FABTECH 2011 exhibited many production technologies and techniques for OEM manufacturers and contract job shops that add value to sheet metal, coil, plate, tube or pipe stock by shaping, bending, forming, punching, welding, cutting, fabricating, assembling, or other processes. Now our Show-in-Print brings some of that forming and fabricating equipment to you!

FABTECH 2011 exhibited many production technologies and techniques for OEM manufacturers and contract job shops that add value to sheet metal, coil, plate, tube or pipe stock by shaping, bending, forming, punching, welding, cutting, fabricating, assembling, or other processes. Now our Show-in-Print brings some of that forming and fabricating equipment to you!

Over 35,450 attendees returned to North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, finishing and welding event in McCormick Place on November 14-17, with over 1,200 exhibitors covering more than 450,000 net sq ft of floor space.

COMEQ, Inc. (White Marsh, MD) introduces a new generation of Americor hydraulic plate bending rolls. The Model 3RSP is a 3-roll single initial-pinch unit and the Model 4RDP is a 4-roll double-pinch unit. This new generation of sheet metal and plate bending rolls covers the majority of applications within top roll diameters of 3.15 in to 9.84 in and standard capacities from 3 ft to 10 ft in length and 16 ga to 9/16 in thickness, and special 2 ft x ¼ in and 2 ft x 5/16 in 4-roll double-pinch models.

Over 30 models are available in each of the two types. Standard features generally include hydraulic roll  adjustment for bending and prebending operation, hydraulic pinch/clamping roll, hydraulic drop-end,  digital readout for bending rolls positions, cone bending attachment, induction-hardened rolls, roller bearings on all roll shafts, emergency stop cable at front and rear of machine, easy tilt of bending rolls for cone bending, extra large openings between top and bottom rolls, hydraulic oil and machine manual.

These new generation models are packaged with productive features and refinements, including rolling control console to allow for optimum operator convenience, hardened gears, lineal-guided roll adjustment for the bending rolls, an enhanced drive  system to allow rolling thickness within the machines opening between the top and clamping rolls with no belts, chains or extra gear-driving systems. The rolls are SAE 1050 high strength steel heat treated and induction hardened to 56-60 RC. There are high quality international electric and hydraulic components, a more rigid frame and drop-end arrangement, enhanced cone bending device, corrosion and abrasive resistant paint finish, European design and manufacture and built and certified to CE standards.

That’s not all. There are even more options available, including: interchangeable small diameter top roll, side and overhead support devices, variable rolling speeds, hydraulic drive and programmable controls. These machines offer the most complete line of “standard” bending rolls and the option to add productivity enhancements while maintaining competitive prices and timely deliveries (most often from stock).

Scotchman Industries® (Philip, SD)offers their improved 1016 Band Saw Series, which includes the FH1016 (fixed head) and SH1016 (swing head) band saws. Improvements include a new look, with radius band blade doors for greater strength, forklift slots that are now built-in, band door interlocks that are standard and a new coolant tank with larger coolant capacity and chip removal.

The 1016 capacities are 10 in x 16 in at 90 deg and 10 in x 10¾ in at 45 deg and they are powered by a 2 hp infinite variable speed drive motor allowing the saw to run at speeds ranging from 105 fpm to 275 fpm. The hydraulics feature a fine adjustment of the head feed control, quick approach and head hold for easy line up of marks. The optional pneumatic head raise and vise are available for a full-cycle machine. These high quality machines are made in America and come with a 3-year warranty.

Scotchman also offers their largest band saw to the market with the SHA 2131 band saw. This band saw’s capacity is a large 21 in x 31 in at 90 deg and 21 in x 14 in at 60 deg. It is a simple-to-use automatic band saw that combines mitering capability with an automatic barfeed system that utilizes an automatic shuttle-vise feed system that handles up to 60 in on a single stroke. This machine comes with a touch screen work station with standard programmable logic control that allows the operator to program the job, including both piece length and piece count. The PLC takes into consideration the multiple indexes and blade kerf making it extremely easy to set lengths. The full stroke vising and optional bundling attachments can bundle up to the full capacity.

