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Welding Guns/Torches

A welding gun directs the wire to the joint, transfers the welding current to the wire and provides the gas for shielding the arc and weldpool. For light duty work, air-cooled guns rely on the shielding gas passing through the body to cool the nozzle and have a limited current-carrying capacity. Water-cooled guns are preferred for high current levels, especially at high duty cycles. In electric welding, the torch conducts electric current to the electrode and carries the shielding gas to the arc zone of the welding arc. In gas welding, the torch adjusts the mixture of gases and guides the welding flame. Torches may be moved along the edges being welded by hand or automatically.

Welding Guns/Torches: Articles

T.J. Snow: One-Spot-Shop for Resistance Welding

SlimLine Pedestal-Type Spot Welders, Heavy-Duty Projection Welders, Rocker Arm Spot Welders, TECNA® Spot Welders, Portable Spot Welding Guns, Small Portable Spot Welding Guns, TECNA® MFDC Spot Welding Guns, Capacitor Discharge (CD) Welding, Seam Welders, Servo-Actuated SlimLine with Guided Ram, SlimLine Multi Gun Spot Welders, Custom, Special Design Resistance Welding Machinery, Butt Welders, Flash Welders, Used & Remanufactured Spot Welders, Robotic Spot Welding, Bench Welders, Microwelders, Stud Welding, Tooling & Fixtures, Remanufactured & Reconditioned Spot Welders, The Industry Leader in Resistance Spot Welding Machinery, Capacitor Discharge (CD) Welding System, Resistance Welder Installations & Upgrades, Spot Welder Repair & Rebuild, Spot Welder Repairs & Services, Resistance Spot Welding Service, Repairs & Maintenance, Set-Up & Weld Schedule Development, Fast Service with Company Plane, T.J. Snow: One-Spot-Shop for Resistance Welding, T.J. Snow, Co., Sam Snow, resistance welding machinery, 3-arm Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding machine, Tom Snow, Multi-gun Welders, Turnkey Robotic Systems, remanufactures any brand of resistance welders, Patton Locke, Resistance seam welders, press-type resistance welders, IPC (industrial process cooling)

As the company celebrates its 60th year in business, it is excited about the future of its products and its place in serving the metalworking industry.

As the company celebrates its 60th year in business, it is excited...

Smart Finishes: Surface Preparation and Finishing

CS Unitec Inc., Dynabrade, Inc., ESCO Tool, Fronius USA LLC, Gema USA Inc., Madison Chemical, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Osborn, NovoFlex, Rex-Cut Abrasives, TRUMPF, WALTER Surface Technologies

Thanks to advancements, the steps involved in surface prep and finishing processes are fewer, and products are more versatile and safer.

Thanks to advancements, the steps involved in surface prep and finishing processes...
Welding Guns/Torches: Products

Speed to Market Matters: Bluco Shares how to get There Faster

Speed to Market Matters: Manufacturer Shares how to get There Faster, Bluco® Corp., Brian Dodsworth, 100% square welding application, manufactures positioning, robotic and machining applications

It’s a strategy that pays off for customers. Bluco’s booth will feature stories of customers who’ve shaved 50% off production time, reduced overall costs by 10%, achieved 7x greater accuracy, and finished parts a month faster.

It’s a strategy that pays off for customers. Bluco’s booth will feature...
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