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FABTECH 2015: Welding (Part One)

The latest advancements in welding power sources, software, fixtures, consumables and accessories that will be exhibited on the show floor. 

Booth N-24032: BESSEY displays high-quality welding table clamps for 16 mm and 28 mm matrix tables in either fixed throat versions or a variable throat depth version for maximum flexibility, with choices of a lever, cantilever, 2K handle or even the more traditional T Bar styles to choose for specific welding table set up.

Advanced Welding and Cutting Systems
In Booth N-6074, ESAB will showcase their new Warrior 400i MV CC/CV welding system that can automatically accept three-phase primary power ranging from 220V to 460V±10 percent, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

Automated Welding Redefined
In Booth N-18020, Fronius is launching their new TPS/i Robotics power source that is specially designed to meet the demands of robot-assisted welding.

Advanced Seam Finding Helps Blind Welding Robots to See
In Booth N-22058, Servo-Robot showcases their new Advanced Seam Finding Module, a user-friendly software package that provides vision to a blind robot in just a few steps and helps that robot produce only good parts.

Friction Welding Systems
In Booth S-2158, Coldwater Machine offers the SpinMeld friction spin welding system that reduces cycle time and defects when joining dissimilar combinations of materials.

Advanced Spot/Projection Welder
In Booth N-18025, Dengensha showcases their new MFDC Spot/Projection Welder that reaches maximum current levels faster and creates stronger welds for larger high strength steel parts.

Highly Productive Welding Operations
In Booths N-11027 and N-14037, Miller Electric will showcase their latest welding, cutting and safety equipment designed to address quality, safety and productivity challenges commonly found in the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries.

Generate Robot Welding & Cutting Code from CAD/CAM
In Booth N-22070, Robotmaster will display off-line programming software that provides quick and easy programming tools for welding and cutting, helping robot programmers radically by saving time and money.

One Economical Machine for Every Application
In Booth N-8013, Bug-O will showcase its lower profile 4th generation of the GO-FER IV, a straight-line, versatile and robust tractor that is extremely portable for all of a shop’s cutting and welding needs.

Heavy Duty 3-Axis Single Column
In Booth N-24049, ALM Positioners introduces their new MHL1P 3-axis, single column, 6,000 lb capacity positioner which requires no special foundation and is ideal for situations when total product access is needed.

Matrix Table Clamps
In Booth N-24032, BESSEY Tools extends its family of high-quality welding table clamps for 16 mm and 28 mm matrix tables.


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