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Caleb Haven

Caleb Haven is product manager for Hobart, Email

Articles by Caleb Haven

Improving Weld Quality in Production Environments

Addressing poor weld quality, failures, and rework takes longer and costs more to resolve as a part moves through the welding process. Follow these seven rules of thumb to enhance your operation’s throughput.

Busted: 5 Myths About Metal-Cored Welding Wire

Metal-cored wire isn’t new, but there are often misconceptions about applications, cost, performance, strength, and workability compared to solid wire. Read on to learn how you might be missing opportunities to increase welding operation productivity for less cost.

Misconceptions About Filler Metal Strength

Selecting the proper filler metals for a given welding application can be difficult and confusing. To better understand what impacts filler metal strength, consider these four common misconceptions, along with guidelines to rectify them.

Making the Case for Metal-Cored Wire

Though it has increased efficiencies and reduced overall costs in heavy equipment, automotive and general manufacturing, some shops that are good candidates are still reluctant to change to metal-cored wire. Why? Most importantly, what is their risk for not converting?

Choosing the Right Drive Roll is Key for Smooth Wire Feeding

Is your wire welding operation being challenged by poor feedability, birdnesting, burnback, or clogging of the gun liner? If so, you may be using the wrong type or size of drive rolls for the job, or using improper drive roll tension. Here are some tips to help you prevent downtime and its associated costs due to poor wire feeding.

Gaining Efficiencies by Increasing Welding Wire Size

The time and energy it takes to make the conversion from smaller-diameter wire to a larger one could save countless hours and improve quality. Here are several initial steps that are necessary to make the conversion.

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