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Corporate Profile: Makino

An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.

Posted: April 24, 2012


An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Makino is committed to helping manufacturers improve the competitiveness of their business by combining the latest milling, EDM and automation capabilities with proven process solutions. Our offering of high-performance machining and turnkey solutions provide North American manufacturers with the competitive advantage they need to succeed globally.

Expanding Capabilities with Next-Generation HMCs
Makino’s a51nx and a61nx horizontal machining centers redefine the boundaries of 40-taper machining and expand capabilities, capacity, productivity and reliability with a host of next-generation technologies. These machines offer larger work envelopes, higher machine strength and rigidity far beyond levels typically associated with 40-taper machines, without the operating costs incurred from a 50-taper machine. Additionally, advanced spindle and axis guide technologies combine to deliver increased speed and precision in larger part applications.



The PS-Series: The New Standard in Production VMCs
Makino’s latest innovations, the PS65 and PS95, have set a new standard in vertical machining centers for production machining, offering reductions in cycle times, increased productivity, improved quality and minimization of capital investment. With the perfect combination of speed, power, torque and flexibility, the PS-Series is ideal for a variety of parts and materials, such as steel, cast iron and aluminum, common in today’s competitive job-shop environment. The PS-Series’ rigid construction, thermal stability and versatile spindle are well suited for all small-component manufacturing applications, including automotive, aerospace and medical.



Enabling Engineering Services
Today’s global economy puts fierce pressures on manufacturers to reduce costs, shrink lead-times and respond quickly to customer needs, especially in the ongoing race to quote and win new automotive contracts and part programs. At the same time, manufacturers are continually driven to reduce part costs while enhancing part quality by developing reliable, stable processes and systems that are flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing part volumes and designs.

Makino Engineering Services has an unmatched history of creating robust production-ready processes for parts with complex geometries, demanding deadlines, challenging budget constraints and Six Sigma standards. Hundreds of manufacturers have taken advantage of these services — each benefiting from guaranteed cycle times, Cpk and cost per part that meet or exceed their production goals. By managing every step of a project with single-point contact project management, Makino gives manufacturers the confidence and security to focus their valuable time on other critical aspects of their business.

Makino’s Titanium Machining ADVANTiGE™
Demand for titanium continues to climb to new heights alongside increasing orders for newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft. As such, Makino has designated a Global Titanium Research and Development Center at its North American headquarters in Mason, Ohio, where a specialized group of engineers furthers the development of titanium milling technologies and processes.



Makino has supported these efforts with the recent development of its new T-Series 5-axis horizontal machining centers with ADVANTiGE technologies, offering four times the productivity and four times the tool life of conventional titanium machining technologies. Makino’s ADVANTiGE is composed of several key machining technologies including a high-power and high-torque tilting spindle, Collision Safe Guard and Autonomic Spindle Technologies, high-pressure and high-flow coolant system, vibration damping system, and a rigid machine construction. Through these technologies, ADVANTiGE effectively manages thermal conditions, vibration and cutting forces, enabling aerospace manufacturers to simultaneously increase productivity and tool life for highly profitable machining of titanium aircraft components.

Micromachining That Offers Infinite Possibilities in a Finite World
Electronic components, medical devices and optical products continue to decrease in size and increase in complexity and demand. Makino provides the milling and EDM solutions necessary to bring ideas from design to production. We offer the ultra-precision micromachining technologies needed for the most demanding parts and features, with solutions that can control the minimum increment of movement to 10nm and provide positioning repeatability less than 100nm and positioning accuracy less than 500 nm.

One of Makino’s latest micromachining solutions is the iQ300 ultraprecision micromachining center. This vertical machining center incorporates Makino’s latest advancements in machine and spindle design, as well as unparalleled component temperature control. In addition, it uses 0.005-micron scale feedback for superior submicron accuracy. For a complete overview of Makino’s products and services, please visit

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7680 Innovation Way
Mason, Ohio 45040

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