Scotchman also offers the DS-20 double swing 20 in band saw. This 20 in horizontal band saw will swing 45 deg right or 60 deg left. The DS-20’s capacity at 90 deg is 14 in high x 20 in wide, at 45 deg is 14 in high x 14 in wide, and at 60 deg is 14 in high x 10 in wide. This machine comes standard with a quick-slide vise for swinging from right to left, and hydraulic clamping and head lift which combine to make a semi-automatic cycle control. This American-made band saw comes with a 1¼ in blade, saw guides with carbide inserts, large material bed, and a remote control console as well as other standard features.

This general-purpose American-made band saw provides maximum versatility and longevity, with minimum maintenance. With their massive heads, large blades, and array of standard features, these machines are designed to handle the toughest applications for years of production.

Scotchman also offers the Scotchman Pipe Notcher by Almi. These pipe notchers are top quality, economical and great for high production. Scotchman pipe notchers are efficient, manually operated, electrically driven machines and abrasive pipe grinders for the notching of gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless steel pipes, and many other types of pipes. Wherever pipes need to be welded together at an angle, Scotchman pipe notching machines ensure that the correct cope is made quickly and accurately and are ideal for double corner joints.

Scotchman offers three types of pipe notchers: Manual, Electric and an Abrasive Notcher/Grinder:
1)  The manual machines can easily be mounted on a wall. The manual lever enables you to transfer considerable force with minimal effort. Scotchman offers four manual models: AL1, AL2, AL3 and AL-U.

2)  The electric drive notching machine is ideal for rigorous use. The motor forms one unit with the special eccentric shaft that drives the notching tool. The motor is fitted with an on/off switch with zero-voltage protection and a guard. Scotchman offers two electric drive machines: AL1-2E and AL1-2U.

3)  The construction quality of a welded tube depends largely on correct preparation. With the Scotchman abrasive pipe notcher/grinder, quality is easily achieved. Just place a pipe in the clamp, which is mounted on a compound carriage, and grind a diameter and/or any shape of pipe accurately and efficiently to the desired angle. These abrasive grinders are sturdy, precise machines which operate at high speeds so stainless-steel sections can be machined problem free without grinding burrs or heat discoloration. These machines are constructed so the grinding roller and the grinding belt can be changed easily and quickly without tools, saving you time and money. Scotchman offers three models:  AL100U-01 AL100U-02 and the AL 150.

Pipe Notchers by Almi are quick, easy, inexpensive cost savers that are accurate on all material thicknesses and all types of material. They are easy to operate and are ideal for tubes and sections. The grinding rollers are easy to change, and the grinding belt is quickly tightened and easily adjusted. Once the sections of pipe have been ground they can be deburred using the handy deburring table on top of the machine. Scotchman Pipe Notchers are backed with a best-in-the business, 3-year warranty.

The L.S. Starrett Company (Athol, MA), a global manufacturer of precision tools and metrology equipment and other tools, has reduced the price of its 795 and 796 line of electronic micrometers by more than 25 percent and expanded the line with 15 new tools. The expanded line offers a measuring range to 4 in/100 mm. The price reduction makes Starrett’s design, build quality and precision an affordable choice for a broader range of people considering the purchase of an electronic micrometer.

Starrett 795 and 796 micrometers feature an IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, chips, dirt, dust and other contaminants found in hostile shop environments. The 795 includes an RS232 output port for data transmission while the 796 does not have output. The 795’s RS232 port allows output to the Datasure® Wireless Data Collection System and other RS232-equipped systems. All other features and specifications of the 795 and 796 are identical.

The 795 and 796 electronic micrometers include large, easy-to-read (.275 in/7mm), high-contrast LCD digital readout; a balanced, tapered frame for comfortable and accurate measuring and a no-glare satin chrome finish on the thimble and sleeve. Other features include micro-lapped carbide measuring faces; automatic shut-off after 20 minutes of nonuse; inch/millimeter conversion, and an ability to zero the tool at any position as well as retain and return to the true zero reading.

