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Everest highly reliable custom plasma cutting systems from Pinnacle Industrial Automation Inc. use off-the-shelf components that provide maximum uptime and fast turnaround in the event of almost any machine problem.

Posted: December 1, 2009


A Canadian OEM that?s been building metal fabricating products for more than 17 years is introducing its product line into the U.S. market. Pinnacle Industrial Automation Inc. (Guelph, ON) has distinguished itself by designing and manufacturing CNC plasma cutting systems that incorporate time- and money-saving features to reduce downtime and repair costs.

Pinnacle developed their expertise by working on CNC plasma cutting machines built by other major manufacturers of plasma cutting equipment. Their engineers discovered precisely which parts and processes offered room for product improvement ? in drive systems, circuit boards, and other areas where either proprietary components or difficult-to-reach places have resulted in longer downtimes than necessary.

They zeroed in on producing more streamlined and standardized machines that allow service by local technicians. Repairs can be made with standard components that are well known and easier to acquire than those used by other makes of cutting machines. The work can be performed by any competent field service technician familiar with this type of machinery.

Specialized control systems, circuit boards, and other electronic components have been replaced with off-the-shelf Burny or Hypertherm controllers, Yaskawa drives, Hypertherm plasma torches, industry standard bearings, and similarly well-known standard items. Pinnacle?s method of designing and building CNC plasma cutting machines avoids costly delays in the manufacturing process because of hard-to-find, hard-to-machine, or otherwise expensive and inconvenient special components. Their focus is on high reliability, maximum uptime, and fast turnaround in the event of almost any machine problem.

One example of this is found at Brannon Steel (Brampton, ON), a privately-held Canadian steel service center that supplies high quality carbon steel parts to OEMs in the off -road construction, railroad locomotive and freight cars, agricultural and materials handling industries, as well as other large and small custom fabricators in Canada and the U.S.

?Because of the demands of our OEM customer base for large production quantities delivered just in time, we cannot afford to have any production downtime. We chose the Pinnacle machines for precisely this reason,? says Kevin Brannon, vice president of the company. ?Their concept of building machines from the perspective of years of experience servicing them has resulted in a rock solid machine with minimal downtime.?

?Through over seven years of 24/5 operation, and now with eight Pinnacle machines online, we have yet to experience any significant breakdown,? adds Brannon. ?Our Pinnacle plasma and oxyfuel machines have only enhanced our position as the quality choice for carbon steel profiles.?

As part of their market expansion, Pinnacle enlisted Ursviken Inc. (Elgin, IL), part of the Swedish company Ursviken Group, for support in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Ursviken is widely known in the metalworking world, with years of experience and a worldwide presence in the fabricating industry.

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