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Carell Corporation

Fabricating Machines For Today's Industry


From the best materials inside and out, come the strongest machines ever built. All optional equipment, designed and tested in the field, offers unparalleled performance under the toughest conditions. It’s no coincidence that the strongest machines come with the strongest warranty ever written! Every specification is carefully thought out to produce the best end-product possible.

Carell was founded to fill a need for tough, dependable plate rolls, angle rolls, pipe benders, horizontal presses and various other benders.

Carell provides the broadest range of bending machines, options and tooling to match any budget and application. Our expanded machine shop can satisfy the growing demand for custom tooling of any complexity.

All machines are inspected and tested at least twice to ensure maximum quality control before shipping to our customers. Our dedicated Application Engineers bring a higher level of expertise to bear your needs.


Flexible, Versatile and Powerful – Productivity and high efficiency come standard

Almost a century of forming experience and cooperation with our customers are incorporated in our VBH 4-roll plate bending rolls. The VBH is the best machine for both, cylindrical and conical bending. The main features of our VBH rolls are the greater bottom roller pinching force (for short flat ends and optimum pre-bending)  and the higher drive torque (for single pass process) to boost productivity. A winning combination for those looking for performance of the highest level.

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Carell Corporation

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