Starrett also offers the SR200 Surface Roughness Tester, a powerful, full-featured instrument that can be used either freestanding (on horizontal, vertical or even inverted surfaces) or bench-mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications. It is battery powered for portability, with an AC adapter available. Fast and flexible, the SR200 can calculate ten parameters, covering a comprehensive range of roughness testing requirements. Its electronics provide very fast analysis, with results calculated and displayed even before the traverse unit returns. This rapid processing, combined with intuitive menu buttons, ensures measurement cycle productivity.

The SR200 has a uniquely engineered stylus lift mechanism which allows a vertical adjustment of 2 in/ 50 mm and rotation of the pickup to different measuring positions, including right angle or inverted measurements. These adjustments to the height and position of the gage allow areas and features of a part to be easily measured without additional complex fixturing, saving time. This feature saves the operator a huge amount of set up time and allows total flexibility. Typical applications where the stylus lift is invaluable include the measurement of steps, bores, grooves and lands.

The tester’s large LCD displays a full menu and all measurement results. The user scrolls through the menus with the two control buttons, makes a selection and then presses the MEASURE key. All selections are saved for future measurements with a built-in memory capacity that holds up to 100 readings. The SR200 includes an RS232 port, so all measurement criteria and results can be readily exported.

The SR200 includes TalyProfile Lite Windows software with powerful analysis features and on-screen graphic profile images. The software allows graphs, profiles and results to be arranged and printed within TalyProfile or exported to presentation software. TalyProfile Lite provides an easy upgrade path to the fuller featured Silver and Gold versions suitable for more advanced shop floor inspection and laboratory analysis applications.

Out of the box, the SR200 package includes everything needed for a broad range of applications, eliminating the need for extra-cost options required with other products. In addition, an extensive range of pickups and accessories are also available to suit various measurement requirements.

Trumpf Inc. (Farmington, CT) will feature laser systems that showcase all three of the company’s resonator technologies – TruCoax and TruFlow CO2 resonators and the fiber guided solid-state TruDisk laser – while always emphasizing the utmost in efficiency, productivity and safety.

Highlights include the introduction of the TruMatic 7000 to the North American market, the TruLaser 5030 fiber, and other innovative products and services such as, the company’s customer portal to useful, streamlined information on machines, products and services, where everything is well organized and only a few mouse clicks away. Demonstrations of will take place at MyTRUMPF Café.

The TruMatic 7000 combines the best of both worlds: scratch-free punching, and laser processing with the TruFlow CO2 laser to yield high-precision results. This high-end combination machine meets the most stringent demands for part quality, productivity and flexibility. The machine comes in two formats, medium and large, and can process sheet metal up to 5/16 of an inch. With the TruMatic 7000’s unique forming capabilities, parts with previously unheard-of dimensions can be created. Reliability and versatility are at the heart of this Trumpf innovation. The machine features 4 kW of laser power for the highest cutting dynamics, along with productive punching with a maximum stroke rate of 1200 spm in the medium format, 1000 spm in the large format.

Trumpf provides fabricators with more options than ever for laser cutting with the TruLaser 5030 fiber, TruLaser 1030 and the TruLaser 3030. Sheet metal fabricators who cut parts out of thin sheet material will find that the TruLaser 5030 fiber, with its fiber-guided TruDisk solid state laser, will reduce the cost of producing parts by up to 20 percent. Because of its high dynamics, the machine is able to make full use of the solid state laser’s advantages and achieve very high cutting speeds in thin sheet when producing parts such as medical products, items for ventilation systems and façade elements.

The TruLaser 1030 not only offers the ability to easily add laser cutting to in-house services – opening the door for fabricators to pursue new business opportunities – but now there are multiple options within the TruLaser 1030 product line that empower manufacturers to make choices depending on their individual preferences and business requirements: The TruLaser 1030 fiber with TruDisk 2001 solid state laser and 2 kW of laser power, and the TruLaser 1030 with TruCoax 2500, featuring 2.5 kW of power.

In addition to the TruLaser 5030 fiber and the TruLaser 1030 and its various options, Trumpf offers the TruLaser 3030 with its reliable and time-proven TruFlow CO2 laser, which offers fabricators high process dependability. Available with up to 6 kW of laser power and Trumpf’s RotoLas tube cutting option, the TruLaser 3030 with single cutting head strategy sets the standard for the future with features that increase productivity and flexibility when cutting sheet thicknesses up to one inch.

