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Haimer USA

Quality Wins.

HAIMER is a first class German tool holder manufacturer. From the basics of face-mill arbors and ER collet chucks, all the way up to High Precision Collet and Shrink Fit Chucks, HAIMER has the tools necessary to satisfy and exceed customer’s machining center needs. Their product line includes the most extensive taper and size offerings from any HSK, CAT, BT, SK, PSC and KM tapers to any inch or metric size available.

Their product portfolio, which also includes shrink machines, balancing machines, 3D sensors, cutting tools, and tool presetting machines, addresses the machining process from spindle to part, giving the customer a complete machining solution. The philosophy of “Quality Wins” can be seen at the shop floor level with the use of HAIMER products. Not only will the performance increase, but the cutting tool life and machine tool spindle life will increase. At HAIMER, “Quality Wins” is not just a saying, it’s a way of life.

For machinists who want to run at higher rpms, having balanced tool assemblies is now necessary. In this demonstration, President of Haimer USA explains the importance of balance in order to increase productivity.

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Haimer USA

134 E. Hill Street
Villa Park, IL 60181

Phone: (630) 833-1500

Fax: (630) 833-1507

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