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At Fabricating & Metalworking, we know the importance of showing and not telling – and that’s why we have a vast library of videos showing how important pieces of equipment operate. See the latest videos added to our site, or browse our archives by process zone.

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How to Select the Right Flap Disc

With all the benefits afforded by flap discs, it is important to know how to select the right one by understanding all the variables and how they apply to your metal fabricating application. Here are the five variables that will help you pick the correct one.

Lincoln Electric Dedicates 443 Ft Wind Tower

The welding OEM demonstrates its commitment to renewable energy by constructing a $5.9 million 2.5 MW wind tower at its world headquarters in Cleveland, OH, that will generate up to 10 percent of the energy used for its main plant and save up to $500,000 a year in energy costs.


The next generation of innovation and advances in industrial robot technology promise to increase your productivity in arc welding and other multipurpose applications.


Denis Zayia of Renishaw explains how five-axis CMM inspection brirevongs the same efficiency to part measurement as five-axis contouring has brought to metal cutting by dramatically improving throughput, opening up lean efficiencies, and documenting parts to ever-tighter tolerances. Retrofits of such systems allow manufacturers to realize greater value and productivity from their CMM investment.

Safety in Gas Welding & Cutting – Using Caution with Gases Can Save Lives

Gas welding, cutting and heating apparatus are extremely useful tools for a variety of work and hobby applications. But Paul Mercuri of ESAB explains why any procedure that uses oxygen or other flammable gases in the presence of flame carries significant risks. He warns that every worker, from beginner to seasoned professional, needs to be constantly mindful of safety precautions.

Wobble No More

The Hawkeye Video Borescope Slide from Gradient Lens makes repetitive inspections faster and stable. Inspectors can quickly and easily mount parts and components and view borescopic images via a video system with three axis adjustments.

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