What do you require of your press brake? Trumpf continues to put the power of choice in manufacturers’ hands by providing innovative, industry-leading products to address any bending requirement. Fabricating solutions are found in both their hydraulic and electric press brakes. The TruBend Series 5000 is a hydraulic system for a wide variety of precision bending of parts in various sizes and material thicknesses, whereas the TruBend Series 7000 is an electric press brake that offers high speed bending of smaller parts from thinner materials and features ergonomically-correct conditions for the operator.

Completing Trumpf’s line up at this year’s show include the TruMark Station 5000, a display of laser technology from Trumpf’s Laser Division featuring their full array of technology, TruTops software, and Trumpf’s line of portable power tools.

MultiCam® Inc. (Dallas, TX) a global CNC cutting system manufacturer, announced the Classic CNC Router as a new product offering. The industry challenge was to build a rigid, reliable CNC machine platform with excellent performance at an entry-level price.

“The Classic offers a price/performance breakthrough in CNC router design,” said John Harris, the director of sales and marketing for MultiCam. “It combines simplicity and functionality in an inexpensive cutting system.” This basic router provides more standard features than any other machine in its class. MultiCam’s hand-held EZ Controlâ is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use motion-control systems on the market. The Classic is the perfect solution for sign manufacturing and applications requiring value, efficiency and affordability.

A leading manufacturer of magnetic drills and Rotabroach® annular cutters announces their new RotaFoam™ cutting fluid. The new RotaFoam™ foamy cutting fluid from Hougen Manufacturing, Inc. (Swartz Creek, MI) provides maximum adhesion to the tool and visually assures thorough coverage.

In most metalworking applications, nothing is more important than proper tool lubrication. RotaFoam™ cutting fluid is an extreme heavy-duty foamy aerosol lubricant that provides superior protection to the cutting tool, even in hard, high torque machining applications. RotaFoam™ has “super sticky” properties to adhere to the tool and reduce friction throughout the cut.

This cutting fluid is formulated with XHD blue colored foam that allows the operator to consistently gauge where the lubricant is sprayed and visually assures thorough coverage. It is designed for use on all metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, Inconel, hastalloy, titanium, aluminum and other alloys and exotics. RotaFoam™ is a versatile cutting fluid that provides maximum lubrication and increased tool life in many different applications and tools. Example applications include annular cutters, taps, drills, saws, reamers, end mills and more.

Not only does RotaFoam™ provide lubrication to cutting tools, it also improves hole and surface finishes. RotaFoam™ is available in single net weight 17 oz (482 g) aerosol cans (Part No. 11747) or in a case of twelve cans (Part No. 11747-12). The product is made in the U.S. and contains no chlorinated solvents or harmful CFCs. Hougen holemaking technologies also include 26 models of portable magnetic drills, plus a wide range of annular cutters for a variety of applications, and Punch-ProTM Portable Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers.

Stor-Loc® (Kankakee, IL) introduces the new MM10 Combination Cabinet. The MM10 combines multi-width and multi-height drawers into one single cabinet housing. The triple section design allows users to combine various height drawers in the left side, middle and right side of the unit, providing unlimited versatility. 9500 sq in of drawer space are combined into a mobile workstation to store tools, parts or other components affording high density storage in a single, functional work area.

Included are one double wide drawer with 4 in of usable height plus thirteen standard wide drawers in various heights of the customer’s choice. Each drawer delivers a 400 lb capacity and can be subdivided into storage compartments of any size. Use for storage of tools and instruments, inspection and assembly, or for spare part storage. Heavy duty casters are included with pull handles for mobility. Choose from a maple top or a stainless steel cap over maple.

Walker Magnetics Group, Inc. (Worcester, MA), an international leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic products for industrial applications, introduces the world’s first and only human machine interface (HMI) for burning table applications.

