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Exair’s Cold Gun Aircoolant System

A case study showing the technical capabilities and solutions from EXAIR Corporation.

Posted: April 27, 2013


A case study showing the technical capabilities and solutions from EXAIR Corporation.

Application Goal:
To provide cooling on a milling operation The blade manufacturer eliminated any oils which is being run dry to protect the integrity of a food grade 400 series stainless steel blade product.



Before Exair:
The blade manufacturer eliminated any oils and lubricants from the process because it caused a secondary cleaning operation, increased the time to manufacture eachblade and increased manufacturing costs. They switched to blowing open line compressed air onto the blade to provide some cooling. This process did improve the milling operation by removing some heat but they still saw premature tool wear. The open air line was loud and wasted a lot of compressed air.

After Exair:
This customer installed a Model 5330 High Power Cold Gun with two cold outlets onto his milling operation. The two cold outlets were positioned to blow cold air onto each side of their tool to remove heat. They were able to continue milling without any coolant or lubricant but with enhanced results over the open blow-off.

They were able to increase the speed of their operation by 20 percent, increas­ing production. They also achieved a 30 percent increase in tool life, contributing to lower costs. Additionally, they realized the benefit of lower noise compared to the old style open blow-off.

EXAIR Corporation
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Cincinnati, OH 45249-1621
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