index Cutter Heads with Contact Grip

The dual-contact grip of Big Kaiser’s fullcut mill contact grip is a threaded coupling system that achieves machining capacity close to that of integrated types. The taper and flange face make close contact for solid connection, and one holder allows selection from multiple heads.

Flaw Detector Combines Multiple Features

The OmniScan X3 flaw detector from Olympus

OmniScan phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) instruments are known for power, reliability, and ease of use. Whether inspecting pipes, welds, pressure vessels, or composites, the OmniScan X3 flaw detector from Olympus enables users to complete their work efficiently and interpret flaws with confidence.

3D Laser Scanning Supports COVID-19 Response

NVision Inc HandHeld laser scanner

Two NVision Inc. projects demonstrate the growing role of noncontact scanning/measurement technologies in the race to create new products that minimize exposure to the novel coronavirus.

Lab-Quality Measurement Anywhere You Need It

Mahr’s updated MarSurf CM mobile

Equipped with a 16-bit high-dynamic-range (HDR) camera, Mahr’s updated MarSurf CM mobile optical surface metrology tool offers the highest-speed, highest-resolution confocal measurements on the shop floor and in the field.

‘Total’ QA/QC with Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV)

The Inspekto S70

The developer claims its Inspekto S70 is the first truly autonomous inspection system. Driven by artificial intelligence engines that use good samples to identify noncompliant parts, the Inspekto S70 installs in minutes and is about one-tenth the cost of traditional machine vision solutions.

Nanometer-Level Motion Control for Micromachining

ALIO’s 5-axis laser gimbal and Scanlab's XLSCAN

As micro-processing quality requirements become more demanding, legacy systems don’t always meet accuracy and repeatability specifications. Built around ALIO’s 5-axis laser gimbal, 6D Laser’s integrated infinite field of view (IFOV) system increases processing speed while eliminating errors from field stitching.

Turnkey Robotic Inspection Cells

ABB’s 3D quality inspection (3DQI)

The scalable 3D quality inspection (3DQI) joins the FlexArc and FlexLoader in ABB’s growing portfolio of smart and flexible solutions. Designed to accelerate testing of automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, and construction workpieces, the hardware/software solution also enhances quality and reduces waste.

Deburring for Applications with Tight Tolerances and Heat Sensitivity

Tridex Technology electrochemical grinding (ECG)

Unlike conventional grinding, wire EDM, and lasers, Tridex Technology’s SG-1645 and SG-2060 electrochemical grinders quickly provide a burr-free cut in one pass with no heat-affected zone, recast layer, or work hardening of the material. Arthroscopic shaver teeth are commonly produced by conventional abrasive grinding, wire EDM, or laser cutting, but each method has disadvantages.  

Compact Deburring and Edge-Rounding Machine

Midwest Automation Mighty 9 dry deburring and finishing machine

With its 9-inch-wide footprint, Midwest Automation’s Mighty 9 finishing machine fits virtually anywhere on a shop floor. Fixed belt (FB), adjustable belt (AB), and top brush (TB) abrasive head assemblies provide flexibility by allowing multiple  combinations.

Updated Machine Allows Lights-Out Deburring and Chamfering

TM 1000-CNC from Helios Gear Products

Helios Gear Products adds CNC capability to Tecnomacchine (TM) deburring and chamfering machines to improve repeatability, programmability, and ease of use. The TM 1000-CNC’s 8 axes and two spindles handle parts up to 40 inches (1 meter) in diameter.

Part Deburring, Cleaning, and Drying On A 15-Second Cycle

Ecoclean’s EcoCvelox

Combining high-pressure water jet deburring with low-pressure part cleaning and drying processes, the EcoCvelox from Ecoclean Inc. is a one-stop finishing solution. Highly configurable equipment enables highly flexible process design.

