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The Clean Air Company

Nederman is a global leader in clean air technologies and industrial air filtration. For over 75 years Nederman products and solutions help filter, clean and recycle in production environments to improve production efficiency, reduce environmental impact and protect employees from harmful dust, smoke and fumes. Nederman helps businesses of all sizes keep their shops clean, healthy and efficient with industry expertise in fume, oil mist and dust extraction, collection and filtration. Our wide range of products ensures the right product for your application needs.

Nederman offers everything from portable, mobile and centralized fume and dust extraction technologies along with oil mist and smoke collectors.

The Nederman Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. The Group has 2,200 employees and is present in more than 50 countries.

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4404-A Chesapeake Drive
Charlotte, NC 28216

Phone: (855) 760-1182

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Robert Belton

Phone: (980) 316-9029

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