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What’s Hot in the World of Welding: (Part Two)

Sailing on waves of innovation to meet demands for greater productivity, higher efficiency and improved quality, welding shops are using new equipment, tools and systems to address the skilled labor shortage, connect to the Smart Factory revolution and achieve leaner, more profitable operations.

For applications ranging from automotive to heavy fabrication, the DIGI-ARC system from Servo-Robot provides concurrent, real-time seam tracking and weld inspection for most arc welding processes. Its combined real-time feedback allows greater adaptive control of the welding process. Their compact WiKi-SCAN+ portable weld inspection system provides better access to tight joints, increased measurement accuracy and a redesigned user-interface to monitor, analyze, and improve weld processes.

Here is some more of the latest equipment, tools and systems that shops are using to weld jobs faster and learn how to effectively join new materials that have more sophisticated chemical composition with properties that provide better functionality and durability in general and heavy fabrication, construction, power generation, automotive, transportation and other applications:

Pulsed Laser Welding Improves Die and Mold Capabilities
G.H. Tool invested in an AL500 mobile laser welding system from Alpha Laser for making die repairs and engineering changes to mold cavity surfaces, as well as refurbishment of critical wear surfaces.

Final Line Manifold for Bulk Gas Systems
For safe and efficient welding, brazing and other processes, the 1030 final line manifold system from Harris Product Group regulates the pressure and flow of cryogenic gases from a bulk tank or micro bulk tank into facility pipelines for use in applications involving nitrogen, oxygen, argon and CO2 gases.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding for Aerospace Work
Students in the GTA110 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Aerospace course taught by Hobart Institute of Welding Technology work with typical materials, weld joint configurations and tools used in aerospace production, testing and repair.

Surface Welding Powders Combat Impact and Abrasive Wear
Höganäs provides Rockit 606 for laser cladding and Rockit 706 for the plasma transferred arc welding to prolong component lifetime in oil and gas, mining and construction, and other tough wear environments.

IIoT Platform for Fume Extraction and Dust Collection Delivers Cleaner Air for Welding
Cloud-based Insight filtration monitoring technology from Nederman uses smart components and controls to monitor the performance of FMC Dust Collectors and FlexPAK hi-vacuum dust collection systems used for on-torch fume extraction, machine tools, metalworking and combustible dust applications.

Robotic Welder for Medium-Size Structural Steel Fabrication
The compact Ocean Challenger robotic welder from Ocean Machinery | AGT Robotics increases production and reduces labor costs for structural steel fabricators striving to be more efficient and cost effective.

Robotic Production Welding Cell for First-Time Robot Buyers
The simple, compact ECO-ARC robotic production welding cell from OTC Daihen incorporates two weld tables for optimized runs of medium to high volume that don’t require part re-positioning.

Now and Then: Affordable, Expandable Robotic Weld Cell Automation
FASWeld Standard Robotic Weld Cells from Pre‐Tec allow shops to afford automation for the first time and then economically expand their robotic automation capabilities as their business needs change.

Intelligent Vision Systems Improve Weld Inspection
The DIGI-ARC real-time seam tracking system and WiKi-SCAN+ portable weld inspection system from Servo-Robot monitor, analyze, and improve weld processes.

Weld Visualization Using 3D-Welding Helmet
A new 3D-welding helmet from SRI and Kawada Technologies uses Xtreme Dynamic Range weld visualization technology to increase welding quality and productivity through higher visibility and expanded range of the welding tip, welds and surrounding welding scene.

A Tool Every Welder Needs
The Welder’s Hand is a MIG welding tool that steadies the arm and hand to reduce trigger time, make the weld spot-on accurate, produce a straighter and stronger bead, and reduce both vibration time and the risk of injury.


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