Deburr, Polish, Clean, and Dry Parts in 5 Seconds

Bel Air Finishing’s all-in-one AutoHone

By rotating media instead of parts, Bel Air Finishing’s AutoHone robotic deburring machine eliminates scrapes and chips that occur when parts collide with each other in tumblers and centrifugal disk finishers. Parts are secured for deburring and polishing in an automated process.

6-Axis Cobot Safely Increases Welding Productivity

Yaskawa-Motoman’s HC10XP

Compatible with numerous power sources, Yaskawa-Motoman’s HC10XP shifts between collaborative speed in power and force limiting (PFL) mode or full speed in industrial mode so you can optimize cycle times based on risk assessment and process requirements.

Manipulator Supports Multiple Welding Processes

Koike Aronson Ransome’s Cricket-II

Designed for use with submerged arc, TIG and MIG welding applications, Koike Aronson’s Cricket-II manipulator features a load capacity of 500 pounds, CAM roller guidance, and through-the-boom cable management.

Mitutoyo America Corp. Expands Custom Solutions Offerings

Mitutoyo Customer Solutions

A wide range of tailored services for measurement and inspection technologies are available through nine U.S. centers. A five-step process keeps the manufacturer and the Custom Solutions engineer on target to achieve the customer’s objectives.

Updated Pipe And Vessel Fabrication Solution

Lincoln Electric’s remote pendant duplicates all PIPEFAB pipe and vessel welding system

With a CE model and 20 additional languages, Lincoln Electric’s PIPEFAB welding system can be used anywhere in the world. Software enhancements including HyperFill mode expand utility and usability for operators and shop managers tracking overall performance.

Electrodes Provide All The Utility With None Of The Danger

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s MultiStrike blue-tipped tungsten electrodes

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT’s blue-tipped MultiStrike tungsten electrodes eliminate the health risk related to radiotoxic thoriated tungsten electrodes without compromising welding performance. They also last longer and offer better arc-striking characteristics.

Easy-to-Use Laser Weld Monitor

Amada Miyachi America’s 7-pound MM-L300A laser weld monitor

Amada Weld Tech’s MM-L300A laser weld monitor improves weld performance by giving operators real-time feedback on production errors such as gaps between parts, missing parts, over-penetration, incorrect focus, and cover gas absence. The unit’s software simplifies setup and analysis.

Heavy-Duty CNC Lathes Feature Monoblock Cast Iron Beds

Romi Machine Tools’ C Series lathe

Nine C Series flatbed CNC lathes from Romi Machine Tools are designed for heavy applications in the mining, aerospace, steel mill, and oil-and-gas industries. All key components are manufactured in-house to ensure quality.

Tooling Program for Citizen Automatic Lathes

Platinum Tooling Technologies offers Heimatec tooling for most Marubeni Citizen-Cincom CNC automatic lathes

Platinum Tooling Technologies expands its product line with Heimatec live and static tools for most Citizen lathes. Designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, the precision tools are efficient and cost-effective.

Economical Solution for Machining Small Parts

Palmgren’s CNC slant bed lathe

Available in 5- and 8-inch models, Palmgren’s CNC slant bed lathe offers helpful features and top performance at an attractive price. The turning center’s small footprint makes it an excellent option for shops that need a second-operation machine or additional chuck.

Compact, High-Precision Multitasking Machining Center

Nakamura-Tome MX-100 multiturret machine

Methods Machine Tools, the exclusive U.S. importer of Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning centers, introduces the Nakamura-Tome MX-100 with multiple ‘smart’ functions that ease programming and operation. Design eliminates need for positioning fixtures and clamping devices.

Multitasking Machine Automatically Loads/Unloads Parts

Mazak’s Quick Turn 250MSY turning center

The Quick Turn 250SMY with GR100 gantry robot is one example of how Mazak’s flexible Quick Turn 200/250 Series of CNC turning centers can be configured to achieve high throughput. Main turning spindle serves as a full-functioning C-axis.

