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Grinding: Abrasives

When the job involves high precision or demanding fabrication, grinding can be tough work. To make it a little easier – and more profitable – take a closer look at the latest advances in abrasives.

Posted: March 1, 2019

For working on weld seams, deburring of steel components, rough grinding, fine grinding of stainless steel components, removal of mill and casting skins, and working on narrow, hard-to-reach areas, such as cooling ribs, the COMBICLICK quick-change fiber disc system from PFERD provides lower workpiece temperature while improving both stock removal and disc life.

Go Where No Wheel has Gone Before
The innovative, three-dimensional coating on 3-in-1 Diamond Grinding Wheels from IPA allows back cutting, gully grinding and bead finishing in areas that other high-speed grinding wheels cannot access.

Air Tools Designed for Cobots
Outfitting a cobot from Universal Robots with a Dynabrade sander can automate and streamline repetitive or potentially unsafe processes to increase productivity, reduce injury and provide consistency of finish at all levels of production.

Cutting and Snagging Wheels for Metal Fabrication and Shipbuilding Work
To meet the increasing levels of cutting performance required in metal fabrication and shipbuilding applications, Weiler Abrasives added 38 small diameter cutting and snagging wheels for high-speed die grinders that provide longer life and faster cutting.

Flap and Quick Change Discs for Effective Grinding, Cutting and Other Applications
Metalworking abrasives from Weldcote include flap discs, quick change discs, Korner flap discs, resin fiber discs, flap wheels, cutting wheels, pipeline wheels and grinding wheels that are formulated for a wide variety of metals.

Aluminum Grinding Reimagined
The Aluminator T27 cotton fiber grinding wheel from Rex-Cut Abrasives grinds aluminum fast and consistently without clogging and loading so that fabricators can grind and move on to the next step without stopping to clean the workpiece.

Flap Discs Provide Superior Stock Removal, Surface Finish and Service Life on Steel and Stainless Steel
The composite backing on POLIFAN PSF Z-TRIM flap discs from PFERD can be trimmed to extend service life and reduce time-consuming disc changes when surface grinding, weld grinding, blending, chamfering, and deburring steel and stainless steel.

How to Achieve Higher Productivity in Weld Cleanup
Five more TufBrush stringer bead brushes from Osborn provide superior material removal and product longevity in weld cleanup applications, including root and hot pass, surface preparation, deburring, pipe joining and other applications.

Do More with One Blade in a Wide Range of Trades
For metal cutting, deburring and light grinding of common metals and stainless steel, the METALMAX Type 27 Combo Wheel from LENOX delivers more than 1,000 cuts and 30X the life of comparable thin-bonded abrasive wheels.

Double-Cut Carbide Burrs Increase Stock Removal in Stainless Steel, Steel, Cast Steel and Composites
For less changeovers on demanding production runs, Norton Double-Cut Carbide Burrs from Saint-Gobain Abrasives are ideal for efficiently removing surface stock and weld splatter, deburring and chamfering, and medium to light cleaning applications.

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