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Free Diagnostic Service Leverages Machine Data to Quickly Resolve Production Issues

Standard on all new models of lasers, press brakes, and punch presses, LVD Strippit’s Teleservice is an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled post-sale service that maximizes uptime by minimizing troubleshooting time. It’s also used to install control software and CADMAN software module updates.

Posted: April 6, 2020

Teleservice is standard on LVD Strippit’s lasers, press brakes, and punch presses. After the customer agrees to enable the system, a diagnostic snapshot is automatically recorded and reported when a machine error occurs. The information is sent to LVD servers via the machine’s controller. This helps LVD address any bugs in the system, correct them quickly, and prevent problems for other users.

Imagine you accidentally deleted some machine files, or your only operator called in sick and you’re not sure how to produce some hot jobs that must ship today.

These two scenarios have happened to LVD Strippit (Akron, NY) customers. They were quickly resolved, however, thanks to LVD’s free post-sale diagnostics service. Standard on all new models of lasers, press brakes, punch presses, and automation regardless of technology level, Teleservice is also provided for all CADMAN software modules and used to install control software and CADMAN software upgrades.

Teleservice helps LVD technicians identify, diagnose, and resolve problems in the shortest amount of time without visiting the customer onsite. As a result, the machine’s owner minimizes downtime and service costs.

For the customer who accidentally deleted files, LVD reloaded the files and got the machine running again in under 20 minutes. LVD technicians guided the customer whose operator called in sick through the entire process of getting the machine ready, loading the program, and running his parts so he could ship them out on time.

Not all issues can be resolved using Teleservice. However, the problem can be identified and the service technician better prepared (for instance, with the necessary spare part/s) if/when an onsite visit is necessary.

Teleservice uses a Windows platform and TeamViewer remote desktop software. Like remote IT diagnostics for a personal computer, the customer gives permission to launch a remote desktop session. An LVD technician accesses machine status, history, and other information and remotely controls the machine and/or software to troubleshoot the problem. Each session is encrypted based on RSA private/public key exchange and AES 256-bit encoding. The connection is temporary and doesn’t provide long-term access to the machine.

Remote access helps customers avoid time-consuming and potentially costly onsite work for troubleshooting problems in the field. Machine and software problems can be quickly and easily addressed, from updating software or changing machine parameters to solving common programming mistakes and tackling more significant issues.

Another advantage: On fiber laser cutting machines, chiller water quality is important. If the customer allows the machine to be connected, LVD can inform them ahead of time when a water change is due, giving them more time to schedule their maintenance and keep their production on schedule.

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