Inserts Make Hard Turning More Cost-Effective

Kennametal´s KBH10B (45% PcBN content) and KBH20B (60% PcBN) mini-tip

Polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) mini-tipped inserts are a great way to lower per-part cost when turning hardened steel components. Kennametal´s two grades of double-sided PcBN inserts increase productivity and extend tool life when machining materials up to 65 HRC.

Redesigned Machine Reinforces Company’s Brand

Emco’s redesigned Hyperturn 45 G3

With its precision interface for fast tool changeover and direct drive for high-power milling of complex workpieces, Emco’s Hyperturn 45 G3 with two Turn/Mill-Assist automation options provides a flexible drilling and milling solution for a wide range of workpiece geometries and weights.

Twin-Spindle Machine Lowers Gear Manufacturing Costs

EMAG’s twin-spindle VL 1 Twin

Soft- or hard-machine a bevel gear in 25 to 40 seconds with EMAG’s VL 1 Twin, a pick-up turning machine that simultaneously machines two identical bevel gears at high speed within the same machining area. Automating the loading process lowers cycle time to 4.5 seconds.

Tooling Supports More Versatile Long-Grooving

Dormer Pramet 0.98-inch GL double-edged insert

Dormer Pramet targets turning center and lathe applications with an insert, two geometries, a grade, blades, and tooling that support parting-off and grooving. Double-edged insert supports 60% capacity over the LCMF16 insert.

New Line Of Dot Peen And Fiber Laser Markers

Dapra, Datamark Systems, dot peen and fiber laser part markers

Dapra Marking Systems introduces the part-marking technology of Spanish manufacturer Datamark Systems to North America. Headlining the new offerings is a series of truly portable dot peen markers.

Miniature Coupling For Pallet Handling With Small Robots

Schunk’s light and compact Vero-S NSR

Schunk’s extremely small, extremely lightweight Vero-S NSR coupling enables automated machine loading via extremely small robots. Integrated cleaning function ensures a chip-free flat work surface between pallet and robot coupling.

Wheeled Platform Moves 20 Tons In Tight Spaces

Conceptual Innovations' wheeled material transporter can move 40,000 pounds

This remote-controlled omnidirectional material handler developed by Conceptual Innovations moves and precisely positions large but delicate workpieces. Fits on a flatbed truck for convenient cross-country shipment and delivery.

Intelligent Machine-Tending Solution

CenterLine’s intelligent PinPoint Solution

Designed to overcome challenges related to production fastener welding, the latest addition to CenterLine’s configured-product family feeds parts into robotic lines and cells.

Kays Engineering Acquires TechniDrill

Kays Engineering, Technidrill

A legacy continue: Thirty-six-year-old Technidrill is a gundrilling machine manufacturer whose products complement Kays’ DeHoff and Eldorado product lines and will now be made at its Missouri plant.

Fabricating Fabulous: Solution Adds Business Systems Suite

SigmaTEK’s new quoting tool, SigmaQUOTE

SigmaNEST Version 20 Service Pack 2 from SigmaTek Systems brings you ergonomic and efficiency benefits by integrating Business Systems into the latest release, alongside CAD/CAM and Shop Floor Control. Resulting user experience is actually enjoyable.

Dot Peen Marking Machine Keeps Up With The Flow

SIC Marking’s i-speed

SIC Marking’s extremely compact i-speed with pneumatically integrable system uses continuous vibrating dot peen technology to mark up to 10 characters per second in extremely high-speed production environments.

All-in-One Benchtop Marker With Integrated Control Unit

Markator’s FlyMarker mini-Station

The control unit for the all-in-one Markator FlyMarker mini-Station dot peen marking system from Rocklin Manufacturing is integrated in the housing. Electromagnetic-driven marking pin eliminates need for compressed air supply.

Updated Diameter-to-Diameter Roll Marking Machines

Columbia Marking Tools

In addition to faster cycle times and easier setup, Columbia Marking Tools (CMT) bottle- and cylinder-marking machines reduce the need for secondary marking of serial numbers or tare weights. New design also allows more complex operations.

