MultiCam Aquired by Rosewood Investment Firm

Beyond capital infusion, the family-backed investment team will help MultiCam with lean manufacturing strategies that build a growth foundation.

MultiCam (Dallas, TX), a CNC cutting solutions manufacturer, was acquired by Rosewood Private Investments on May 12th of this year. Rosewood will partner with the current leadership team to accelerate organic growth and pursue strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses.

MultiCam has established itself as an international leader in the CNC cutting solutions industry with over sixty technology centers worldwide.The company has a long-standing tradition of product development and manufacturing various technologies, including routing, digital finishing, knife, plasma, waterjet, and laser CNC cutting systems.

“It was important for MultiCam to find a partner who shares our values, supports U.S. manufacturing, values our technology center network, and has a talented team that will help us grow well into the future” said Kris Hanchette,the president and chief executive officer of MultiCam. “Rosewood brings more to the table than just capital and their team will be able to help MultiCam with strategy, lean manufacturing, and much more. We will work together to continue building a foundation that is not only good for growth, but will ensure that MultiCam can thrive well into the future.”

Rosewood is a unique investment firm based out of Dallas,TX. They are responsible for investing the capital of a single high-net worth family, which in turn, allows them to have more flexibility than traditional private equity funds and a long-term investment perspective. Rosewood also has a successful track record of investing in manufacturing businesses and will be able to draw upon this experience to help MultiCam achieve its goals.



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