Blind Hole Tap for Structural and High Tensile steels, Abrasive Materials and More

The Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus blind hole tap from Walter USA uses a helix angle of 45 deg, long flutes and a tapered guide to cut threads in blind holes up to a depth of 3xD.

Walter USA, LLC (Waukesha, WI) has unveiled the latest version of the Walter Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus blind hole tap, a versatile performer that also offers long tool life plus enhanced reliability.

Key to the Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus’s extremely wide application range is its construction. The tool is manufactured out of HSS-E PM and is optionally available with THL or TiN coating, and external or internal cooling with radial or axial coolant outlet. This allows the tap to successfully process a broad range of materials including structural and high tensile steels, abrasive materials and materials which tend to fuse, stainless steels, malleable cast iron, plus copper/aluminum alloys. And thanks to its helix angle of 45 deg, long flutes and a tapered guide, the Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus cuts threads in blind holes up to a depth of 3xD.

The latest version of the Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus benefits from enhancements both to its micro-geometry and to its manufacture which employs the most advanced methods throughout the entire tool production process, from the initial machining of blanks all the way through finish grinding. These enhancements provide up to 30 percent higher tool life in comparison with the previous tool.

This overview shows how Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus achieves a high level of process reliability due to very good chip formation, increased tool life and stability due to newly developed micro and thread core geometry, fewer tools required, since it can be applied universally to a wide range of materials, fewer tool changes and optimum machine output resulting from high cutting speeds and long tool life and reduction in lubricant costs due to the facility for dry or MQL machining with steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys.

For example, in a field test in which M6 blind hole threads were cut in locking rings made of 316L (V4A) stainless steel, the Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus made 1110 threads, while its competitor with a similar design achieved 720 threads.

Walter now offers the Prototyp Paradur® Eco Plus in a broad range of sizes up to M64. Additionally, variants for metric and inch fine threads are available. In some cases there are also left hand thread variants in standard sizes.

Walter USA, LLC offers an extensive line up of cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning, boring and specialized tooling for unique applications through its competence brands Walter Valenite, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp. As well as multi-level service programs through its Walter Multiply brand.

Headquartered in Waukesha, the company has a strong network of distributors and field engineers across North America. The Walter name is synonymous with productivity, thanks to more than 80 years of developing cutting tools and inserts that set new standards in production. Walter USA, LLC combines over 75 years of U.S.-based tooling production with long-standing traditions of quality and innovation.

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