Ready-to-Use Marking Stations for Robotic Work Cells

Less expensive than dot peen and laser marking systems, Columbia Marking Tools’ Mite-E-Mark plug-and-play air impact stations come with all required valves, marker mounts, and a part rest to facilitate automated production.

Fiber Laser Marking System With Extra-Large Housing

Coherent’s EasyMark XL fiber laser-based marking system

Coherent’s EasyMark XL has a small footprint (770 mm by 540 mm by 750 mm), but a large marking field (240 mm by 240 mm). Beam-delivery optics with 120-mm range of motion on a precision rail for focus adjustment.

Easy-to-Use Software Package Automates Touch Probing

Marposs Corp.’s CNC probing recorder software package

Developed to support both Fanuc and Siemens CNC systems, Marposs Corp.’s software package improves machining operations by automating measurement processes and reporting for the company’s optical and radio touch probes.

Asset Management Solution Optimizes CMM Performance

Hexagon's SFx Asset Management

Hexagon’s cloud-ready HxGN SFx | Asset Management software provides easy-to-understand views of real-time data from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with intuitive navigation and a customizable alert system.

Quick-Change Compensating Collet Chuck

MicroCentric’s quick-change compensating collet chuck

Featuring a compact outer diameter and shorter than conventional compensating chucks, MicroCentric’s chuck has a collet with a floating seat that enables the holder to compensate up to 0.060-inch (1.5 mm).

Two-Collet Chuck Doubles Turret Station Capability

EXSYS two-collet Preci-Flex chuck

EXSYS expands the Eppinger Preci-Flex modular tooling system with a chuck that doubles the machining capability of Mazak’s Quick Turn turning centers. For instance, a tap-and-drill or spot-and-drill combination is easy to set up.

Slim Line Chucks Enhance 5-Axis Milling Versatility

Emuge Corp. Slim Line FPC mill/drill chucks

Emuge addresses the increasing complexity of workpieces with a line of FPC Slim Line mill/drill chucks that provide easier access, especially in confined areas and for challenging angles, to maximize machining productivity.

A Bevy of Chuck Accessories To Shorten Machining Cycle Times

Dillon Manufacturing’s dual-purpose collet pad jaws

Dillon Manufacturing’s chuck jaws provide multiple radiuses for both inside and outside clamping, making them ideal for any size run. Four jaw and/or accessory options lower tooling costs by increasing productivity and extending service life.

July ‘Cobot Expo’ a Unique Opportunity at the Right Time

Universal Robots Virtual Collaborative Robot Expo and Conference 

Participants in the free Universal Robots expo can gain everything they need to problem-solve and advance robotics within their operations, including product news and demonstrations, 30 different booths, insightful keynotes, interactive QAs, and live chats with automation experts. 

Siemens and SAP Join Forces to Accelerate Industrial Transformation

SAP Siemens Partnership

Siemens will offer SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions and SAP Project and Portfolio Management applications to maximize business value for customers over the entire product and service lifecycle and enable new collaborative processes between manufacturers and operators.

Mazak Opens Expanded Spindle Rebuild Department

Mazak's new Spindle Rebuild Dept

With continual investments in its facilities, Mazak is targeting faster, more effective turnarounds for its U.S. manufacturing customers in medical, aerospace, automotive, construction and agriculture industries. Its latest expansion resets the bar for efficiency and quality in OEM-factory-certified machine tool spindle rebuild services.

The Co-Act That Redefines Human-Robot Collaboration

SHUNCK’s EGL-C long-stroke gripper

A milestone in safety, SHUNCK’s EGL-C long-stroke grippers feature an algorithm that protects employees as they work beside the robots–robots that happen to have 300% more gripping force than most of their peers.

