New DMG Mori UK Appointments

Martin Woodbridge is the new installation manager and Neil Stuart is a new product manager for milling for the North of England.

As part of a recruitment drive that has seen the addition of five new highly skilled service engineers, DMG Mori UK (Coventry, UK) is pleased to announce that Martin Woodbridge has joined the company as installation manager and Neil Stuart has joined as product manager for milling for the North of England.

Woodbridge had ten years of experience with DMG and, after a three-year absence from the company, has rejoined DMG Mori to bring his expertise in the support of technically complex projects to the crucial role of machine installation. He says, “With the amalgamation of DMG and Mori Seiki into DMG Mori the volume of machine installations has accelerated considerably. My objective is to bring a high level of professionalism to the installation process and deliver on and exceed customer expectations. As soon as the sale has been finalized we aim to build a close working relationship with the client so that DMG Mori is perceived to be the ultimate supplier, ensuring that we will be the first choice for further machinery investments.”

Stuart has been working with DMG machines for 16 years and will be bringing his extensive knowledge of milling and the DMG Mori range of machines to the role. He says, “Our customers have increasingly complex machining requirements, many of which lend themselves to 5-axis or integrated mill-turn solutions. My aim is to help the customer understand the best way of making his parts with different types of cutting methodology, tool selection and machine selection. The knowledge that I can contribute to the customer helps him to understand the solution we are offering and reinforces the confidence he will have in us as a long term partner for his business.”

Steve Finn, the managing director of DMG Mori, says, “We have an enormous range of machinery at our disposal and our aim is to not only offer the ultimate in high quality machinery, but also provide premier levels of service for our customers for the lifetime of the equipment. These appointments will help us to achieve our objectives and deliver significant benefits to our clients.”

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