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IVEC Systems

Clean Air. Only Smarter.

IVEC® Systems debuts its revolutionary new line of Intellivent® dust collection equipment. Leveraging IVEC control technology, these “intelligent” dust collectors provide clean air with the lowest overall cost of ownership – up to 85% lower energy costs and up to 400% longer filter life – at a very low upfront cost per CFM. The systems also provide enhanced operating features including extremely quiet operation and easy in/easy out cleanable/reusable filters. IVEC Intelligent control systems manage ventilation systems, both automatically and remotely, by adjusting power and fan speeds to ensure optimized air cleaning operation. The systems can also provide real-time data remotely to your computer or mobile device. No more wondering if the air cleaning system is working, or working properly; the system will relay that information while saving money in the process! And not only do the IVEC controls optimize the Intellivent collectors, they can be retrofitted to your system and save you money immediately. What does IVEC do? IVEC Systems are automated controls for process ventilation equipment. IVEC automatically detects when equipment requires fume exhaust or dust extraction and then provides the power necessary for the system to efficiently and effectively meet those needs. When the process equipment is not in-use you’re conserving energy and cutting costs.
  • Provides exhaust on-demand.
  • Provides total automation that eliminates employee interaction and tampering.
  • Monitors and reduces power consumed by ventilation controls cleaning cycles for self-cleaning collectors.
  • Monitors filter-loading and adjusts to pressure changes.
  • Provides valuable analytics for management that can be monitored locally or remotely.
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IVEC Systems

17750 W Liberty Lane
New Berlin, WI 53146

Phone: (866) 670-4832

Fax: (262) 710-1074


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Nate Collins

Phone: 801-634-2541