Paint It Pretty With Precise and Versatile 6-Axis Robots

Yaskawa Motoman’s MPX Series high-speed robots

Armed with application-specific software and a controller that coordinates operation of the robot and painting devices, the three machines that comprise Yaskawa Motoman’s MPX Series precisely dispense paint on components of virtually any size.

Burr-Free Cutting of Stainless Steel Tubes

Tridex Technology’s CS1-E electrochemical cutoff machine

Tridex Technology’s CS1-E electrochemical machine cuts multiple tubes simultaneously. Long wheel life and fast, precise cuts make it essential for manufacturing products for the aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical markets.

Pint-Sized Beveling Tool Packs Outsized Punch

SP Air’s SP-7252F’s is a compact pneumatic beveling machine

Weighing in at just under a pound and less than 5 inches long, SP Air’s SP-7252F mini-beveler cleans up welds and steel and aluminum edges in hard-to-reach automotive, motorcycle, marine, and aircraft applications.

Easy-On, Easy-Off Part-Marking Tool

MB Metal Technologies’ MarkinBOX 3315S and Patmark 1533 dot peen marking machines

MB Metal Technologies’ quick-change base plate for two models of dot peen marking machines comes with round and square jaws to quickly and easily register parts so customers achieve a clean and clear mark.

Large-Format Multicolor Printer Enhances Factory Safety

DuraLabel Kodiak industrial sign and label printer from Graphic Products

Convenience is key when there’s need for a chemical label or OHSA/ANSI sign related to a metal forming, fabrication, or other production process. Create, replace, or update critical safety information quickly and easily with Graphic Products’ DuraLabel Kodiak industrial sign and label printer.

High-Speed Cellular Deburring and Polishing

Bel Air Finishing Supply’s FinishMaster Stream Liner disc finisher

Bel Air Finishing Supply’s two-in-one centrifugal disc finishers save time and money while increasing quality by polishing and deburring. The design produces 10 times the g-force of a vibratory bowl finisher.

Dual-Column Miter Bandsaws Aid Robotic Welding

Advanced Machine & Engineering’s AMSAW-WAGNER dual-column miter bandsaws

Advanced Machine & Engineering’s line of AMSAW-WAGNER heavy-duty miter bandsaws can be equipped with linear transducers to verify dimension and adjust miter position accordingly to avoid secondary operations.

Two Affordable But Effective Tool Grinders

Walter’s Helitronic Raptor

Walter’s Helitronic Raptor and two-in-one Helitronic Raptor Diamond (grinding/EDM) are aimed at shops that don’t require features like automatic tool support systems or automatic wheel/electrode changers, but want a high degree of flexibility for diverse tool types.

Automation-Ready Gundrilling Machines

UNISIG’s UNE Series compact gundrilling solution

Offering operational flexibility, improved performance, and effortless operation, UNISIG’s next-generation UNE Series deep-hole drilling systems are equally effective in high-volume/low-mix and low-volume/high-mix production environments.

Updated ERP Software Improves Usability and Performance

SYSPRO 8 enterprise resource planning (ERP) software

Developed specifically for manufacturers, the SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform automates and integrates business processes to improve production, inventory control, and reporting. Recent enhancements improve security, compliance, traceability, and tax reporting.

Redesigned Machining Block Spindle Is 25% Faster

Suhner’s BEX 15 high-speed machining block spindle

An AC inverter drive on the BEX 15 high-speed block spindle from Suhner Industrial Products increases spindle speed to 23,000 rpm at 87 Hz. Two slide-assembly mounting options enable multiple operations.

Real-Time Fluid Monitor Prevents Unnecessary Downtime

Quaker Houghton’s continuous concentration monitor

A thousand times more accurate than a typical handheld refractometer, Quaker Houghton’s self-contained continuous concentration monitor is an easy-to-use, low-maintenance way to maintain appropriate metalworking fluid levels.

Affordable CNC Power Skiving Machines

Helios Gear Products YG Tech’s compact CNC NEOPS 200 power skiving machine

Distributed in North America by Helios Gear Products, YG Tech’s NEOPS 200 and NEOPS 400 NEO combine an affordable power skiving solution for profitably producing gears with domestic technical and engineering support.

