One Digital Factory Platform, Endless Options

The unique software architecture of FASTSUITE Edition 2 digital factory software from CENIT can easily program robots and/or machine tools by using the process geometry defined on the workpiece and the available technology packages.

The continuing trend of highly individualized products will lead to higher variants, lower production batches, and more flexible automation systems. Because of this, the use of robot-based applications will dramatically increase. Digital Factory methods, virtual process planning, offline programming, simulation and optimization will become mandatory to enable new technologies and to increase production efficiency. To support this steady revolution, a next generation of digital factory solutions is required. In Booth 2025, FASTSUITE Edition 2 from CENIT North America, Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI) provides the flexibility that is designed to support these demands in a very efficient, targeted way.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 is based on a unique software architecture and concept which allows users to easily program robots and/or machine tools, making use of the process geometry, defined on the workpieces and the available technology packages. For example, the process geometries can be points in case of spot welding, curves in case of laser cutting, or surfaces in case of processes like painting or polishing. FASTSUITE automatically selects the corresponding technology package based on the tool mounted on the robot for programming. The different technology packages will provide a GUI that is customized directly for the particular technology and will compute the tool path in a way that it is already optimized for a given technology, such as arc welding or laser cutting, which will already contain all process specific commands for the controller.

Among many other features, FASTSUITE provides for Offline Programming the following functionalities:

  • Manual teach-in of robot positions
  • Definition of events and commands (open, close, etc.) for the integration of handling tasks (loading/unloading, etc.)
  • Manual optimization and modification of the thought positions
  • Creation or importation of process geometries
  • Automatic programming of operations
  • Generic point, curve and plain operations
  • Support of technology apps
  • 3-point calibration
  • Program download

As a stand-alone simulation platform, this system supports production processes with best-in-class software technology for the entire Digital Manufacturing process, from engineering to the virtual start of production. This means: simple usability, responsive to any data format, adaptability to specific technological environments, and a price structure that is in line with the market conditions. FASTSUITE Edition 2 uniquely targets different process steps that are positioned between both classical product design and actual production. Due to its innovative functional range and modularity, it is the ideal solution for shops with the need to program a smaller robot cell, as well as large manufacturers who eventually want to support their entire digital factory. The expandability of FASTSUITE Edition 2 enables them to start small and extend the solution with growing project requirements.


CENIT North America, Inc., 691 North Squirrel Road, # 275, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, 248-309-3251,,



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