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Advanced Wheel Chock System

Rite-Hite’s global wheel chock (GWC) combines ultrasonic sensors with a safe and dependable communication system to keep employees safe. Manually positioned extra-long footbed maintains continuous downward force on tires to reduce the potential for movement during loading and unloading.

Posted: September 23, 2020

With its ability to offer safe and dependable communication system for any loading dock, Rite-Hite’s GWC-1000 is an ideal alternative for facilities that are unable to install the company’s Dok-Lok or Wheel-Lok vehicle restraint because of budget constraints or the need to frequently service specialty trailers.

Rite-Hite’s (Milwaukee, WI) global wheel chock (GWC) integrates with a Dok-Lok light communication system and is available with Rite-Vu auxiliary communication lights, approach detection system, camera engagement verification, and smart dock alerts to enhance loading dock safety on a scalable budget.

The GWC differs from other wheel chocks in many ways. When paired with Approach-Vu, the GWC audibly and visually alerts outside personnel the moment a trailer backs down the drive approach. With tractor-trailer combinations comprising the second leading cause of back over fatalities in the U.S., this protection is critical for any company with employees working outside a facility near loading docks.

Once positioned, an ultrasonic sensor communicates safe tire engagement through Rite-Hite’s Dok-Lok light communication system. If the sensor loses tire contact, audible and visual alarms alert dock personnel inside and outside the building that the chock needs to be re-engaged before safely continuing operations.

In addition to the sensor, the design of the chock itself works to stay engaged better than traditional wheel chocks and even helps to reduce “trailer creep” for trailers without a tractor attached. Designed with an extra-long footbed to allow continual downward pressure from the trailer tire, the shallow front angle distributes weight from the trailer onto the chock, increasing the frictional resistance between the chock and the ground.

By integrating directly with Rite-Hite’s Dok-Lok light communication system, Rite-Vu hazard recognition and control auxiliary lights are easily added. This includes Corner-Vu and Leveler-Vu, which aid in effective communication to forklift operators when entering and exiting the trailer.

Dok-Lok communication can be enhanced with Opti-Vu, bringing real-time data and interactive alerts. The chock can be replaced with any Rite-Hite Dok-Lok vehicle restraints without the expense of replacing the controls. It also can be programmed to provide a safe sequence of operation for use with other dock equipment, can be paired with Dok-Commander controls to integrate the controls of other dock equipment and integrate Rite-Hite’s Lok-Vu feature, which uses an outside camera to display a real-time view of chock engagement on a monitor inside the building.

Made from extruded aluminum and stainless-steel hardware, the GWC is extremely durable and provides all-weather endurance for any climate. Ergonomic handle makes it easy to manually position the chock, which can be field-assembled for right- or left-side engagement.

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