Three Multiple-Machine Cells for Lights-Out Production

GF Machining Solutions optimize production workflows.

GF Machining Solutions developed three model machining cells to showcase highly productive turnkey manufacturing systems. They demonstrate everything from simple pairs of machines and robots to mixed-machine configurations for advanced hybridized additive/subtractive machining strategies.

5-Axis CNC Machining Training Via Digital Twin

FANUC’s Machining Simulation for Workforce Development software

To help develop the next-generation manufacturing workforce, FANUC’s Machining Simulation for Workforce Development software teaches users how to set up and operate three common 5-axis milling machines.

High-Performance Lathe

EMCO’s Maxxturn 45 lathe

Four models of EMCO’s Maxxturn 45 lathe offer various tailstock, counter spindle, axis, and tool options for producing complex turned and milled parts 4.72 inches (120 mm) long that weigh up to 4.4 pounds (2 kg).

CNC Machine Tool Builder Enhances Cutting Software

ANCA CNC Machines CIM3D V9 software

The latest version of ANCA’s CIMulator3D streamlines tool development with time-saving and user-friendly offline tool path simulation and a hub that automatically analyzes cutting tool design to avoid costly collisions and missed calculations.

Officials Ink Agreement on Defense Production Act Loans

A memorandum of agreement, originating from an executive order, gives U.S. International Development Finance Corp. authority to extend $100 million in loans for projects that help re-shore or strengthen domestic supply chains for COVID-19-related equipment and supplies.

ESPRIT Announces Extended Support for Mazak Smooth Ai CNC

DP Technology, parent company of ESPRIT CAM, has created a streamlined machining experience with ESPRIT’s digital twin inside the CNC. Users can preview the entire machining process virtually on the CNC before executing their program it.

Handling Systems International, Inc. Releases Dealer Quotinator

Handling Systems International, Inc. Releases Dealer Quotinator

Online quote tool gives dealers 24/7 access to quotes and drawings. Considering the high demand for H.I.S.’s NikoRail enclosed track cranes, fast turnaround and well as expedited bill of materials to the shop floor will prove valuable to the company and the marketplace.

SMW Autoblok Launches SMW-Electronics

SMW Electronics inductive coupler systems

New division specializes in products to meet the demands of Industry 4.0. Chief among its offerings: Non-contact inductive couplers, sensors and measuring systems, and electro-mechanical clamping systems.

Power Chuck Saves Spindle Wear and Tear

SMW Autoblok’s HFKs-2g high-precision power chuck delivers twice the grip force than standard 3-jaw chucks. Use it for high volume lathe and mill turn center applications including heavy-duty precision machining of easily deformed workpieces.

COVID-19: What It Means for Metals Manufacturing

pwc offers practical steps for responding to the coronavirus crisis. The financial institution also shows results of a U.S. Pulse Survey asking CFOs for their top 3 concerns with respect to COVID-19?

Custom Full-Grip Jaws Securely Grip the Workpiece

Dillon full-grip custom jaws

Special pie jaws from Dillon Manufacturing are designed to reduce part distortion by distributing gripping pressure across the workpiece. Customized to your specs for height, diameters, materials and configuration, they’re offered in a choice of four serrated designs.

Bring On Your Heaviest Parts for Cleaning

Renegade’s model Fl 9000 7048 HD is a heavy-duty, front loading aqueous parts washer ready designed for wide ranging industrial operations. With convenient automated features, it’ll clean the grease, oil and lubricants off large parts and equipment components.

Free Trial of CNC Virtualization Platform

FANUC’s CNC GUIDE allows users to learn how to operate controls, create part programs and test designs in a virtual environment on a PC. FANUC’s U.S. customers can take advantage of the offer till the end of September.