Walker Magnetics’ HMI brings unusual capacity and flexibility to burning table applications. But what makes their system go from unusual to unique is its exclusive operator interface – a touch screen panel. This new system with HMI mimics the most modern CNC control panels. Its multiple screens give the operator a clear visual of all system functions, providing instant access to information, feedback and options.

Using the screen, the operator can easily choose which individual or group of lifting devices to use – magnets or vacuum pads. The operator selects what he wants to lift. Brings it to the burning table. Selects. Cuts. Loads and unloads. All faster and easier than ever before. All with a touch of the screen. No more toggles or switches. One Walker Magnetics HMI screen can replace hundreds of wires needed for a conventional system.

The new system has the ability to handle plates as large as 10 ft x 50 ft and as small as 2 ft x 3 ft. It also offers greater flexibility. In addition to magnets, it’s a vacuum system. If the operator wants to handle very thin steel plate, or aluminum plate, or brass plate, or composite plate, with this system they can just activate the vacuum cups that are right next to the magnets. Whether it’s for servicing one burning table or multiple tables, the Walker Magnetics HMI system handles everything effectively and efficiently. It maximizes torch time, letting the operator cut more parts per shift and move parts through the shop on time.

This level of functionality and ease of use is a first for the industry. And it’s right at your fingertips.

Bystronic Inc. (Hauppage, NY) is introducing new laser cutting, waterjet cutting and bending technology, machinery, automation and software at this year’s show. They start with the BySpeed Pro 3015 laser cutting machine with ByLaser 6000 laser source and ByTrans Extended load/unload automation. BySpeed Pro offers outstanding process reliability, highest cutting speeds, low operating costs and a wide range of automation options. New automatic nozzle centering is a standard feature. There is also an optional automatic nozzle and lens cassette changer.

Next is the BySprint Fiber 3015 laser system, known for its unprecedented parts output in the thin sheet metal range, is also powerful enough to cut steel up to ½ in thick material with high process reliability and precision. The BySprint Fiber offers the high degree of system flexibility that is often required by job shops.

Bystronic is also introducing the ByJet Smart waterjet that is economically priced to acquire and maintain. This high performance, easy to operate, robust and compact waterjet proves power and quality are not a question of price. CNC metering of the abrasive garnet sand reduces consumables to the minimum requirements. Its automatic CNC height sensing maintains nozzle standoff, which is critical for maintaining part accuracy.

Equipped with the most comprehensive database on material bend allowances and extensive empirical bending knowledge, the Xpert 150 press brake makes a bending professional of every user, regardless of experience. The following options are new: FastBend + safety system for higher productivity and increased machine safety; an Energy Saver feature that saves up to one-third of the energy that is consumed by conventional press brakes; and LED tool location and LED bend station mapping can now be located on the upper ram.

ByFinances is being introduced as a new financial arm that will offer buyers even greater flexibility to make the best equipment financing choice available on the market today. Product demonstrations and software presentations will be ongoing throughout the show.

SafeHold® MPL Series permanent lifting magnets from Eriez® (Erie, PA) make quick work of difficult, time-consuming steel handling. These durable magnets operate on 115 VAC power and turn on and off. In the event of an interruption in power supply, the magnets remain in their current position (on or off) and cannot be operated until power is restored. This capability keeps plant workers safe from accidental dropped loads.

Operators can lift, move or position steel or iron without slings, hooks or cables and without having to manually release the magnet. SafeHold magnets are ideal for handling both flat and round material, especially semi-finished products with flat surfaces such as machine parts, press molds for forming and steel plates. These magnets are also an excellent choice for loading round bars into lathes.

SafeHold MPL Series permanent magnets turn on and off by activating a switch on the magnet (or optional pendant) to provide smooth operation for hundreds of lifting and positioning applications. The internal on/off changeover mechanism eliminates possible scratches on the work surface when loading or unloading. There are no batteries to recharge or replace and no costly DC power supply.

Maximum lifting capacity (with 2:1 safety factor) is 4,500 lb (2041 kg) for a flat steel plate and 3,000 lb (1363 kg) for a round surface product. Thin sheets, rough and irregular surfaces, odd shapes and scale all affect holding power and must be considered when establishing a safety factor.



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