Lucifer Furnaces Supplies Hammond with High Temp Box Furnace

Hammond will use the Model 3027-K12 furnace for the development of PZT powders that serve the battery, ceramics and glass industries. 

Lucifer Furnaces, Inc. (Warrington, PA) recently shipped a High Temperature Laboratory Box Furnace to Hammond Lead Products, Pottstown, PA. Hammond is a leading producer of products to serve the battery, ceramics and glass industries around the globe.

The Model 3027-K12 heats to 2500 deg F with silicon carbide rod-type heating elements mounted above and below the hearth providing uniform heat in the work chamber. The 12 in x 12 in x 12 in chamber is lined with 7 in of dry fit insulation consisting of 5 in insulating brick and 2 in mineral wool block. The double pivot horizontal swing door with insulating plug meets with the throat section at the front of the furnace chamber minimizing heat loss.

Hammond selected a Honeywell UDC 3500 temperature controller with enhanced set point programming, fast scanning and onboard diagnostics, as well as an Overtemperature Safety System for automatic furnace shutdown in the event of a high temperature excursion, an add-on recommended for unattended furnace operation.

Controls are mounted in the furnace base cabinet and include a voltage regulating power transformer with selector switches. A type R platinum thermocouple mounted through the roof provides a fast, accurate response and excellent lifespan at elevated temperatures. Hammond Lead Products will be using the furnace for the development of PZT powders.  Jon Hegland of Hammond says they chose a Lucifer because it was “the right product at the right price, and everyone involved in the sale were friendly and helpful.”,


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