Pandemic Paves Way for Accelerated Reshoring

Companies with local supply chains fared better during the pandemic than those that did not. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has caused chaos in tightly interconnected global supply chains, and now companies are rethinking, shifting, shortening and reshoring them.

Mobile Welding Fume Extraction with 2X the Filter Surface

KEMPER SmartFil mobile welding fune extraction

Designed with a unique round storage filter, KEMPER’s SmartFil offers long service life and a winning combo of price and performance. Featuring a 360-degree rotating exhaust hood, the compact system filters more than 99.5 percent of alveolar dust particles.

High-Production Former Lowers Cost Per Thread

Walter USA’s TC470 Supreme thread former

Walter USA’s TC470 Supreme thread former combines a new geometry with more forming edges than comparable formers. Coating and surface treatment increase tool life, productivity, and process reliability in high-volume machining.

Change Chucks in Under 3 Minutes with Switching System

SMW Autoblok

SMW Autoblok’s CCS adapter increases operator productivity by providing automatic push-off and easy mounting to traditional or custom workholding including 2-jaw chucks, 3-jaw chucks, collet chucks, mandrels, and manual fixtures.

Collet Chucks Provide Flexibility Without Compromising Runout Accuracy

Samchully Workholding’s SK system

Available in a wide variety of toolholder lengths and diameters for optimal rigidity and clearance, Samchully Workholding’s SK series provide 1 micron runout accuracy as well as three times better runout repeatability and double the gripping force of a comparable ER collet chuck.

Plug-and-Play Intelligent Screwdriver Drives ROI

Screwdriver from OnRobot

OnRobot’s Screwdriver can be deployed and redeployed for different applications in minutes. Its built-in smart features – including precise torque and embedded axis control – simplify programming and drive productivity.

New Millerbernd Building to House Ring and Cylinder Production

Millerbernd Manufacturing Co.

The Minnesota manufacturer will complete the facility before the end of 2020. As plans for increased capacity there take shape, the company will reconfigure layout at its current campus where Pole and Airfield Ground Lighting business units will continue.

Air Hoist Lines for Fast Lifting in Demanding Industrial Settings

Harrington Hoists TCK Series air hoist

Move heavy parts, components and material quickly and confidently with two Harrington Hoists models: the TCK Series and lube-free TCL Series. Cast iron housing ensures strength and durability; adjustable limiter automatically blocks air flow when an overload is detected.

Software Helps You Run a More Profitable Shop Floor

Freedom IOT Smart Manufacturing Platform

Available with three plan options, Freedom IOT’s Smart Manufacturing Platform provides real-time data collection and custom solutions for any size shop, any machine type, any brand. The software helps you get the most out of shop-floor assets and maximize profitability.  

Reshoring Is Increasingly Appealing to Casting Buyers

Franklin Bronze

The growing U.S. manufacturing trend toward reshoring means many companies are seeking domestic-made products. On the investment casting front, Franklin Bronze Precision Components says it can shorten supply chains and offer fast part delivery for manufacturers.

Material-Recycling System Cuts Processing Time By 85%

Vac-U-Max’s additive manufacturing metal powder recovery system (AM-MPRS)

Vac-U-Max’s recovery system for additive manufacturing extracts unused metal powder from the printing bed and filters it to be reused. The closed system provides a safer work environment because the operator never comes in contact with the powder.

Self-Contained Electrostatic Coolant-Mist Collector

Parker Hannifin’s self-contained SmogHog SHM Machine Mount

Attach Parker Hannifin’s self-contained SmogHog SHM Machine Mount (MM) onto equipment to collect coolant mists from CNC machining, cold forming, sawing, lathes, and stamping. Easily integrates with machine tool controls for automated operation.

Flexible High-Volume, High-Performance Welding Capability

Yaskawa America’s ArcWorld 6000 pre-engineered workcells

Yaskawa America’s ArcWorld 6000 pre-engineered workcells featuring Motoman AR-series arc welding robots come with virtually everything you need to get up and running quickly and safely. Available in one-, two-, or three-robot configurations.

