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Multispindle Automatic Lathe With Swiss-Type Technology

DMG MORI and igus spent two years developing the Multisprint, the first machine to combine the efficiency and precision of a turning machine with the complexity of a universal turning machine.

Equipped with nozzles for fluid power equipment, implants for dentistry, and shafts for motor vehicle manufacturing, DMG MORI’s Multisprint multispindle automatic lathe is a scalable manufacturing solution from initial series production to high-volume production of complex workpieces. A combination of three types of machine technology, the machine greatly increases productivity and efficiency. Source: igus GmbH
DMG MORI’s Multisprint multispindle automatic lathe is powered by a complex energy supply system developed by igus. Mounted on the machine’s spindle drum, which weighs three metric tons, the readychain system comprises eight energy chains, 64 electric cables, and 73 hoses housed in a 1.8-meter-high body that rotates. Source: igus GmbH
DMG MORI can manufacture 12 Multisprint multispindle automatic lathes simultaneously at its facility in Brembate di Sopra, Italy. Lifting the igus readychain unit, which requires two cranes, and connecting it to the spindle drum takes about two hours. Source: igus GmbH

Customer requirements for turning machines have changed due to market dynamics and globalization. Machine tool makers demand shortened processing and tooling times, reduced effort for process development and integration, and the ability to handle increasing part complexity.

The Multisprint multispindle automatic lathe from DMG MORI Manufacturing USA Inc. (Davis, CA) meets all these requirements. Powered by readychain-harnessed energy supply systems from igus (Providence, RI), it’s the first machine to combine a multispindle automatic lathe with Swiss-type technology and a Y-axis on each spindle position. By combining the efficiency and precision of a production turning machine with the complexity of a universal turning machine, the lathe eliminates the need to retool when making complicated turned and milled parts up to 50 millimeters in diameter.

The machine’s six-spindle drum enables simultaneous machining of several workpieces. The main spindles travel up to 180 millimeters. The drum moves workpieces to the tools quickly and precisely. It takes 0.65 seconds for a spindle to travel to the next position. For spindles to return to the starting position after machining has been completed in the six stations, the drum must turn 300 degrees in reverse.

Despite weighing more than three metric tons, the drum completes the rotation in just one second. The rods are pushed out of the loader through the drum to get into position for machining.

This is made possible by the igus readychain, which powers the machine. The system includes eight energy chains, 64 electric cables, and 73 hoses. The construction has a 1.8-meter-high body for rotation. Six linear energy chains for driving the spindles protrude from the body like arms.

The spindle drum consists of two rotation systems. The outer system includes hoses with a bend radius of 160 millimeters.

Twelve encoder cables and 12 servo cables from igus are guided on the inner circle. For each of the six linear chains in the drum, there are two encoder cables and two servo cables. One servo cable supplies the energy for the linear movements of the main spindles in the drum and one drives the spindle motor. They can move at a speed of 0.66 m/s with a maximum acceleration of 10 m/s2.

Component modularity facilitates manufacturing and installation. The six energy chain systems can be plugged in individually due to distribution boards and are easy to maintain or modify. The linear chain systems can be plugged in and the sheet metal parts designed by igus, for attachment to the machine, are made of several parts. This makes harnessing in the igus factory easier and eases readychain handling at the customer’s facility.

The multifunction readychain rack is an assembly tool for the connection of components at igus and makes the entire construction stable. The rack fits onto the load bed of a small truck. On the customer’s premises, the rack enables plug-and-play connection of the fully harnessed energy chain to the machine.

In testing in a realistic environment, the readychain completed more than 800,000 cycles without any problems.



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