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Redesigned Machining Block Spindle Is 25% Faster

An AC inverter drive on the BEX 15 high-speed block spindle from Suhner Industrial Products increases spindle speed to 23,000 rpm at 87 Hz. Two slide-assembly mounting options enable multiple operations.

Posted: July 7, 2020

Suhner’s BEX 15 high-speed machining block spindle comes ready for rack mounting or can be mounted to a Suhner UA15-PH or UA15-CNC linear slide assembly.

With maximum spindle speed up to 23,000 rpm, the BEX 15 machining spindle from Suhner Industrial Products Corp. (Rome, GA) provides higher speeds for greater production. An adapter flange enables installation of multiple spindle heads and angle heads.

Standard variations are equipped with electric motors of 0.55 kW, 0.75 kW, or 1.5 kW. A new-style timing belt drive multiplies the motor speed up to 13,050 rpm spindle speed. An AC inverter drive raises spindle speed to 23,000 rpm at 87 Hz.

Standard motor mounting is in the rear, but optional front motor mounting is available upon request. Other options include frequency converter and direct-drive servomotor.

The BEX 15 can be mounted to the company’s UA15-PH or UA15-CNC linear slide assembly in an axial or radial orientation. With this combination, numerous operations, such as milling or demanding drilling cycles including jump or peck feed, are easily accomplished.

Four optional toolholder systems (collet ER25, ISO30, HSK50 and Weldon),  standard air purge connections for spindle and belt housing, and other options (for example, coolant through the spindle or automated tool change features) make this adaptable machining unit an optimal choice for demanding and specific inline machining requirements.

The BEX 15 with HSK spindle has an integrated 4-point system form C for manual tool clamping.

The BEX 8 is a smaller version that weighs 33 pounds.

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