High-Carbon Metal-Cored Wire For Caster Roll Rebuilding

Lincoln Electric’s Lincore 420HC-S metal-cored wire

Lincoln Electric’s Lincore 420HC-S metal-cored wire for submerged-arc welding (SAW) may be used where higher hardness is required and on work rolls and backup rolls when water spray causes pitting on tool steel deposits.

3D Precision Welding Tables Simplify Part Handling

Bluco 3-D precision welding table

With loading capacity up to 20,000 pounds, Bluco’s high-tolerance 3D welding tables are hardened to protect against spatter buildup, provide a corrosion-resistant surface, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Plasma Power Source Cuts 20% Faster

Ultra-Cut 130 is the high-precision system from Thermal Dynamics Automation

Ultra-Cut 130 is the high-precision system from Thermal Dynamics Automation with 30% more power than its predecessor. With a compelling price point, it’s got the 3/4-inch market covered.

Need Small-Diameter Deep Holes? Here’s Your Micro Drill

Walter Supreme DB133

Walter delivers high precision and productivity with the Supreme DB133, a solid carbide micro drill that prolongs tool life in steel, cast iron and nonferrous materials. They’re available in diameter range from 1/32-5/64 in. and 0.5 to 2.95 mm

High-Precision VMC for High-End Die and Mold Machining

Methods Machine Tools introduces the OKK OKK VB53a vertical machining center North America

Methods Machine Tools has introduced the OKK VB53a vertical machining center to the North American market, giving operators 50% more accessibility than conventional machines. They’re designed for less vibration to improve final surface finishes.

Palletizer’s Robot Arm Simplifies Complex Processes

RI20 Palletizer from FlexLink

With a compact design that consumes 40% less space, Flexlink’s RI20 can be relocated in a few hours and used in multiple lines in a single day. Meanwhile, operators and robots can safely coexist on the production floor.

Fast-Access Storage Saves the Day for Metal Products Specialist

KASTO Unigrip 3.0 AMCO Metall Service

The increased demand in the cut-to-size sheet segment was making storage space tight at AMCO Metal Service GmbH’s premises in Germany – then they discovered KASTO’s Unigrip 3.0 storage system that increased productivity and fast access to materials and finished parts.

Covid Survey: All Manufacturing Shops Are Open

But manufacturing industry respondents in Harbour Results’ second COVID-19 Study predict a 25% drop in revenue. A third of production shops are increasing North American sourcing, and nearly all say they applied for federal funding to support the retention of staff.

Automatic-Indexing Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

Amada Machinery America’s automatic-indexing VT5063SW vertical tilt-frame band saw

Amada Machinery America’s Marvel Series vertical tilt-frame band saws for cutting structural steels include the high-speed VT5063SW. The machine’s graphics-based control software with material selection chart and customizable material library enables operators to easily program and store 500 jobs.

You Are Now Entering a New Welding Era

ADDere laser welding

ADDere’s laser hybrid wire welding system achieves single-pass welding for thick plate fabrication – on material up to 25 mm. But speed is far from compromised at 60 inches per minute.

transfluid Opens U.S. Subsidiary

transfluid Greenville, SC

Housing offices, a parts warehouse and a showroom, the Greenville, S.C. facility will help strengthen the company’s local service. It will be staffed with personnel who received intensive product training at transfluid’s headquarters in Germany.

Flap Discs with Trimmable Backing Plates

Klingspor Tital flap discs

Klingspor’s Titan flap discs are designed to provide a cooler grind. You’ll be able to use more of the disc thanks to backing plates you can trim – and trim costs at the same time.

Meter Measures Compressed Air Pressure and Flow

Displaying values on a bright LED screen, Pressure Sensing Digital Flowmeters from EXAIR come with everything you need for installation. You can add another layer of protection for equipment with an optional low-pressure alarm.