Ensure Interchangeability of Parts Between Different Manufacturers

Euro-Tech, the distributor of Frenco splines and gears, announced that the new spline gage product line ensures interchangeability of parts even between different manufacturers.

Euro-Tech (Menomonee Falls, WI), the only North American distributor of Frenco splines and gears, announced that the firm’s new product line provides a quick method of inspecting involute splines, serration splines and straight sided splines to ensure interchangeability of parts even between different manufacturers.

Frenco’s INO System is an internal standard for the external dimensional measurement of spline gages based on an average of national and international standards that is suited to even the most sensitive and complex components and systems. The spline gages are available in extremely wear-resistant chrome steel, powder metallurgy high speed steel ASP and high-alloy powder metallurgy high speed steel HX.

This content, as well as the hardness of the material, determines the wear resistance of the spline gage. Use can determine the appropriate time intervals between wear inspections depending on this wear resistance. These highly wear resistant materials allow the inspection intervals to be significantly extended.

Spline gauges are subject to wear during use. To this end a wear tolerance with an allowable wear limit of the worn dimension has been designed. Gauges have to be scrapped as soon as this wear limit is reached. The estimated life span is used as a basis for the monitoring pattern and is expressed in the number of workpiece inspections carried out:

• after 25 perent of the estimated life span: size check over / between pins.
• after 50 percent of the estimated life span: size check + additional inspection of the individual form deviations.

Along with more advanced diagnosis than the currently applicable standards, Frenco spline gages offer traceability to PTB certified parts ensuring reliable measuring results. The Frenco calibration laboratory is a DKD calibration station for helix profile parts.

The quoted price for Frenco spline gages always includes comprehensive gage drawings (also available in electronic form) as well as “new” certification from the Frenco laboratory. All spline gages are clearly and permanently labeled with profile data, user identification numbers, manufacturer’s drawing and drawing number, material, serial number and date of manufacture. Spline gages are reusable and worn gages can be rebuilt. Each gage comes with a 5-year guarantee against material faults. Should a material fault occur within this period it will be repaired at no charge.

Special steels are available for added durability, reduction of test equipment monitoring costs, reduced manufacturing or wear tolerances. These have a higher alloy content and hardness. Special delivery is offered for emergency situations.



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