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Josh Leath

Josh Leath is a welding product manager at Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division, Email

Articles by Josh Leath

Mitigating Hazards with Robots

Motoman, Josh Leath, Robotics, automation, welding, press tending

Embrace robots to enhance worker safety and increase worker satisfaction in order to achieve greater overall productivity, boosting return on investment.

Maximize Your Investment in a Welding Cobot

Yaskawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics, collaborative robot, cobot

A collaborative robot (cobot) welds more efficiently, more consistently, and has a longer reach than its human counterparts. Here’s what to consider as you shop for a model that will boost your operation’s throughput and quality.

The Smarter Way to Tube Weld

Robotic welding is no longer just for low-mix, high-volume production. Robot manufacturers are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop “smart” systems that quickly and easily handle both programming and welding.

How Robots Smooth Demand in a Fluctuating Market

Whether a shop is looking to add robots for the first time or an established manufacturer wants to implement extra technology for handling production pitfalls, the use of robotics to catapult momentum, boost production and accelerate ROI can provide a wealth of options for smoothing demand in a fluctuating market.

The Jig is Up: Flexible Part Positioning

Whether welding or handling, the flexibility of a six-axis robot arm is tough to beat. A single workcell with multiple robots can complete several processes with great reliability for the consistency needed to maintain 24/7 operations in an industrial climate that lacks skilled workers.

Making Robots “Tick” for Your Operations

One robot on its own can make a difference in production efficiency. But many shops are realizing how – although what makes one robot “tick” will most likely vary from another – the use of multiple robots in conjunction with each other and/or peripheral technologies can further improve efficiency and accelerate payback.

Building a Robotic Workcell Champion

How do the most productive and efficient shops achieve faster ROI and rationalize more cell purchases? Many have a trained champion who garners support from other team members to meet deadlines and becomes accountable for the new or existing robotic workcell.

How to Choose the Right Positioner for Your Robotic Welding Application

Excellence in welding automation relies heavily upon the capabilities of the positioner being used for the application. Selecting the right positioner technology requires a clear understanding of the positioner options and features that are available to gain the flexibility you need to improve weld quality and decrease cycle times.

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