Lear Seating Installs Coil Feed Lines

The two new feed lines from Dallas Industries use an Allen-Bradley, Ethernet-based control architecture with SyncLoop and ProfileSelect controls.

Dallas Industries (Troy, MI), a leading manufacturer of coil handling, press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry, has announced that the Lear Seating facility in Arteaga, Mexico, has taken delivery on two feed lines that were built on an Allen-Bradley, Ethernet-based control architecture and feature SyncLoop controls that synchronize the feeder and straightener speeds to dramatically enhance the slack loop’s stability and control, and the exclusive ProfileSelect™ feed control system that uses a smooth cam-motion (sinusoidal) profile for a feed motion that utilizes 100 percent of the press feed window, reducing stress on the material and the feed’s mechanical components.

One line is a 36 in wide refurbished conventional line featuring model DRF-436 cabinet mounted servo feed, threading table, model DPS-3-36-7 powered straightener and a 20,000 lb load capacity reel with load car. The second line is a new 48 in wide conventional push/pull feed line featuring model DRF-548 cabinet mounted servo feed (push feed), threading table, model DPS-3-48-7 powered straightener and a 20,000 lb load capacity reel with load car.  The pull feed also has a scrap shear integrated for easy scrap chopping. The powered straightener features a Hi-Flight back up roll assembly for Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHHS), which is an updated straightener roll backup design that increases roll rigidity over previous designs.



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